04/05/2024 we have two new debut (!) releases to present, albums of Berlin's HALL and Montreal's STREET PANTHER. Both outstanding and we´re more than proud to have'em on the grill! Out May 24th and it can be told already our pack & shipping capacity will be the weak link.

02/05/2024 We listed all the bands ALIEN SNATCH! next gigs here in our news letter.

18/04/2024 Lotsa reviews added! Crazy times! S.U.G.A.R. Australian Tour was a blast!

18/03/2024 Austin was blast! Mission accomplished! We´ve seem EIGHTY-SEVEN bands in EIGHT days in ATX! This is the top ten.

HOLIDAY GHOST dead cool vacation ghoul pop (Bristol, UK)
SUGAR SHACK rock and roll master class (Houston,TX)
SEX MEX electrified one trick pony from outer space (San Antonio, TX)
EERIE FAMILY scaring the shit out of the garage (Taylor, TX)
TOTAL DIAMONDS power pop pearl sweat shop (Austin, TX)
SHANNON AND THE CLAMS too big to fail (Oakland, CA)

from the boys only locker room:
SPITS Wait! The robot must be female (Gutter Island, TX)
GUY BALDWIN & THE SKETCH the kids are nothing but right (Austin, TX)
BEE BEE SEA full pop, half prize (Castel Goffredo, IT)
DEADITES garage rock skeleton kings (Austin, TX)

The ALIEN SNATCH! party train was rolling on WILD HONEY & WILD WAX and oinkin out KIMCHI! Train Schedule by King of Spreadsheet rock and roll redux ANGEL
Dance party dreams by DANI

09/03/2024 MONSTRES SACRES did a nice interview with KÜKEN, check it out! It´s french!

26/01/2024 We expteced a buzz but the new releases been a blizzard! Thanks for all the orders and support!

10/01/2024 S.U.G.A.R. Australian Dates are officially confirmed for the "It´s a Long Way to The Pub" Tour! Check them out here

23/12/2023 Baaaaam! It´s done. W´re ending the year with four new releases and we´re over-the-top excited. They are all here and ready to ship when we are reasy. Come by and party with us to KÜKEN new (III) album and re.relase of their second album with bonus songs. New on the label is SEX MEX from San Antonio, TX with their debut album, THE catchiest punk of the year and the debut album of Ex-HEX DISPENSERS new doom rock surfer death GRAVEYARD OF THE PACIFIC. What a fest.


17/10/2023 Spain is the place to be! SLANDER TONGUE touring there november, before the FRUIT TONES start their tour there next week! Go!

15/10/2023 Many upcoming records at the end of the year, beginning of next year! First off we´re excited to have KÜKEN back on the label with their new album. It´s blast!

23/04/2023 We have now another tool to generate our oll school text mail order list, so it´s up tp date any day we like and have new stuff. So check it out here. And all ALIEN SNATCH! titles are under the section ALIEN SNATCH!

17/04/2023 SLANDER TONGUE have an interview at the RAT BOX BLOG here. We also added many reviews. We missed to post the SWEET REAPER live shows, one at the LA Zine Fest, how cool is that. We suck on the snippets we find!

02/04/2023 FRUIT TONES have another BBC Live appearance! Running low on colored vinyl! Believe it or not, ALIEN SNATCH! is also on instagram now. Follow us here.

11/03/2023 We did it again more than 2600 titles at our mail order. Full update of our mailorder list here

27/02/2023 FRUIT TONES Interview avec les MoNSTRES SACRES here

17/02/2023 Rockpalast Berlin unreleased! "Monochrome" Video title track of SLANDER TONGUE's upcoming album due next week. Exclusive in dead end street gutters from these crazy folks at JUNKIE BUSINESS! #berlinaleeatthis

02/04/2023 We have a new record coming out end of the month! We put quite some efforts in having this ready for you! Welcome SLANDER TONGUE finally home and they put a record out matching their live appearance quite well, so good! We added many reviews and tour dates to our still running website here.

20/01/2023 There is so much happening but you keep us busy with ordering records. Many titles got sold out or are close to, thank you for the support. Rough times for everyone in the record business underground. ALVILDA repress is also almost gone, MORAL PANIC low quantities. S.U.G.A.R. have a funny interview with the french Blog Les Mnstres Sacrés, you can find here. FRUIT TONES got quite some airplay at BBC and have a live session with Marc Riley, you can listen here.

11/11/22 FRUIT TONES LP is out now! Check it here

09/09/22 MORAL PANIC Validation is out now and ready to ship. We´re way too busy to write more. Checkout their inti at BIG TAKEOVER here

02/09/22 S.U.G.A.R. II is here as well as a super limited repress of s/t.

28/08/22 Doomsday is here. The sun exploded. We were the HEX DISPENSERS !!! The last dance..expectations been piling up to the moon but the bats put their spell on thousands of Doppelgängers the last days! We spent bunch of nights and three fantastic shows among them and ended up with cuts, bumps, tentacles and salt stained shirts. We lost our voice to Agatha Antlers and our sleep to InsomniACK! As grandma said, keep your leather jacket on at all times. Always! If it just could hold back our deep black tears now. F-R-C!! O-B-I-T!! Forever.

05/08/22 Quite some social media news on facebook, bandcamp and out beloved newsletter. We announced nw releases by MORAL PANIC and by S.U.G.A.R. early september nad posted many live shows of the ALIEN SNATCH! band rooster. FREAK GENES in the US, HEX DISPENSERS in Europe!

09/07/22 ALVILDA repress is here!

07/07/22 New Record out now NEW BRUTARIANS!! '77 Glam Pop Anthems, debut album by St.Petersburg, Florida duo!

05/07/22 BATTLEBEATS have two (!!) new vinyl singles out, both in the US! Killer songs! Great article from Jakarta here

12/03/22 It´s been awhile but we are alive even it feels like a endless freeze. Stay healthy and safe out there. We have some news soon and finally will send a newsletter again with some live dates! We waited for that. We´re updated the sites in the meantime and added reviews. ALVILDA is playing shows, getting great reviews and made it to many end of the year lists. Ther girls are on fire! S.U.G.A.R. is playing a show in Berlin next week, oh yeah. For any customers outside germany, the not-insured small postal parcel will be history end of June 2022. Europe is fine with insured parcels, but customers in the US may face higher prices and/or longer turnarounds. Maybe take the chance until then.

xx xxx x

01/04/22 New LP available for pre-order from SWEET REAPER!!

12/03/22 It´s been awhile but wre alive even it feels like a endless freeze. Stay healthy and safe out there. We have some news soon and finally will send a newsletter again with some live dates! We waited for that. We´re updated the sites in the meantime and added reviews. ALVILDA is playing shows, getting great reviews and made it to many end of the year lists. Ther girls are on fire! S.U.G.A.R. is playing a show in Berlin next week, oh yeah. For any customers outside germany, the not-insured small postal parcel will be history end of June 2022. Europe is fine with insured parcels, but customers in the US may face higher prices and/or longer turnarounds. Maybe take the chance until then.

15/02/22 ALVILDA 7" video here!

30/10/21 Happy Halloween! We´re still overwhelmed here. ALVILDA is close-totally-sold out. We´re have some copies for your mail order customers ledr. get in touch ASAP. ALVILDA playing bunch of shows in France and Belgium the next week, get your copies there!

13/08/21 Friday 13th! ALVILDA release date. Limited edition colored vinyl already SOLD OUT! Thank you! Black Vinyl still available.

28/07/21 hey sharpies! We have upcoming Friday 13th a new release, the debut single of ALVILDA, new all-girl power pop outfit from Paris! Allez les filles! As usual, find in our mail order list all ALIEN SNATCH! titles. E-Mail us, looks like the limited colored vinyl is sold out by release date.

15/05/21 DANGEREENS is officially SOLD OUT, we have few copies left in the mail order. Don´t snooze to get this, or get this at a live show from the band. There will be no repress on ALIEN SNATCH!

21/04/21 S.U.G.A.R. is SOLD OUT on all formats! Check with your favourite dealer! Many other releases are low stock. Yeah!

