07/26/09 Sad news, Michael Scaglarini the singer of the JOHNNIES (formerly JOHHNY BRAVO) and NEW FRUSTRATION passed away 7/23. He was a great front man and a lovely guy. We miss a rocker. I just met him a couple times dring my Boston stay but I will always remeber him. He was so real.

07/20/09 The new HEX DISPENSERS album is here! At least the CD, the vinyl test pressing had an tiny error so we have to go for a second run and will have them soon. Check their site here for news. It´s a sing-along masterpiece! We´ve seen the Oblivians and Gories last week, can´t say how much we love Gregg Oblivian.

07/10/09 It´s break-up time. The GHETTO WAYS called it quit, also the HENRY FIATS OPEN SORE kind of split up, 3/4 of the band continue in another band entitled HFOS. THE MOJOMATICS are going fine, seem they habe a US Release soon and plans in touring there in september.

06/28/09 The last weeks been not that stormy on the news front, but we had a great LOVE BOAT European tour and they had great shows in a lot of towns and a lot of bad luck with the van. Touring thru whole europe is a fragile things so make sure enjoying any band making these trips. LOVE BOAT have a new 7" entitled "Remember the Sabbath Day is Holy" and new Video here and also the MOJOMATICS have an awesome new video here for their brandnew, re-printed 45 on Bad Afro. On top, we´ve been to the crazy Whole Lotta Midsommar Festival in Stockholm, Sweden. Two days hosted by Lotta & Thomas Savage, friends and with around 120 people on a boat it was like a family meeting. We´ve seen killer shows of HENRY FIATS OPEN SORE, MOJOMATICS, YUSSUF JERUSALEM, the flew-in SPITS and finally Martin Savage on stage with TOKYO KNIFES plus many others who all delivered fine cut salmon rocknroll. What a great time. Ok, more news soon on the alien snatch release schedule.

03/21/09 we have a great birthday bash april 3rd friday at the Cortina Bob in Berlin. The MOJOMATICS will play and we have DJs and tons of great people there. If you´re in twon we´re happy to welcome you. The new HEX DISPENSERS LP/CD is in the works the title may be "Winchester Mystery House" we´ll see! Also we´re working with Daggerman Rec on a release of the next GOLDEN BOYS album, which we love to death. Jay Reatard is playing tonight, should I go? Maybe I should have booked ticket for that Stockholm showcase with the MOJOMATICS . Seen Wheels On Fire lately, FUN! Go get their 45.

03/10/09 the MOJOMATICS touring all Europe in March and April 2009, the LOVE BOAT got the KISS N RUN rooster and touring Europe also in May 2009, we got new records planned! Many news soon. We have a biorthday party on April 3rd at Cortin Bob, Berlin with the MOJOMATICS!. We added great reviews of the LOVE BOAT album it got voted to albium of the month in couple mags!

01/25/09 hey, happy new year! We´re gonna update the mailorder site soon, also myspace, we´re busy doing the update on the LOVE BOAT and MOJOMATICS press sites. The car of the MOJOMATICS broke down on their mini tour, and the tow car brought them to the Groningen show. Crazy! Many thousand euros for the new engine and bunch of cancelled shows, what a drag. There are new tours in the work, we´ll get back soon.

12/29/08 end of the year, it was a blast. Thanks the MOJOMATICS, the John Woo and the whole Venice Crew for that great rocknroll night where I had the pleasure to spin some records. Hail the MOJOMATICS who are featured band at the Eurosonic Band Cotest in Groningen 2009.

11/30/08 It is incredibile! we´ve having the LOVE BOAT Imaginary Beatings of Love LP/CD out now and it keeps us so busy that he website is going to be updated last my friends. We´re shipping all order and sending our support to their European Tour of them. And we simply blasted by all those great live bands came thru town the last weeks, we had Langhorn Slim, Movie Star Junkies, Goodnight Loving, BEAT BEAT BEAT and LOVE BOAT! Awesome shows one after another. We´re so glad to see all thos ebands in Berlin and my buddies at the Beat Club in Hamburg we´re also a great host as usual. We have lim.100 Vinyl edition of the LOVE BOAT LP, Mailorder only!