13/04/21 Hey, Fifi of Teengenerate, just bought Search And Destroy LP via Waterslide Records!S.U.G.A.R. is close to be out of stock already, GRUESOMES is out of stock, we both have few left for the mail order. S.U.G.A.R. has a great video for the release, you can find "Let it go" here. SWEET REAPER also have such a killer vide for their "Microdose" EP, you can find "Drink the Poison" here

05/04/21 We have new releases by SWEET REAPER and BATTLEBEATS and S.U.G.A.R. !!!



01/01/21 HAPPY NEW YEAR! GRUESOMES old-vinyl-runflying out of the door! Also the colored vinyl of the new releases, esp. SIDEKICK by SWEET REAPER!

23/12/21 It´s been wild! We have new releases by SWEET REAPER and TJ CABOT & THEE ARTIFICIAL REJECTS and a a first run of GRUESOMES reissue!

20/10/20 DANGEREENS just released their first video of their "Tough Luck" debut album. View the sky-high Video of STREETS OF DOOM here And check out their killer new reviews!!

15/10/20 Many reviews added! SWEET REAPER just had a heartful interview in latest RAZORCAKE #118 magazine.

10/10/20 ZERODENT video with new songs of their GONER FEST appearance is online now, here

06/10/20 Many US-Shipments! We got records from GONER, GET HIP, BOMP and many others! The PAUL COLLINS BEAT LP is old stuff, many gems like the NERVES. Get It!

15/09/20 For the US, there are three shipping options. A collection service where we send every 10-14 days a parcel to the US and the single parcels will get forwarded to USPS and delivery by them including tracking. Then we have a cheap option, but this is surface -literally by ship. Only with tracking.

01/09/20 COCKTAILS interview! here SPEEDWAYS interview! here

01/08/20 During Summer, we had three new releases COCKTAILS, SWEET REAPER and SPEEDWAYS. All titles have very limited colored edition and they are doing very good.


05/07/20 MORAL PANIC have a another new video! Check it out here

25/05/20 DANGEREENS debut album out now! Again, lim. 100 copies available on red vinyl. DANGEREENS are Canadas hot new unadulterated Rock n Roll outfit. With a Montreal signature raw enthusiasm the fieve piece is devoted to 70´s glam rock, paying homage to BOWIE and ' DOLLS, treating rocknroll las they´re from Queens. The doctor says they´re possesed by a francophone junk shop glam Beelzebub. Is it reckless? Is it fun? YEAH!

21/05/20 We got new shipments from DIG RECORDS and SECRET MISSION RECORDS in the US and PUSH MY BITTONS from Sweden and are glad to distribite those fine releases! Therefore we did a full A-Z update of our MAILORDER section again. Regular cheap shipping possible againfor Japan and Canada!

17/05/20 OUTTACONTROLLER interview! here

16/05/20 Killer reviews are in of OUTTACONTROLLER, EERIE FAMILY and more. GLOW KIT LP black vinyl is as good as gone, we have few colored vinyl for mail order customers.

09/05/20 EERIE FAMILY LP colored vinyl sold out last week. Thank you for the support!

05/05/20 The shipping situation to the US and AUSTRALIA is still not possible, according to small latter parcel post (typical mail order size). Only large distro orders are possible. We monitor this on a daily basis and inform everyone who ordered/supported in the meantime that when we ship again. Shipping to JAPAN, CANADA and EUROPE is fine.

29/04/20 We are heavenly updating our website in these time. Not the layout, douche! We´re adding reviews for all releases, as we did the last twenty years, we soliciting bandcamp pages and give your more chances to listen to your favorite ALIEN SNATCH! releases. EERIE FAMILY LP on colored vinyl is sold out, as well as TV CRIME colored vinyl is sold out, but we have a repress on 180g black vinyl for you.

15/04/20 I´m a rock, I´m a roller I´m a OUTTACONTROLLER! Their new album is out and flying out no matter what corona says. It´s the favorite album of my son so make sure to verify! Beat the Ninjago Theme song by far!

04/04/20 Lockdown locknloll! Hope you´re all fine out there and I wish all my friends who got hit hard a fast recovery!

05/01/20 Happy new year to everyone! We think strongly about all our australian friends. We need more peace and respect to nature. If you not listen to music, then please listen to the kids.

31/12/19 EERIE FAMILY LP out now! 100% HEX DISPENSERS!

31/12/19 A crazy year ends, it was ALIEN SNATCH! 20th anniversary and we had ten releases in this year, more than in any year before. wow! Again, thanks for all the cheer ups we got and people who looked back what the label and it´s bands brought to them since 1999.

Happy Halloween Hungover! New GLOW KIT LP out now!

Reviews in for REAL TEARS and TV CRIME and PHONE JERKS 10" already!

18/10/19 SNATCH!!100 is out. After 20 years being a fan and do our part, it´s 10x10 10" by the PHONE JEKRS doing the service and this is a blast. Pure Punk Rock on 45rpm,limited to 250 copies, one-time-press. Big thanks for everyone out there supported the artists and us in the last 20 years. You´re great!

13/10/19 We had killer shows with REAL TEARS and TV CRIME here in Berlin an we stil ship orders for those. Both tours went well, bands are happy and we are too! It´s just awesome to see bands the first time or again and we fall in love again. Thanks to everyone who was involved. Review are coming in and as we already did 20 years ago, we still publish reviews of ALIEN SNATCH! RECORDS in the band section.

22/09/19 Ha, it took a while to write some news but we got plenty! We have new releases since beginning of the month speaking of ZERODENT 7", TV CRIME LP and REAL TEARS LP. After killer GET LOST FEST in Hamburg end of the month we have been busy pacing records. TV CRIME colored red vinyl edition is nearly sold out and will be sold out soon. We cant wait to see on TV CRIME their european tour soon, check all the TV CRIME gigs here, or their Facebook page. ZERODENT 45 is limited edition is also on red vinyl and we go only few of them as well not too many of the black vinyl, four exclusive songs. We waited for the a long time for the REAL TEARS LP, and are super happy to present their second album after their self-released debut album. Fast power pop action and october in Germany, check the dates here or on the facebook site! Limited edition on hay yellow vinyl! PALE LIPS doing a large US-tour in October, check the dates here. Killer reviews in for MORAL PANIC, BIKES and PRIMITIVE HANDS!

x x x xxx

25/07/19 MORAL PANIC doing shows on the east coast. Amazing BIKES reviews coming in!

ZERODENT was awesome! The tour 7" didn´t made it in time for the band, which was sad at least. We´re so proud to finally met those guys. We love that band!

05/15/19 Ha, killer new releases by MORAL PANIC and PRIMITIVE HANDS. Two LPs and both the best the bands every done. Damn, we will be busy the next weeks!

05/05/19 ZERODENT European tour is coming up, they travel all theway from Perth, Australia to play here:
## 07.06.2019 DE - Hamburg, Komet ## 08.06.2019 DE - Berlin, An der Autobahn ## 09.06.2019 DE - Leipzig, Punkmatinee im Bowl ## 10.06.2019 CZ - Prague, Clown and Bard ##
11.06.2019 DE - Dresden, Mondfisch 12.06.2019 ## DE - Kassel, Goldgrube ## 13.06.2019 BE - Pit´s, Belgium ## 14.06.2019 NL - Utrecht, De Nieverheid ## 15.06.2019 NL - Haarlem, Houtnacht Festival ## 16.06.2019 NL - Hoorn, Hoornse Stadsfeesten ## 17.06.2019 BE - Brussels, Chaff ## 20.06.2019 SER - Smederevska Palanka, Punk Rock Café ## 21.06.2019 SER - Belgrade, Boogaloo ## 22.06.2019 SER - Kladovo, Border Rock ## 23.06.2019 SER - Novi Sad, Serbia ##

28/04/19 BIKES new album is here since couple weeks and they already flew out to spain for mini tour. More gigs upcoming, see their subsite! Also the first review came in. BIKES forever.

30/03/19 CATCH AS AS CAN kick off their European Tour now, see gigs here. First show in Bruxelles, free show! Feel free to check the full fb event page here. Almighty BIKES releasing their new album next week saturday in Berlin!!! More news any day.New reviews of ZERODENT and PHONE JERKS in. Also we go the tour dates of the ZERODENT European Tour starting in June. see gig list here. Yeah!

15/03/19 A super nice tour of the PALE LIPS ended and the girls wanted to escape back into winter, we face few records left! We working very hard to have bew releases soon and as usual we sit tight till we have the vinyl in our hands. So far be prepared for the upcomg tour of CATCH AS AS CAN thru Europe. After quiet a lot weekend traveling they are coming hopefully near your town.See CACC gigs here. Thos kids go crazy, you won´t regret it. LOST BALLOONS coming also to Europe late April..

27/02/19 Too busy to update here! We just seen the more than fun PALE LIPS in Berlin. We put their new record "After Dark" in February together with Spagetthi Town (US) and GODS CANDY (CAN), so more than 2/3 of the press is gone already.

25/01/19 LAME on tour! Fantastico! We did a full A-Z update of our MAILORDER section again..go here: www.aliensnatch.de/mailorder All shipping & paypal updates are done also. We ship with DHL, DPD or Hermes or spacecraft! 2800 titles+

30/11/18 CATCH AS AS CAN debut record is out now! It´s going well! CACC is playing a lot of shows!

13/11/18 Reviews added from MAXIMUMROCKNROLL of ZERODENT and PHONE JERKS !

26/10/18 We´re busy shipping PHONE JERKS and ZERODENT records and quite happy about the newest reviews of both of them and PRIMITIVE HANDS and LAME! LAME are playing quite a lot of shows right now. Check it out here

06/10/18 Reviews added of ZERODENT and PHONE JERKS as well as PRIMITIVE HANDS and LAME!

19/09/18 First big batch orders got shipped. Killer PHONE JERKS review from FASTER AND LOUDER already here

10/09/18 New releases will be shipped in a week PHONE JERKS LP and second LP by ZERODENT, we´re totally stoked!

31/05/18 FREAK GENES - on tour now - see here!

Alone & Alright Tour

20.03.2018 - FR Gigors, La Caverne
21.03.2018 - FR Lyon, Trokson
22.03.2018 - FR Limoges, El Doggo
23.03.2018 -FR Bordeaux, Cosmopolis
24.03.2018 - FR Nantes, Le Chien Stupide
25.03.2018 - FR Tours, Bar a la Mine
26.03.2018 - FR Orleans, Kitchen Kustoms
27.03.2018 - FR Paris, Le Supersonic
29.03.2018 - NL Amsterdam, Pacific Parc
30.03.2018 - FR Tranqueville-Graux, La Bazka
31.03.2018 - CH Kreuzlingen, Horst
01.04.2018 - CH Lugano, Lido San Domenico


01/02/18 Ha, we lost some news but please also check facebook for this. Guess you know that we released the gigantic PRIMITIVE HANDS LP back in 2007. More on this soon. The FREAK GENES touring in June 2018 in Europe, get in touch with the band or OTIS tours

13/06/17 FREAK GENES - Playtime LP ist out now! "Playtime" has tons of attitude, adrenaline and pop sensibility, sitting on the end-of-the-70´s borderline between punk and pop that we love to death here! Imagine if ELVIS COSTELLO had only an hour of studio time to boil up an album and he wants the middle seat between SWELL MAPS "New York" and NICK LOWE "Heart of the City"more here.

06/06/17 Added reviews of the new releases, had fun shows in Berlin with the COCKTAILS, SUSHICORNER and LAME.

Hypochonadriac Tour

13.05.2017 – IT Bergamo, Edone
14.05.2017 – IT Salsamaggiore Terme, Devils Den
15.05.2017 – DE München, Kafe Kult
16.05.2017 – DE Tübingen, Epplehaus
17.05.2017 – DE Kassel, Goldgrube
18.05.2017 – DE Hamburg, Komet w./Slander
19.05.2017 – DE Berlin, Bei Ruth
20.05.2017 – BE Breda, Surf & Turf
21.05.2017 – DE Duisburg, Bolleke
22.05.2017 – NL Groningen, Vera
23.05.2017 – Available Europe
24.05.2017 – CH Kreulingen, Horst
25.05.2017 - IT Vogogna, Loggia Leopardo
26.05.2017 - IT tba
27.05.2017 - IT Allesandria, Cascina Bellaria




28/04/17 COCKTAILS - Hypochonadriac LP ist out now! San Francisco’s devout pop purveyors – are back with a new batch of expertly crafted buzz-pop songs! There are 100 copies (out of 500) in lemonade red colored clear vinyl, you can either buy in our mailorder section or directly thu paypal here. Melodically, in addition to some of the band’s late 70s punk and power pop heroes (Nick Lowe, Cheap Trick, The Nerves) Cocktails bring inspiration from the catchier side of 90s guitar bands - think Teenage Fanclub! Hypochondriac is a quick gut-punch of a record - it draws you in with brief moments of sweet and fuzzy feelings, and then drops a chorus that will keep your head spinning for days.

06/05/17 SUSHICORNER Konichiwow debut LP ist out now! It´s a great record from Singer/Guiarits if LOVE BOAT, THEE OOPS and member of the RIPPERS as well as UNDISCO KID! Read more here. We have an upcoming record and European Tour of COCKTAILS and another debut LP coming from FREAK GENES. We did a full A-Z update of our MAILORDER section again..go here: www.aliensnatch.de/mailorder All shipping & paypal updates are done also. We ship with DHL, DPD or Hermes or spacecraft!


19.04.2017 – IT Roma, Fanfulla w./Maria Violenza
20.04.2017 – IT Terranova Bracciolini, W.i.P w./Maria Violenza
21.04.2017 – IT Viaroma17 w. /Maria Violenza
22.04.2017 – IT Verona, Col.Kroen w. /Maria Violenza+Krano
23.04.2017 – IT Torino, Bla Bla w. /LAME
24.04.2017 – DE Villingen, Cafe Limba w. /LAME
25.04.2017 – DE Stuttgart, Revier 5 w. /LAME
26.04.2017 – DE Berlin, Trickster w./LAME
27.04.2017 – DE Kassel, Goldgrube w./LAME
28.04.2017 – FR Strasbourg, Le Diamant d’or w./ LAME
29.04.2017 – CH Kreuzlingen, Horst Club w./ LAME
30.04.2017 – CH Lugano, Casotto w./ LAME
01.05.2017 – IT Cuneo Sirio’s House w./ LAME


20.05.2017 – IT Bucine,Spectre w./ Female Troubles
21.05.2017 – IT Bologna,Freakout w./ The Hands
22.05.2017 – IT tba w./ The Hands
23.05.2017 – AUT Wien, Vernster 99 w./ The Hands
23.05.2017 – HU - Pécs, tba w./ The Hands
23.05.2017 – HU Budapest, Trafik Klub w./ The Hands
23.05.2017 – CR Zagreb, tba w./ The Hands
27.05.2017 – IT Verona, Colorficio Kroen w./ The Hands
28.05.2017 – IT San Martino Spino, Musica Nelle Valli w./ The Hands
06.06.2017 – IT Marina Di Ravenna, Beaches Brew Festival w./ The


09/03/17 ZERODENT got an interview in MAXIMUM ROCKNROLL #407 April 2017, check out here

01/10/16 ZERODENT are in the US right now and have a great Interview in Unbelievably Bad Mag here. They played GONER FEST #13 and had a recorded live set at WFMU here. Awesome!

21/06/16 Added ZERODENT US Tour Dates and OZ gigs here!

20/05/16 Crazy good reviews added for all new releases from MRR, NO FRIENDS and RAZORCAKE Magazine

20/01/16 LAME on tour now! Upcoming Tours of ZHOD and BRAIN TRAPS, LOST BALLONS!

04/12/15 BARRERACUDAS on tour now! See gigs here

22/11/15 Finally added the official release texts for SNATCH 075 BARRERACUDAS and SNATCH 076 SUSPICIOUS BEASTS and SNATCH 077 IMPO & THE TENTS and SNATCH 078 LOST BALLOONS. Thanks for all the orders!

19/11/15 Added reviews HEX DISPENSERS +LAME

08/10/15 Four new records are out! Official news will follow but shipments are going out as we speak. Check the bands pages for more and direct orders of course!