09/13/08 tons of reviews added! the MOJOMATICS have already gigs for autimn on schedule, the HEX DISPENSERS are invited to a festival in Atlanta and write new songs, the TURPENTINE BROTHERS getting awesome reviews, moved to New Mexcio and playing the GONER FEST end of the month. HENRY FIATS OPEN SORE getting also raving reviews all over the place and play Spain in the nest weeks. The KIDNAPPPERS got their LP repress on FDH records with a new cover, we will have copies soon and they play gigs every once while and announce a new record every other other week. The bass player was caught in Bangkok riots so he needs to get payed out by the german embassy. The singer is soon to get married to beat his already engaged brother-in-law. The drummer joined a hippie bus to morocco. This band is cursed. We all could be men of independent means collecting dolls. Wait! We got another chance, BEAT BEAT BEAT is touring Europe. The released THE punk LP in 2006 called it quits in 2007 , now this is a comeback. FEVER B - Brian Herrmosillo of the FEVERS other band, THE SWEET FACES now puuting out a 45 on Douchemaster, while FEVER G and FEVER L got a 45 with the RANTOULS!

09/05/08 Dammit,HENRY FIATS OPEN SORE were supposed to play tonight in Berlin. So nothing left than to wait a lil´bit longer for that tour. So we preparing the lat release of the year the LOVE BOAT- Imaginary Beatings of Love LP/CD. This is gonna be the fireworks of bubblegum pop on the end of the year. We can´t wait. Crazy guys who win your hearts in seconds. Those kids should is the band you would imagine playing at the street corner and all people just stop walking on and let it be.

09/02/08 the announced HENRY FIATS OPEN SORE Tour in September/October is not going to happen now due to a tragic death on the side of the booking agency "Rock This Town". The tour is postponed and will happen later. Please get in touch with the booking agency for any details. Of course we keep you posted when we get aware of new dates.

08/23/08 We made it to the summer! After non-stop releasing or brilliant records we finally come back to our website and mailorder to emphasize your huge stock of mighty fine records. We updated our mailorder list again. Whaté next? First, the HENRY FIATS OPEN SORE come to Germany for a full tour, party supported by DEAN DIRG, what a blast! We got in a RANTOULS 45 which is the single of Gavin, the singer/ part songwriter of the legendary FEVERS. We also got the RAYDIOS 45 and tons of other new stuff. We´re heading for a new LP/CD release in late autumn for the most entertaining new beach dance party to toilet power pop outfit the LOVE BOAT from Sardinia. This album will be so much fun, recorded by Nene and Matt Mojomatics in Inside/Outside Studio. They´re also planning a full european tour so start looking out for these cats!

07/13/08 Added new stuff to the mailorder, also reviews, press stuff and videos. Check out that HEX DISPENSERS Live Video here from their second last show at the legendary Pits in Belgium. They made it to their favorite band!

06/29/08 I know you missed all the updates! Thanks for all mailing me about that website. We had crazy months behind us. The TURPENTINE BROTHERS album and tour, the DEMONICS- Best of CD, the HEX DISPENSERS new 45 and mindblowing Tour. Then finally the new HENRY FIATS OPEN SORE album hit the light of the day and the got the super short-notice invitation to tour all over Europe with the HIVES! 5000 and more people every day! So how getting the cream n all this! Release and celebrate the incredible 3rd album of the MOJOMATICS and their new tour where we had the vinyl ready at around the half. We´re so damn busy sending all the orders out that the website was lacking behind, no wonder. Yep, and inbetween all this we had a 10 day trip where we met our beloved GHETTO WAYS who had to suffer a serious injury right before their norway tour. It´s been great in NY, met Mark Sultan and see the amazing GOLDEN BOYS live show and tons of other bands as the POINTS. Bands in the US don´t attracht not as many people as over here, they rather post on forums and myspace how amazing band is while the band plays next door. I´ve been at the GIRLS OF GRAVITRON show in NY. I counted 5 guests but a lot of internet acitivity the next day. That´s what excitement is, right? Talking about us, we´re overwhelmed what bands we have on the label, their all killer live bands and deliver great recordings - it is pure satisfaction being a part of it and my hometown wildwax booking buddies doing strong at the Reeperbahn St. Pauli. On the way we´ve seen the CARBONAS, HEADACHE CITY, COCOCOMA for the first time and they all won our hearts. Now we´re looking forward seeing the MOJOMATICS playing 4 shows in SOUTH AFRICA and on the NORTHPOLE! No kidding. What a journey of rockroll.

06/28/08 Big MAILORDER section update again..go here: www.aliensnatch.de/mailorder . Make sure you get the clear pink (!) colored copy of the TURPENTINE BROTHERS- Lim. 100! , the new HEX DISPENSERS - My Love is a bat 7" (Tour 45, lim. 500), HENRY FIATS OPEN SORE - "Mondo Blotto" album (Lim. 114 white vinyl) is flying out of the door the and the MOJOMATICS - Don´t Pretend that you know me LP Bunch of reviews added!


03/23/08 The TURPENTINE BROTHERS played fantastic shows on this side of the ocean. We love that band so much. The bass player Zack had to go home after 10 days so already organized up front a bass player to fill in. No moaning, just rock! And they stepped up and did their gigs all over Europe. They´re an awesome band with killing records. We´re damn proud about the new LP - this baby will do a big impact on our beloved scene. Also the new 45 on Red Loune Records is a great piece of wax so go ahead and get a copy! The ´Brothers are back home these days and we prepare the CD release which couldn´t be finished till their European Tour. The MOJOMATICS play a show in Berlin by next week! Double Set! Be there! New Album out on vinyl soon!

THE Turpentine Brothers
"s/t" LP

02/04/08 We´re running fast and proudly announce our new release,the TURPENTINE BROTHERS finished their recordings on later 2007, and we did everything to put it out quick for their European tour RIGHT NOW! Check their section for tour dates and come paryt with them. Else we have releases announced of HENRY FIATS OPEN SORE; MOJOMATICS And HEX DISPENSERS till May 2008 so we´re drowning in Label work. The GHETTO WAYS are back rolling, spread all over but they most likely will play some huge Festivals in Norway this summer - viking style! The HEX DISPENSERS have a new 45 out right now on the awesome Douchemaster Label. The MOJOMATICS were interviewed in Rolling Stone, MTV and VICE lately and just finished recordings on their 3rd album, no heading for a video shoot in Venice. Without carneval I guess after the Release in April 2008 they will head for a full european Tour and we hopefully see them in Germany again.The KIDNAPPERS writing songs for a new 10" and we hope the FEVERS will have time to record new songs. We can´t wait to listen new songs out of the magic hands of Brian and Gavin. We´ve been incredibly busy the last months, and we spent night time and weekends on the label, trying to catch some shows which worked out fine. Not to forget we also put out the "Hot Rod Pussy" CD-Compilation of the DEMONICS with rarirties, single & comp tracks filled with a selection of album tracks throughout their more than 10 year history. It´s 21-Songs in total and has a nearly x-rated artwork. Come on, ain´t that alien white snatch trash? Their first two album is hard to get, we have the last copies fo the Formaldehyde Injection LPs in stock, also few in colored vinyl so go ahead and order now!

12/31/07 Hope you all had some great holidays! We added some stuff to our huge mailorder list and already working on new releases on early 2008. We wish you a rocking and healthy new year, live your dreams.