Can Do Easy 180g LP buy here

Mighty Die Tomorrow 180g LP buy here

Anxious Times 7" buy here

s/t 180g clear vinyl LP buy here



01/10/15 Behind is a great series of tours & shows of HEX DISPENSERS, SUSPICIOUS BEASTS, LOST BALLOONS, LAME, ZHOD, we can´t tell how exciting this was! Added a lot of review for the releases!

18/07/15 Added a lot of reviews an all ends and tour dates. Anyway, sign in at our newsletter here . And we are now on bandcamp, too. Adding more and more stuff. Check it out here.

16/07/15 The tour dates for LAME are here and the tour dates for HEX DISPENSERS are here

25.07.2015 ZERKEGEM – ZERKEGEM FEST + Cosmonauts, Bed Rugs, Sects Tape…
06.08.2015 KORTRIJK – THE PITS + Roy And The Devil’s Motorcycle
20.09.2015 BRUXELLES – VK + JC Satan (TBC)

19.10.2015 FÜRTH – KUNSTKELLER 027
20.10.2015 ERFURT – KAFE TIKO
07.11.2015 LILLE - AERONEF + The Monsters

08.08.15 HANNOVER/2er ON FIRE
19.09.15 BONN/BLA
24.09.15 LONDON/

02.09.15 B-KORTRIJK – PITS
03.09.15 D-MANNHEIM – JUZE
07.09.15 D-LEIPZIG -TBA
08.09.15 D-BERLIN – SO 36
09.09.15 D-KASSEL – TBA


15.09.15 D- BERLIN – BEI RUTH
20.09.15 AU - WIEN - ARENA
21.09.15 SLO - BRNO - VEGALITE
22.09.15 HELP!Slovenia ??
23.09.15 ITALY tba
24.09.15 ITALY tba
24.09.15 ITALY tba
26.09.15 ITALY tba


06/06/15 OUT NOW! THE HEX DISPENSERS "III" LP/CD!! The HEX DISPENSER return with a new album packed with their hypnotic darkness rock! Their previous releases got terrific feedback, they´re largely considered as the iconic band of angst ridden, raw haunted garage punk. The shadow-y tension-filled voice of Alex Cuervo is absolutely remarkable and makes any of their song an easy go at yer music jeopardy. The HEX DISPENSERS give you the creeps with killer down-toned guitars and paranormal pop hooks as if RAMONES would have only played bat caves, the SPITS got stuck in black java and DEVO felt the cold touch of the MISFITS. They took all their latest singles hits and brand new songs into the Cool Devices Studio of Mark Ryan / Jeff Burke (MARKED MEN, RADIOACTIVITY) to record album "III". You get the most rocking HEX DISPENSERS album to date, a bass driven catacomb exploration with some winks of Alex' solo works and a doom-ish, sinister synth track "Hypersleep" - sung by Alyse and Rebecca. Brilliant artwork and inner sleeve by the band itself. Mastered by Mikey Young (EDDY CURRENT SUPPRESSION RING). Worldwide exclusive release by ALIEN SNATCH! stream of the album here and there is a great NOISEY write-up and here a awesome CVLT Nation Interview!


LP + download code + poster +worldwide shipping airmail priority please paypal 19,00 Euros to paypal at aliensnatch.com or just hit this LINK

CD Digipack + poster + worldwide shipping airmail priority please paypal 14,50 Euros to paypal at aliensnatch.com or just hit this LINK

16.04.2015 MÜNSTER - GLEIS 22
19.04.2015 ZAGREB – MOCHVARA
20.04.2015 MUNICH – KULT
21.04.2015 ERFURT – TIKO
26.04.2015 LUGANO – CASSETTE
27.04.2015 BASEL - ARCHIVE
28.04.2015 GENEVA – BONGO JOE
30.04.2015 ZÜRICH – GONZO

More Shows 2015
30.05.2015 ANTWERP – TRIX

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15/03/15 we have so many releases out now, hardly nay time to write the news here on our own information highway. Check out all infos on the band pages!
is the long awaited BRAIN TRAPS debut album of the new german LOFI gang, check the BRAIN TRAPS page here.
SNATCH!072 finally on ALIEN SNATCH!, maybe the only band we ever sign out of Berlin, the almighty BIKES exclusive 45, strictly limited to 500 copies, 100 copies in white vinyl, check the BIKES page here. New album coming later this year!
SNATCH!073 yeah, new kind of super star band from Turino, Italy LAME it´s kind of MOVIE STAR JUNKIES going to a pop hike in the country side. Debut album out now, with great atwork my Tim Kerr and Mastering by Tim Warren! check the LAME page here

27/02/15 Be aware of the BIKES tour starting in few days! E Bene!

E BENE - Euro Tour
05.03.2015 DE Heilbronn DE - Bierkrug
06.03.2015 IT - Padova, Manolo´s Hole
07.03.2015 IT - Parma, Arci Zerbini
08.03.2015 IT - Barberino di Val D'Elsa, Circolo Semifonte
09.03.2015 IT - Roma,Fanfulla
10.03.2015 IT - L'Aquila, Irish Cafè
11.03.2015 IT - Bergamo, Edonè
12.03.2015 IT – Melle, Officna Antagonisti + LAME
13.03.2015 IT- Vicenza, Groove
14.03.2015 CH - Kreuzlingen CH - Horst Klub
15.03.2015 DE- Berlin - Monarch



GERM TOUR DATES Feb /March 2015
30.01.2015 DE - Berlin, WTFF
31.01.2015 DE - Leipzig, Zoro
27.02.2015 DE Hamburg, Molotow wildwax winter dance + KÜKEN
28.02.2015 tba - please get in touch + KÜKEN
01.03.2015 tba - please get in touch + KÜKEN
02.03.2015 DE- Köln, tba + KÜKEN
03.03.2015 DE - Berlin. West Germany + KÜKEN
04.03.2015 DE - Kassel, Goldgrube + KÜKEN
06.03.2015 DE - Fürth, Kunstkeller + KÜKEN
07.03.2015 DE - Tübingen, Hausbar Münzgasse + KÜKEN

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02/02/15 SNATCH!070 there is no better way to start the year then unleashing this killer 45!! HITS,baby HITS! BRAIN TRAPS are from cologne, Germany and we think this debut Single will be on any top ten for fans of LOFI Rocknroll and razorsharp punk scatter bombs! Limited 500 copies! Debut Album out soon also in ALIEN SNATCH! and upcoming tour with KÜKEN. "The TEEN TRASH series is back! LO-FI or bust! Teenage angst driven garage PUNK! Four early recordings from 2013 - a spawn of boredom and basement dirt which could be best described as a hornier INFECTIONS, or high on glue METROS, a smarter BUCK BILOXI & FUCKS or a dumber version of the CARBONAS! These scatter bombs were captured live on 4-track and stayed unedited until RIP OFF RECORDS mastering miracle JIM KUCZKOWSKI put his magic hands on it. As "too-hot-to-press" it was aging in our attic until now and here they finally come! The wildest LO-FI R'N'R thing out of the motherland since DEAN DIRG! Strictly limited to 500 copies. 400 copies black wax and 100 copies clear orange wax (mailorder only or from the band!)."

27/01/15 Great new reviews for IMPO & THE TENTS and TESTORS and THEE MARVIN GAYS!!

17/12/14 Reviews added! We did a full A-Z update of our MAILORDER section again..go here: www.aliensnatch.de/mailorder All shipping & paypal updates are done also. We ship with DHL, DPD or Hermes or spacecraft!

23/11/14 Great new reviews for ZHOD, IMPO & THE TENTS and TESTORS from RAZORCAKE Magazine! IMPO & THE TENTS finished their Tour and it was one of the best shows in 2014 and definately in my all-time-live power pop list!