"Doublecross" LP

11/24/07 HUGE MAILORDER section update again..go here: www.aliensnatch.de/mailorder some US-stuff will be here in 10 days airmail, everything is confirmed. Make sure you get the clear red colored copy of the RIFF FRANDELLS - Lim. 100!

11/23/07 Long time no news online. Shipping records is more important, buddies! The RIFF RANDELLS released their "Doublecross´" LP on ALIEN SNATCH! and it kept und keeps us busy filling orders. They had a successful European Tour from Italy to Norway, we´ven seen them at the once again nice Rotterdam Rumble where so many ALIEN SNATCH! artists played. The MOJOMATICS played their best show I witnessed so far, with lots of new songs with a rousing amount of passion und power. We love´em! Chapeau! The get an entire page in italian 40 years Rolling Stone magazine anniversary issue! The enter the studion in the upcoming weeks staying their 24h a day for the new album recording sessions with their new gear of their own Outside Inside Studio. Be prepared for their 3rd, most promising record in early next year. We will release the Vinyl again available, and alos the CD version for selected regions. Right now you have to catch the new Mojomatics single on Wild Honey records! For more news, the HEX DISPENSERS played Goner Fest, Budget Rock and playing shows in their state preüparing for the European Tour. They just got Haunted George and the HEX DISPENSERS "Forest Ray Colson's Pile O' Meat" Split 7" out on Hook or Crook! The GHETTO WAYS are on Hiatus right now but as we know them they´re back on when it´s turning night.

08/11/07 More reviews of the HEX DISPENSERS ! The GHETTO WAYS prepare their 3rd album for a 2008 release. First their new 45 PTrash seems to be out in a week or so. The MOJOMATICS got live footage airplay in MTV, Italy!

07/20/07 The HEX DISPENSERS are #1 on WMBR, Cambrigde, MA!

07/15/07 We got awesome reviews HEX DISPENSERS and BEATBEATBEAT and MOJOMATICS! The HEX DISPENSERS have two upcoming 45s on US-Labels and play BUDGET ROCK Festival and GONER Fest as well as bunch of shows in the US. We´re looking forward to our trip down to Venice seeing the MOJOMATICS and enjoying everything was Italy is offering in the summer. Check the band website fo details. The MOJOMATICS playing the Rotterdam Rumble along with the RIFF RANDELLS who tour Europe in October.

06/24/07 We´re working on new stuff. Sit tight for the RIFF RANDELLS "Doublecrossed" LP and the incredibe HENRY FIATS OPEN SORE "Mondo Blotto" LP! HEX DISPENSERS reviews added!

"s/t" LP/CD

05/28/07 The TURPENTINE BROTHERS are on a US-Tour right now, the KIDNAPPERS play France and we try to set up a HEX DISPENSERS European Tour.

04/20/07 We updated MAILORDER section again..go here: www.aliensnatch.de/mailorder

04/15/07 The HEX DISPENSERS new album is out since two weeks and it´s a hit! Everybody loves it! Get it!

04/14/07 A lot happened the last days. The MOJOMATICS toured scandinavia, a lot of ALIEN SNATCH! bands played the RADIO HEARTBEAT Festival in New York and at the BOOGIEFEST in Sweden is penetrated by rockin´bunch. We had a great blast with all our buddies and families at the HENRY FIATS OPEN SORE / DEAN DIRG show at the BEAT CLUB in St. Pauli, Hamburg. The MOJOMATICS built up their studio in another place and will record new songs for 45s in the near future. Also the KIDNAPPERS will record new stuff.

03/17/07 Maximum RocknRoll has a killer review for the MOJOMATICS album. Awesome! They´re playing huge shows in Italy these days and also tour Scandinavia! Berlin is up for some rock, the old PVC are playing tonight, next week the young cats the KIDNAPPERS.We have a new release any day. Sit tight!

02/18/07 Added tons of reviews and BEAT BEAT BEAT website

02/06/07 this was the longest period of no website update in the labels´history. Huh, where to start? too much happened the last 2 months. We moved the entire label to Berlin, Germany beginning of January 2007. I started a new job by mid January. A whole new situation. All but still all records with us. Now we´re residing in the German capital and it´s great so far. From nowhere to the heart of the city. How will the label develop? Be sure we know where we come from and cynical as shit. No worries about we´re getting hipster influences. Go elsewhere. Thanks for all who got in contact and cheered us up carrying all the stuff. Big thanks of course to our brothers and my wildwax buddies from Hamburg who showed up, launched into the move. Needed all helping hands, we had two trucks to move thru Germany! This is past already and we´re back on track serving the best thrilling and delicious rocknroll as you expect from us. We´re slightly behind with the website, we got tons of awesome MOJOMATICS reviews to put on the site and unbelievable or not, we had a new release in the meantime! All orders got shipped and E-Mails got answered but we hadn´t time to announce it here - so here we go: OUT NOW SNATCH!040 BEAT BEAT BEAT - Living In The Future LP on heavy vinyl, first 100 copies on colored vinyl. It´s a punk rock masterpiece. We add the BEAT BEAT BEAT section during the next days and will add some reviews.

"Songs For Faraway Lovers " LP/CD

11/26/06 the MOJOMATICS are boss! People of all cities wrote me how amazing they were at their germany tour. Thank you guys! Here some fotos. Whoever missed them, missed some good times. Yep, I added more reviews and there are some news to break thru soon - we move to a different place. Anyone into carrying records?

11/14/06 We have a nice Label Party next saturday in Stuttgart with the MOJOMATICS and KIDNAPPERS and DJs El Fado and A-Hule-Hule! We updated MAILORDER section again..go here: www.aliensnatch.de/mailorder

11/12/06 The whole world needs the MOJOMATICS. Awesome!

10/24/06 Things moving fast now. We have the long-awaited second album of the MOJOMATICS available. Entitled "Songs For Faraway Lovers" it is contender of your favorite record of this year. Those guys are pure genious. The vinyl will be here in few days and we have a lim.100 colored edition available. We said it´s going to be the most exciting year for ALIEN SNATCH!, here is another reason.

10/15/06 We have a new little secret record out! SNATCH!038 The GHETTO WAYS - Hidden Charms 7". You have the smasher "I´m Movin´On" and "Tanny Girls" on back. Hits only! This was a joint release with WICKED RECORDS. They sold it atthe tour and it´s SOLD OUT ALREADY! We saved ones for our mailorder and you´ll find them around at your favourite dealer. So order them quick, especially if you live outside europe cause it seems only few copies went there. Not to forget, there is another Tour Single out on SAVAGE RECORDS, same story - sold out completely at the labels. Both are limited 500 editions.

10/14/06 The GHETTO WAYS show in Stuttgart was a unbelivable blast. They played a double set in front of 200 amazed, beer and sweat soken people. Yep, they are an act and they ripped it up from start to finish. Hands down, this was on top 5 gigs of the last couple of years. There is no other band doing their stick of dirty soul and garage rock better - singer and guitarist Jenna Young is the most rocking women I´ve seen on stage. They had me on their tour the last two years so expected a lot this year and she and her bad boys delivered and had to do four encores. Destruction! A legendary night.

10/09/06 Preparing big new and waiting for the GHETTO WAYS show at their homebase Stuttgart the next friday. Else, I added some reviews and records in the "just arrived" record section.