18/11/14 SNATCH!069 Second album by this 4-piece (3 dudes and a lady) from beer 'n waffle land. Yep, that's Belgium! Twelve gritty, hook-laden tunes about confusion, nightmares aaand good things! Evil pounding drums! Stinging treble-y guitars! Growling bass! Real music, y'know! Ranging from cool jangle rockers to manic guitar freakouts they manage to master the Nuggets/Pebbles formula in a modern way without sounding like another dull copy. Throw in some fire of love-era GUN CLUB for good measure and dump the surf powerpop BARRACUDAS into the belgian sea and there ya go! Imagine the STANDELLS setting the MUNSTERS show on fire! But ya know, they're not into recreating an old era or following current trends, they're rather interested in creating original music! No silly garage rock uniforms! No STANDELLS wigs! No drone-y faux psych! No moronic joint chompin' tie-dye "take-it-easy-brooo" flower-rock BS! After awesome previous releases SLEEPLESS NIGHTS is a upbeat and catchy garage pop sensation as we love it at ALIEN SNATCH! The twelve originals sound just right, we could have never mixed the album any better than this. Stunning artwork (check!), crazy band name (check!), perfect catalog number (check!), limited coloured vinyl (check!).

15/11/14 more Tour Dates added for ZHOD check them out here

13/11/14 We just sent our newsletter called "records & rumours" edition #38 Sign up here

22/10/14 IMPO & THE TENTS Germany tour is ready to go!

13.11 THU - HAMBURG - Hafenklang
14.11 FRI - LÜBECK - VEB
17.11 MON - MÜNSTER - GLEIS 22
19.11 WED - KASSEL - Goldgrube
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30/06/14 SNATCH!068 rock and roll candyland has opened it's doors again! The IMPO & THE TENTS is the top attraction, a rollercoaster ride with 12 firecrackin soda cans while everyone is seated in spinning bananas! The top show are four not-formerly-known-sons of the OHIO EXPRESS, rumors say they toured Sweden in hope to free villages full of of blonde girls hold by the ABBA sect. Expect 60´s bubblegum blood splattered tracks, instant remarkable punk singing as DICKIES and UNDERTONES on the speed parts and thrift store rock and sticky power pop with the SHIVVERS, REAL KIDS, RASPBERRIES on the tapedeck telling stories about first turn-ons, sneaky looks and yesterday's girls on the two minutes rides. The wagons are equipped with endorphine popgun shots of early YUMS YUMS or RED KROSS, totally electrified & buzzing as the Atlantas' BARRERACUDAS and square & weird as LOVE BOAT islanders will splash at the last curve. Adrenaline filled, addicting flatterin´voice & the hooks to massage any moustache wins definately the sing-sing-songwriting-contest of they year. // nonsense? genius album title, the no.1 douche band name and the two
weeks photoshooting to come around with the most hairy NERVES 45 sleeve ripoff ever
//dance? the sideway helicopter! moronic smiles and spit blueberry sirup thru tooth gaps, white-blue chinese kung-fu shoes kicking rolls of toilet paper //toughness? recorded by Stefan Brandström of HENRY FIATS OPEN SORE, mastered by Dave Rahn of the CARBONAS //dog and pony show? on tour in Europe in November 2014 - get in touch with Bazooka Ben. Free weed icecream and kim-chi cream cheese!

30/06/14 SNATCH!067 - the garage kraut sultans ZHOD slam their debut album onto our planet! ZHOD finally have their debut album out! Would you rather? is packed with instro-garage weirdness and freight train surge! tied deep in the garage, the love to shift your grooves with noncyclical waving instro sound-convoys back to a furious attacks of hypnotic, guitar punches and catchy choruses and freight train bass lines. Imagine ROCKET FROM THE CRYPT get pulled in the gutter by MAN OR ASTROMAN. KING TUFF commanding a cobainy submarine and the OH SEES' are detailed doin' service in the engine room. In a nutshell, just put TY SEGALL downhill on a bike with no brakes. How come? Hiding in deserted Berlin backyards ducktaping broken windows and enriching their art progress with pharmacy bags of medical weed and cheap liquors, they onboarded reel-to-reel recording mastermind Nene Baratto (MOVIE STAR JUNKIES, Outside Inside Studios) to finally knock it out! It´s ten songs of fuzz-soaked, dreamy garage rock of this never-resting german four piece. They just put the cream on their european tour for the flippin´ festival summer and heading back to any basement weirdness or BYOB party right after to the Liverpool Psychfest! doing laundry is yesterday, stay dirty with ZHOD! They already got some reviews and a brand new interview at Foggy Girls Club french and english --> ZHOD

20/05/14 We have SNATCH!066 out! and This is a monster! The re-issue of the SWAMI edition (even with bonu songs) of the NYC punk legends THE TESTORS!! Complete Recordings 1976-1979 as a double LP and double CD, both version have a full digital download. There is a limited edtion in orange vinyl. It´s exclusive and we ship worldwide.

19/05/14 out now THE TESTORS! Complete Recordings 1976-1979 limited offer: 2LP ORANGE VINYL worldwide shipping airmail priority please paypal 29,95 Euros to paypal at aliensnatch.com or just hit this LINK

19/05/14 out now THE TESTORS! Complete Recordings 1976-1979 limited offer: 2CD worldwide shipping airmail priority please paypal 23,95 Euros to paypal at aliensnatch.com or just hit this LINK

30/04/14 Added some REAL LOSERS soundcloud links and the original lyric sheet as PDF!

12/04/14 First, the SUSPICIOUS BEASTS + RADIOACTIVITY go on tour. Later the second tour with BAD SPORTS!


4/29 - Las Cruces at The TrainYard
4/30 - Tucson at District Tavern w/ Lenguas Largas
5/1 - San Diego at The Tower Bar
5/2 - Pomona at VLHS
5/3 - San Francisco at Hemlock w/
5/4 - Portland at The Know w/ The Estranged
5/5 - Salt Lake City at Diabolical Records
5/6 - Denver - 3 Kings
5/8 - Austin at Beerland
5/9 - Denton - J&Js

30/03/14 Reviews added all over the place! The SUSPICIOUS BEASTS + RADIOACTIVITY + BAD SPORTS are touring together the US after the ! ANOTHER TOUR!

29/03/13 We did a full A-Z update of our MAILORDER section again..go here: www.aliensnatch.de/mailorder All shipping & paypal updates are done also. We ship with DHL, DPD or Hermes or spacecraft!

12/03/14 ZHOD on tour in europe now! live their life of debauchery! their hippie space garage rock will spit in your l´eau d´adolescence! join this hotbed of sin! their new record "would you rather.." will be out end of april 2014 it´s an antithesis of low power consumption.

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09/02/14 We just wrapped up 5 huge boxes for US Distribution! Ace! & new reviews added from RAZORCAKE. The SUSPICIOUS BEASTS - Used to be beautiful LP - LP Almost immediately, this Japanese band reminded me of REIGNING SOUND, complete with some organ and harmonica. I’m really glad I got this one. Awesome crooning over ’60s garage inspired pop? Yes, please. Mix tape gold! (DZ)

24/01/13 Awesome new reviews of all releases in MAXIMUMROCKNROLL(US) #369 FEB 2014

out now SUSPICIOUS BEASTS - Used to be beautiful LP worldwide shipping airmail priority please paypal 15,00 Euros to paypal at aliensnatch.com or just hit this LINK

Off days! Great to update the site! All orders got shipped, some records are sold out. Wow! In the meantime we got ace reviews of our latest releases, we updated all the review sections if you care. The #1s - Sharon Shouldn´t 45 got featured in CMJ and got featured by one of the biggest DJs at BBC. (Listen at 1:16:10). RADIOACTIVITY / SUSPICIOUS BEASTS are planning a US west coast tour together in 2014. ZHOD (ZENTRALHEIZUNG OF DEATH DES TODES) are recording their debut album in the next months and tour all over Europe!

11/13/13 We are still getting more orders than we can proceed..oh well at least too many to update the website. The #1s - Sharon Shouldn´t 45 is close to be sold out as is the RADIOACTIVITY - Back to me 7" colored version. There is a nice intreview with the TYRED EYES in the french DIG IT Magazine! Et voila! Also more reviews added for the other releases. There are many news to tell. Hope everybody nearby the venues of the RADIOACTIVITY / SUSPICIOUS BEASTS made it to the show. Their one and only appearance in Austin 2013 was amazing, but to have this again and again was just killer.Someone said best package since SPACESHITS and REGISTRATORS hit the towns years ago.