09/17/06 Been in Cologne and Rotterdam Rumble, seen tons of bands and met a lot of people. Nice! Now I´m back home watching the big spiders stretch their web at my front porch. Nice also! Yep, witnessed both SUPERCHARGER and PAUL COLLINS BEAT, and both did a great job, and along with the HIDDEN CHARMS, KIDNAPPERS, MARKED MEN these days are to remember. Kind of thrilling meeting Darin Raffaelli in person. PVC during the summer, and next week is RADIO BIRDMAN. Worth going? A lot of things are rolling right now. The HIDDEN CHARMS French Tour is all set now, and their LP is as good as sold out! The MOJOMATICS put the finishing touches on their upcoming album "Songs for faraway lovers" CD/LP, out soon! Also in the make BEATBEATBEAT- Living in the Future LP

09/02/06 Added reviews and links to photos of the latest KIDNAPPERS tour.

- Rock Bottom EP 7”

Get Your Mind Off Me
Not Your Fashion 7”

08/20/06 Summerbreak is over but record label is a mission and not a bo so there wasn´t a break at all. 2006 will be remarkable year in the labels' history, and we only can exceed our own expectations. Hot of the presses, we can present brand new two singles, :

MURDER BY GUITAR - Rock Bottom EP 7” (SNATCH!036)
THE TURPENTINE BROTHERS -  Get Your Mind Off Me / Not Your Fashion 7” (SNATCH!037) We just put their band section on your site. Yeah, they arrived just yesterday and we will ship pre-orders by next week. There are 100 copies each in limited colored vinyl, only here! They´re both amazing and sound great. Both, MURDER BY GUITAR and THE TURPENTINE BROTHERS work on new CD/LP albums which will be out end of the year or early 2007. MURDER BY GUITAR will have their 7" release party next wednesday in Stockhom with the MARKED MEN. The release party of the TURPENTINE BROTHERS 45 in Boston will be anounced as soon they recieve their copies. We´re so excited here. In a couple weeks we have the next 7" ready to go, the GHETTO WAYS - Hidden Charms 45, which will be a Co-Production of ALIEN SNATCH! and WICKED RECORDS. It´s 3 songs and very poppy in their way! Also, another GHETTO WAYS single will be out, this time a SAVAGE & WICKED Production. Both singles will be available on their European Tour and of course we have some for sale. Most likely this well pre.sold out here, then you gotta grab some at a show. After the new RIP OFF RECORDS LP we got many requests for their debut album but it was up to the last copy sold out. We re-released the KIDNAPPERS
"Ransom Notes and Telephone Calls" Album on CD with three bonus songs previously released on the "Spanish Girls" 7" on ZAXXON Records. Today, they finished their European Tour thru the UK, Germany and the Netherlands and will it the studio soon for recording another hit 45. Go see them at the Rotterdam Rumble. We spent a weekend with our bloodbrothers the MOJOMATICS in Francoforte where those Maniacs from SLOWBOAT FILMS arranged the first music video shoot of the MOJOMATICS of a song from their upcoming album due October 2006. They will support their new album with a full tour thru France in October and a full Germany tour at the end of november.It was so much fun during the set and the video will be broadcast quality so it will be definately be shown in your local blockbuster cinema. The birds told it, we´re also releasing the vinyl of the upcoming album of the BEAT BEAT BEAT. They´re currently on tour with theit Atltana mates CARBONAS but as soon as their back they´ll send the master and artwork. Yeah, quite a while since their killer debut Single on DOUCHEMASTER - after many weird incidents the LP will come out in fall. Yep, and we added a some reviews of our latest releases, the ACKERMANS LP and HIDDEN CHARMS LP. Yep, the are new of the FEVERS to spread, they will play some shows ins september and will have a new 45 on PLASTIC IDOL RECORDS by Fall. Do you feel the excitment?

06/25/06 We´re working as consequently as we can on new releases and to promote the latest albums. Else we have world cup here, and since it started the weather is great and everybody gets sunburned. There is a nice punk festival, called "Punkecho" in Berlin from July 21st-23rd. You´ll find foto & Art exhibitions, a fanzine and record label convention, readings, movies and of course some bands to watch.

06/17/06 Check out the latest interview Brian Mosher of Now Wave Magazine did with the MOJOMATICS. The KIDNAPPERS and HIDDEN CHARMS play the Rotterdam Rumble with SUPERCHARGER!

06/10/06 Tons of new reviews and we uploaded some fotos also. We´re busy promoting our latest releases and sending orders out. New releases are in the works also. Only details are to finish! The new MOJOMATICS album will be out Sept 30th. We know, quite a while but ther are alot of things to do till then.

05/08/06 We knew it! We got INCREDIBLE new MOJOMATICS reviews in! It´s mind blowing, and we´re damn proud of those two guys. They work hard, play a lot of live shows and keep writing songs you still will listen years on in the future.

05/01/06 hey, the HIDDEN CHARMS test pressings get the first merits by our local street dealer: "The Hidden Charms appears to be a fascinating record. On which atmospheric sound carpets and psychedelic folk are combined with a modest layer of electronics and vocals striking as almost oriental. Otherworldly fairytale like music which quickly captures the imagination. At times they remind of Rock music, but these Germans even are a bit more alien. An enchanting record that hopefully will hypnotise many people!" We say: Awesome! Hey, be carefully riding your bike when having your GHETTO WAYS shirt on! Dangerous! Heads up, folks!

04/20/06 We have two new releases ready to ship by begining of may! The HIDDEN CHARMS are also on Tour, plus check the tourdates of the MOJOMATICS. We already put up the sites by the ACKERMANS and HIDDEN CHARMS and filled them with info we have already. Release date on both is 05/05/2006 and we have colored vinyl vinyl available (clear orange / clear pink) on a limited edition of 100 mail orders only! We also updated our link section.

"No One Knows Us Better Than" LP
"Square Root of Love"

03/28/06 We signed a new band to the rooster and we´re going crazy here. Welcome MURDER BY GUITAR on ALIEN SNATCH! A single will be released soon.

03/27/06 We have new releases in the pipeline due early may! Details will be provided any day. New reviews can be found!

03/15/06 Back from vacation! Wow, needed it bad and it exceeded all expectations going to southeast asia! In the meantime, besides hundreds of mails some more news. First, the GHETTO WAYS founded their own label WICKED SINGLES RECORDS where they going to release two GHETTO WAYS singles, a third one will be on a different label. They all will be limited and the later two will be taken for the European Tour in Fall 2006. Their "SOLID BROWN" album got some killer reviews lately, check them out at the review section.

GHETTO WAYS "Party Down" EP 7"
GHETTO WAYS "Pop Out" b/w "Nap On My Box (But Don't Go to Sleep)" 7"
GHETTO WAYS "M-O-V, I'm Movin' On" b/w "Meat Market Murder" 7"

On ALIEN SNATCH! we have several new releases very soon, and we´re damn excited about it. It´s all bands and records we´re looking forward since quite a while. The MOJOMATICS are playing packed shows and the MIGHTY GO-GO PLAYERS are touring the states in february.Our punk and garage rock faces, both the REAL LOSERS and LOCOMOTIONS seem to be on a hiatus till further notice. Maybe there are some news about the RIFF RANDELLS and FEVERS in the near future. The DEMONICS preparing a new release right now. Yeah, we have the new KIDNAPPERS LP " Neon Signs" for sale now (10,90 Euros).

/14/06 The MOJOMATICS repress of the "A Sweet Mama is Gonna Hoodoo Me" LP/CD is now here. The LP will come on 220g vinyl and very heavy paper stock. There are lim. 100 copies available in clear red vinyl. You also can get the colored vinyl on the MOJOMATICS numerous live shows.They just returned from a great gig in Paris and they´re now doing a mini tour with the LORDS OF ALTAMONTS and touring on their own in ITALY early March 2006. The new album is scheduled for mid of 2006. We´ll be out of teh country fto three weeks and will get back to you right after that.The MIGHTY GO-GO PLAYERS 10" is out of stock soon.But we kept an eye on the colored copies where we still have few in for mail orders - no we can take credit card funded paypal payments- get in touch.