14/10/13 We owe you an update, but we are superbusy sending out your ordered vinyl - the wax of the new singles go quick! And we work hard for the upcoming SUSPICIOUS BEASTS - RADIOACTIVITY European Tour.

04/10/13 heureka! we have two new KILLER 45s out. Details soon! But since we got many request how to order we added the info below for the ones who want to order now! Please be aware that you can save a on shipping if you order more 45s or LPs. For example shipping is the same for up to 5-6 Singles. So just send us a mail, we reply ASAP!

04/10/13 out now The #1s - Sharon Shouldn´t 45 worldwide shipping airmail priority please paypal 10,00 Euros to paypal at aliensnatch.com or just hit this LINK

04/10/13 out now RADIOACTIVITY - Back to me 45 worldwide shipping airmail priority please paypal 10,00 Euros to paypal at aliensnatch.com or just hit this LINK

14/09/13 out now BAD SPORTS - Bras LP lim.100 colored edition worldwide shipping airmail priority please paypal 18,50 Euros to paypal at aliensnatch.com or just hit this LINK

14/09/13 out now SUSPICIOUS BEASTS - Never Bloom LP lim.100 colored edition worldwide shipping airmail priority please paypal 18,50 Euros to paypal at aliensnatch.com or just hit this LINK

08/09/13 out now SUSPICIOUS BEASTS - Never Bloom LP and BAD SPORTS - Bras LP !!!!! Both records have a lim.100 colored edition only available ONLY here. Just get in touch via E-Mail for rates. More soon, we have to ship all those distro orders.

04/09/13 We have AMAZING review coming in for the PROTOKIDS here, a two page review of the KIDNAPPERS in ONE WAY TICKET Magazine here, while ZENTRALHEIZUNG OF DEATH got featured in nationwide newspaper TAZ and BERLINER ZEITUNG- ZHOD reviews are here and TYRED EYES reviews are here. YEAH! What is going on?

01/09/13 GET LOST FEST IS OVER! The HEX DISPENSERS are still on tour! The bats are swarming out and screaming for more! HEX DISPENSERS first two shows been sold and are a pagan place of worship. No crack of dawn ' till end of tour.. what a weekend - GET LOST Fest in Hamburg been a rampage while ZHOD took a hipster bar in Berlin into pieces at midday. Savage saturnalia! Thanks to the WILDWAX Lords of misrule.

25/08/13 the MOJOMATICS just played an smoking set at the BASSY CLUB in Berlin as a finish of tour summer 2013 festival tour. Wow!

10/08/13 KISSNRUN is booking the tour for our bands & upcoming releases SUSPICIOUS BEASTS (JAP) + RADIOACTIVITY (US) Tourposter. Help them out! OCT23-NOV9

05/08/13 GET LOST FEST in Hamburg is A-MUST-GO! The restless WILDWAX Crew and some fine Hamburg folks setting up this stormy festival. Check out the line-up including some ALIEN SNATCH! gladiators - HEX DISPENSERS and HIDDEN CHARMS! Poster of the year already!

02/08/13 Our friends vom OTIS TOURS are doing the HEX DISPENSERS European 2013 tour.
30/08 FRI - Cortina Bob - Berlin (D)
31/08 SAT - Hafenklang - Hamburg (D)
01/09 SUN - Vera - Groningen (B)
02/09 MON - Pits - Kortrijk (B)
03/09 TUE - Munster - Gleis 22 (D)
04/09 WED - Copenhagen - KB 18 (DK)
05/09 THU - Debaser - Malmo(SW)
06/09 FRI - Pustervik - Goteborg (SW)
07/09 SAT - TBA - Stokholma(SW)

Check out their tour poster here

01/08/13 We created a official SOUNDCLOUD account. There you can listen to one song of each of our releases. Have fun! We always post a song of our upcoming releases, so be prepared.

30/07/13 Hey, european shops, mail orders, record sellers at shows, you also can buy all ALIEN SNATCH! available titles at Sounds Of Subterrania. He has a wholesale platform here. Please enroll for an account.He does a great job and he has a lot of other stuff for sale also

20/07/13 Great new reviews of the MOJOMATICS and VERMILLION SANDS

15/07/13 We updated MAILORDER section again..go here: www.aliensnatch.de/mailorder Check out the cheap oversea shipping!

10/07/13 Ha! We have a already more 45s out the awesome PROTOKIDS from Paris and the german garage fuzz kids ZHOD! Band pages are up, distros and bands are delivered and they´re already having a lot of live shows. Check them out! The KIDNAPPERS just toured Canada with Ian Manhire of the WHITE WHIRES on drums. The HEX DISPENSERS just practice for their september tour in Europe.

22/03/13 the TYRED EYES 7" is out now and we have 300 copies to sell and send out. Be fast. 4 Songs- all new! Just on tour! Go here to check more.

20/03/13 Back from SXSW! It was a blast We seen 132 shows in 9 days. Check the list here. Thanks for Sabrina & Seth having us and playing great shows with BOBBY JEALOUSY and A GIANT DOG. It was rad to see the HEX DISPENSERS and GOLDEN BOYS to play and also the amazing BARRERACUDAS! All our love and respect to all the bands and that people who made that happen. I can pass the official horsesh#it but oh well.

19/03/13 Cyclone dance ahead! we´re gonna dj at the GUILTY BOAT PARTY in VENICE in May as A-HULE-HULE! on friday night. bring your bikini - we make you wanna jump the freak waves to cool down your microwaved brain! expect folk for dope fiends, gigolo glam, soul for hairy bushes and musique rocque pour conaisseurs. the boat will turn turtle and venice will drown finally.

18/03/13 What a great SXSW-write up about the GOLDEN BOYS: Even after the disaster that was “Shortcut to Memphis”, The Golden Boys are still a stunning example of rock’n'roll from the heart. Separate The GOLDEN BOYS and you get 5 destructive tornadoes of law defying drunkenness and self loathing (especially Schmitz) bring them together, and they form a sub-par action squad of stumble-drunk sweethearts who even at their worst…are the best band in the world. We really, really hate them for that. Formed in 2000 in between Bryan Schmitz’s (bass) Matt Hoopengarder’s (guitar, vocals) and John Wesley Coleman’s (guitar, vocals) stints in jail and on drugs, the boys have formed something tangible through 5 LP’s worth of material. Through the addition of drum beater Pat Travis and total asshole Nay Nay Arbietman (keyboards) the band has cultivated a truly Texan sound. Their songs are Texan in their drunken reverie and Texan in their tender heartache. Despite Pat being the 2nd drummer, Nay Nay being kicked out 3 times, and Matt breaking up the band about a dozen times, they’ve managed to pull it together for a couple of disastrous, yet well received U.S tours. They even got a European tour under their sweaty belts. Well done, Boys. All in all, The GOLDEN BOYS are a fun group of grouchy sweethearts that will come to your house, charm your girl, drink all your booze, then dip out of there. Yeah, they’re fun to drink with. Spot Long and JJ Ruiz – Trailer Space, Austin, TX

11/02/13 We have soon a 7" of the TYRED EYES on the label. Please check em out on tour! They kill!


14/03 thu, march 14th ger-flensburg, hafermarkt
15/03 fri, march 15th ger-berlin, cortina bob
16/03 sat, march 16th ger-lutherstadt wittenberg, irish harp
17/03 sun, march 17th Leipzig - Black Label
19/03 tue, march 19th ger-coburg, bei adam
20/03 wed, march 20th aut-salzburg, shakespeare
22/03 fri, march 22nd fra-valence, mistral palace
23/03 sat, march 23rd fra-tours, canadian cafe
24/03 sun, march 24th france
26/03 tue, march 26th fra-lille, le monks
27/03 wed, march 27th ger-wiesbaden, sabot
28/03 thu, march 28th ger-bochum, wagen
29/03 fri, march 29th ger-kassel, h**s
30/03 sat, march 30th ger-hamburg, molotow
31/03 sun, march 31st swe-göteborg, tbc


17/01/13 Hey! We welcome the fantastic kids of ZENTRALHEIZUNG OF DEATH to our label. New releases are planned. First, go see them on stage blowing the dust off your jeans. They drive you nuts!


08.02.2012 KASSEL HAUS
09.02.2012 KÖLN KING GEORG
11.02.2013 OFF
13.02.2013 CAEN ECUYES
20.02.2013 ZÜRICH WERK21
21.02.2013 WIEN RHIZ


15/01/13 the MOJOMATICS have some more tour dates in Italy! See here

Golden Boys Dirty Fingernails15/12/12 We "signing" four new bands in 2013. We need to bring out our good taste. Punishment! We travelled all over the world for that. We still love this website. One shot design from 1999!

14/12/12 Yeah! OUT NOW - German pressing with an alternate tooth-pulling mix. Third GOLDEN BOYS album on ALIEN SNATCH! of these Austins insane garage rock band! What started early this year with some kind of release party & eating for "No Reservations" with Anthony Bourdain in March 2012 turned into two US tours this year ending with GONER FEST 9 in Memphis. Lim. Edit. 489 - hardcover inner sleeve - no repress - no color vinyl but all copies in 180g vinyl. Hope to welcome them in Europe 2013.One of our favorite live bands ever.

23/08/12 Remodeling takes some time but we are hanging in there. We decided to release the record after summer. We seen quite a lot of shows in Berlin lately. Small Mailorder update done. Buy the stuff we raise prices. Insane, how expensive vinyl records went lately.

17/08/12 Great video of the GOLDEN BOYS title track of the new album


22/04/12 Ha, three months since the last entry. In the meantime we prepared our new home and finally moved fifteen thousands records. So many reasons to be absent. hey, on top we sneaked out of all the work and been to NYC and Austin for SXSW. Check out all the bands we´ve seen - brackets if multiple times:
A Giant Dog (3), Acorn Born, Bare Wires (2), Barreracudas (2), Bass Drum of Death, Bobby Jealous, Brown Bouges, Burnt Ones, Chairlift, Cheap Time, Chumps, Church Shoes, Come and take it, Crack Pipes, Creamers, Crooked Bangs. Dan Kroha solo., Dead Ghosts (2), December Boys, Destruction Unit, Dikes of Holland, Dirty Ghosts, Eric & Happy Thoughts, Eternal Summers, Flash Boys, Fleshlights (3), Followed by Static, Football (2), Gardens, Golden Boys (2), Gories, Guadeloupe Plata, Habibi (2), Heavy Cream, Hectors Pets (2), Hex Dispensers (2), Ichi Ni San shi, Jack Oblivian (2), James Arthur Manhunt, Kid Congo (2), King Louie and the Missing Monuments (3), King Tuff (2), Lola Cola, Los Ardilas´, Lovely Bad Things, Magnetix, Manikin, Mannequin Men, Marriage, Mean Jeans, Mikal Cronin. Mujeres, Natural Child (3), Nightmare Boyzzz, OBNIIIs (3), Oh Sees (2), Pangea, Planet of Diarrehea (2), Psycho Palms, Pujol, Quilt, Rayon Beach, Resonars, Royal Baths, Slushi, Spits, Spray Paint, Strange Boys, Teenage News (2), Terrible Twos (2), The Bent, The Nerves/The Beat/The Plimsouls (Peter Case Paul Collins) (2), Tiger High, Tropical Island, Turbo Fruits, Ugly Beats, Useless Eaters, Video, Vocka Redu, Wes Coleman, Wheels on Fire, White Fence (2), White Mystery, Wiccers, Wrong Words, X Ray Eyeballs (2)

21/01/12 We´ve moved. Check out our new adress here. Phone and E-Mail stays the same.

21/01/12 We have news to tell! By end of March we have a new record to release!! SNATCH!057 - The GOLDEN BOYS new album entitled "Dirty Fingernails" will be a blast of their great songwriting and their soulish garage folk. Mike Vasquez from SWEATBOX Studio catched a lot of their live experience on tape. We get a special mix for that release. Rough and loud. We´re psyched! Isn´t that a reason to to fly to SXSW just to see them hopefully five times singing their new hits like "We´re Young", "Party Jesus" or "Older than you". !!? We´re there. Hopefully soon in Europe again.

21/01/12 The KIDNAPPERS got invited to SXSW 2012 but they play Italy! Check the dates here.

20/01/12 The MOJOMATICS and the MOVIE STAR JUNKIES both will release their upcoming albums on the new OUTSIDE INSIDE RECORDS LABEL. The MOJOMATICS will be entitled "You Are The Reason Of My Troubles" and will be on vinyl with a bonus CD! We heard a bunhc of songs and they are incredible! We can´t wait for that album! Check out that great new label here.

19/01/12 There are new releases by the VERMILLION SANDS, another limited 7" on that great Shit Music fr Shit People who will bring us also a full length of Vernon Sélavy. That vinyl is limited and from Sardegna, so you will get hard to get if you decide 2015 to finally better get it.

18/01/12 Hi folks! Yes, w´re still alive and running. Is record business a fly-ny-night collaboration? We doubt that. So take it easy when there isn´t a release every month. We´re looking for outstanding recordings, and they´re rare and there will be more catches by 2012. But December brought a nice stream of fgood bands in Berlin. We had the DWARVES, TOTAL CONTROL, TERRIBLE FEELINGS, BARE WIRES, MARK SULTAN, DIÄT! Fun times. Plus, our italian friends of the the MOJOMATICS and MOVIE STAR JUNKIES been in town and played some Halloween & Kraut-Fest.

16/10/11 We updated MAILORDER section again..go here: www.aliensnatch.de/mailorder also cheaper oversea shipping!

24/09/11 RIGHT NOW! The WHEELS ON FIRE are rolling over Europe. We´ve seen those cats on Hamburg and Berlin and people all over are excited to see such a fresh rockin pop these days. It ainb´t psych it ain´t kraut just forward beach rocknroll! Go see em! The KIDNAPPERS got two great spanish reviews and also a Interview in CRKNO Fanzine and one in PSYREACTION here.

15/09/11 NICO! We all miss him.

29/05/11 The WHEELS ON FIRE European Tour 2011 in September is nearly fully booked, from our pals at KISS AND RUN! The KIDNAPPERS just finished their scandinavian trip playing that Misummer Festival in Stockholm and supporting DAVILA 666. Out now is the new CRKO magazine with a interview with your favourite german power pop outfit. The MOJOMATICS are on the road again, and put finishing touches on their new album, we can´t wait too see your new set end of the month in Berlin. Ale Cuervo from the HEX DISPENSERS pit out some solo records while the HEX DISPENSERS have a split 7" with KING TUFF. So far, we await recordings from our beloved bands, but no new signings. We look out for excellent stuff - hard to find and we´re not changing genres.

03/07/11 Again, a small one! We updated MAILORDER section again..go here: www.aliensnatch.de/mailorder also cheaper oversea shipping!

29/05/11 The WHEELS ON FIRE finished their US-Midwest tour, The KIDNAPPERS heading for their french tour and hitting for scandinavia soon and LOVE BOAT toured whole Europe in April! The MOJOMATICS tour and record and the infamous GOLDEN BOYS new demos are amazing. Do you remember that tour thru iceland they did 2010? This band could play for hours and are still more exciting than any neighbourhood girl getting naked behind the window.They had to interrupt their sessions for couple days cause the REIGNING SOUND came around for a visit recording a new 45. What a collection of almightyness!

28/05/11 The LOVE BOAT getting great reviews and radio airplay.!

22 /03/11 The VERMILLION SANDS play a week of shows with DUM DUM GIRLS in south east Europe!

08/04/11 Two months later, much news to tell. First LOVE BOAT put a new allbum out entitled "LOVE IS GONE". Apparently it came out three weeks before the earthquake in Japan. The cover was a prediction for that tragedy. If there is LOVE BOAT, there is hope. The also have a new 45 out on SHIT MUSIC FOR SHIT PEOPLE, super rare andlimited to 300 copies with silkscreen cover. They just been on a very successful european tour and will be back soon. Maybe the best lineup this year - KING LOUIE and His Missing Monuments plus Love Boat. Power Pop heaven!

22 /03/11 The KIDNAPPERS play SXSW! First US Appearance. They also play couple shows over Germany, France, Denmark and Sweden. Check here

12/02/11 New LOVE BOAT video online and there is a 45 7" coming on SHIT MUSIC FOR SHIT PEOPLE Records. Love Boat - I'm Alright

15 /01/11 I´m thinking about gong to SWSX this year. Should we? It´s HEX DISPENSERS and GOLDEN BOYS galore for sure. Plus, KIDNAPPERS going to play a show with Alyse on drums! Yeah, and we DJ in Berlin and Venice next months.

10 /01/11 Effectively of today - overseas shipping prices went down drastically. It´s the same as for europe! Check them out at the order page. We added reviews from our latest releases, VERMILLION SANDS and WHEELS ON FIRE made it on a couple Top Ten´s, the WHEELS ON FIRE was votes for best live show in GRONINGEN and KIDNAPPERS just got a raving review in Razorcake!

01/01/11 Ha, this website made it 10 years with no design update. Imagine that? It´s still a manually made site with the same concept. Plus no google analytics and track your mom down apps up here, haha. Watch that killer HEX DISPENSERS Video fr "My Love Is a Bat" here

30/12/10 this went via email but here again: Dear bookers & friends,thanks again for having the GOLDEN BOYS! You made it happen!! They made it thru the whole tour, they played all shows which is nearly unbelievable with all the snow. Tons of other bands cancelled all over the place. The played killer shows, double sets, exceed our high expectations and many of you got back with overwhelming feedback. Here and there more people been expected but with icy streets it was quite a hassle for everyone to travel around. It worked out in the end and the band want to thank each of you for all the efforts. The GOLDEN BOYS want to come back maybe late autumn 2011, which would be fantastic. We´ll see what time will bring. So we have upcoming tours in 2011 of WHEELS ON FIRE and GOLDEN BOYS on the US-Side and we sure see tours of the MOJOMATICS; VERMILLION SANDS and KIDNAPPERS. Stay in touch, thanks again and a rolling new year!

19/11/10 More VERMILLION SANDS reviews added. also from the WHEELS ON FIRE and KIDNAPPERS. The LOVE BOAT working on a new album. There is a nice write up in Examiner out from Philly, PA if you´re new to the label. Check it out here.

02/11/10 The KIDNAPPERS have a new album out! UNBELIEVABLE! Just finished their South Europe tour and now adding shows in Germany and Holland. Maybe in the US, they´re plans in the making. Get in touch! The KIDNAPPERS and WHEELS ON FIRE album are available on LIMITED EDITION colored vinyl for mail order customers only. 100 copies each red vinyl. Do the math. We als can announce that the GOLDEN BOYS Euro Tour is booked, starting in December. Check the dates on their myspace site or here We love the GOLDEN BOYS. This band is magic. If you miss them we don´t know what band should dave your life before xmas.

10/25/10 the WHEELS ON FIRE are about to fosnih their European tour and we at ALIEN SNATCH! released their new fantastic album "Liar, Liar" which is THE catchy power pop album of 2010. We godamn love this band on stage, fantastic double singing, insane keyboard and all those great songs they have written is awesome. We had an WHEELS ON FIRE and KIDNAPPERS two day DOUBLE show this weekend in Hamburg and the WHEELS ON FIRE did even a DOUBLE set on the MS Hedi Boat show which was SOLD OUT for whole evening. New songs on that KIND TURKEY are killer and they already plan new shows in the midwest.

10/10/10 News from Big Apple! The VERMILLION SANDS comes to an end in NY and NJ this weekend. I´ve seen great VERMILLION SANDS sets together with DAVILA 666 and other with the BEETS. They had a blast at GONER FEST (GOLDEN BOYS played also) and the show with REIGNING SOUND and the tour was a full success, which is fantastic for the first one. They got again a big Radio live Session a WFMU in in NEW JERSEY so check that out online. Please remember, we have GREEN VINYL, lim. 100 of their record for mail order customers. We keep an eye on them, but it will be sold out some day.

08/08/10 The VERMILLION SANDS US tour dates are getting confirmed right now and we have the WHEELS ON FIRE and KIDNAPPERS touring Europe in October, what a blast. Watch out for new records of them, also the LOVE BOAT been in the studio and prepare a new record! The VERMILLION SANDS are invited to have a radio live session on the biggest Italian Radio station (Radio Uno)! A lot of reviews added!

07/17/10 The VERMILLION SANDS will tour the US and also play GONER Fest MOJOMATICS have two new singles out (we have them in stock) and prepare a Australian Tour. WHEELS ON FIRE coming to Europe! and the HEX DISPENSERS har a killer time in Europe and just now released their new 7" on Trouble in Mind Records.

05/24/10 A lot of reviews added of VERMILLION SANDS, HEX DISPENSERS and MOJOMATICS.The FEVERS are already on tour and the HEX DISPENSERS are about to finish their overwhelming European Tour with a lot of sold out places!

05/01/10 we had a fantastic live show from the VERMILLION SANDS in Berlin. Great reviews coming in! the HEX DISPENSERS up next!

04/10/10 We´re proud to announce that we just released the VERMILLION SANDS debut s/t album on ALIEN SNATCH! The band is currently on a six week european tour (check here) and already has copies of the LP/CD with them. Go see em and enjoy the new deal of the band which just had two US-releases and radio airplay all over the world. We´re so glad to have buch of more friends on the label.

03/28/10 Austin was so much fun! We´ve seen more than 90 bands and we love the HEX DISPENSERS and we love the GOLDEN BOYS, this band needs to come over to Europe by NOW! The list of killer bands is too long but BARRERACUDAS, JAIL, MICKEY, SPITS, DAVALA 666, TYSEGALL, NATURAL CHILD delivered it. Millions more.. WE NEED MORE GOLDEN BOYS!

02/27/10 We´re going SXSW in March 2010. Actually we go nearly two weeks hanging out with the HEX DISPENSERS and GOLDEN BOYS and million others I guess. Fun!

02/06/10 We´re proud to announce new band to our family - the VERMILLION SANDS join ALIEN SNATCH! After a 7" on FAT POSSUM (US) and RIJAPOV (IT) and a 12 on SACRED BONES (US) a Euro Tour and a lot of buzz in the states we can´t wait to release their first album, called s/t and it will be on CD/LP available in March. They have a eight week tour in April right on!

02/05/10 The MOJOMATICS head for full new italian tour in February. See their mysapce page for dates. The new HEX DISPENSERS Euro Tour is already booked. See their pages for details. Alos next suprise - THE FEVERS will tour Europe in May 2010, this is incredible. In March we hang out with the GOLDEN BOYS and HEX DISPENSERS in Austin, TX around SXSW. Looking forward to see the Fresh & Onlys, YOLKS and bunch of other bands of course. The GOLDEN BOYS postpone their Euro tour for another US tour. They´re part of a Austin compilation on Matador records also.

01/15/10 welcome in 2010! hey, we got new releases planned for early 2010 and touring included! They cam all in during December -wow! PLUS The HEX DISPENSERS and GOLDEN BOYS will tour Europe in May/June this year.

11/24/09 The new GOLDEN BOYS album "Electric Wolfman" CD/LP is here. What a great record! Fans fo Reigning Sound, Deadly Snakes, Goodnight Loving take note.

10/25/09 The new HEX DISPENSERS got a feature in Maximum RocknRoll November issue, and planning to come to Europe May 2010. The MOJOMATICS are right now on a successful US tour and have three new singles out ad we´re working hard on a new GOLDEN BOYS album.

09/04/09 We had a nice summer in Sardinia, thanks to the LOVE BOAT and MOVIE STAR JUNKIES, VERMILLION SANDS people! The last four weeks we´ve been busy as we can be for shipping the incredible new HEX DISPENSERS album and the release of that classic GOLDEN BOYS "Whiskey Flower" LP album. As usual, too much for updating. Here we go, we updated the review pages and mailorder stuff, of course. WE have a new GOLDEN BOYS album coming next but this will take some more while, and inbetween we keep bothering our buddies looking into a european tour.We met also STRANGE BOYS. So Austin all over the place! The MOJOMATICS finally tour the US in October and have three (!) new 45s coming out in the States. They also play on that VICE SCION Garage Festival in Portland. Impressing Line-Up! The FEVERS lay along with DONNY DENIM the Budget Rock 8. Wow!