02/02/06 Added bunchload of reviews. The MOJOMATICS play a lot of shows in Italy and France the upcoming weeks. Their debut album "Sweet Mama Gonna Hoodoo Me" was completely sold out on CD/LP, the repress will be available in two weeks. Of this pressing, there is also a lim.100 colored version and red clear vinyl planned. We have three DVDS full of FEVERS live shows and fun stuff. Maybe we once put a short run DVD out. For the girls out there!

12/01/06 The GHETTO WAYS head for US midwestern show!! attack. Added reviews for alot releases. . Updated the mailorder section. The new KIDNAPPERS album "Neon Signs" will be out on RIP OFF and it´s brilliant. I await any day the arrival of the FEVERS 45 on GET HIP! Those songs and mixes are amazing.

02/01/06 New postage prices effective of 01/01/2006 for smaller shipments, unbelievable but true, it went cheaper! See postage prices for details. It´s now great to order a bunch of singles!!

02/01/06 Yeah, we love our releases and the earyl ones got in many Top Ten Lists 2005. The GHETTO WAYS "Solid Brown" CD/LP made it in the EVERT´s GRUNNENROCKS List and in along with the FEVERS "Love Always Wins" CD/LP in the one from NEXT BIG THING!! ALIEN SNATCH! GALORE! We´re absolutely sure that the REAL LOSERS "Music for Funsters" LP is the best punk rock record in 2005, ok with the TIME FLYS so we clap on our own shoulders already. We made it again.

01/01/06 Happy rocking new year! We had some great holidays, burnt punches and soccer tournaments!
I´d like to thank all the bands who appreciate being on the label, my close friends and especially Mr. Eble who helps out when there is need to. Big thanks also to Robert from KissnRun Booking for the tours and my hometown buddies in Hamburg, Kathelijntje in Amsterdam for the shows and neverending support. Above all,thanks with a thousand kisses and my heart goes to my lovely girlfriend Valeska who put some much belief in me and the label.
Now prepare for a new year with promising releasesWe have no hurry and keep the quality up. Just now we´re at sending out promotional copies of out latest releases and updating the website. While they last, make sure to order your colored lim. 100 copies directly from our updated
MAILORDER section again..go here: www.aliensnatch.de/mailorder

12/21/05 We added some reviews and recieved some records for the mailorder. Today is the release date of the CIAOUCULOS, it´s the MOJOMATICS with KING KHAN & BBQ Band joining up for a 4 man band. YAKISKANA RECORDS

12/12/05 Yeah, seen a great show of the MIGHTY GO-GO PLAYERS in Darmstadt! Wild frenchies, killer sound. They´ve been wasted! Added a lot of reviews and still busy fullfilling orders. Make sure to reserve your colored copies!

11/27/05 Stunning MOJOMATICS 7" release party on saturday on Saturday. Great set and incredible new songs. Glad so many people showed up since we had a polar cold night and icy streets. Thanks to the MOJOMATICS. They´re are preparing a new album for spring 2006. The new releases will be shipped end of this week.

11/20/05 Yep, fully new update on the website. We have three new releases at the end of the month -we are very excited for it. The MIGHTY GO-GO PLAYERS Tour from Dec 02 till Dec 18 thru France, Belgium, Netherlands, Germany, Switzerland Italy. We try to set up the band pages on the ALIEN SNATCH! site ASAP, so long have a look on their own Label PROFET RECORDS for detailed tourdates and more rants about the new 10" release. The MOJOMATICS have around 4 shows wnd of the month promoting their new 7" in Germany and Austria and will have few shows in Spain in December!! There are colored version of all three new releases, lim. 100 copies and Mailorder only. We´re glad finding three great artists doing our sleeves again, BONGOUT did the MIGHTY GO-GO PLAYERS 10" and WUNDERGRAFIKS from Finland did the BASEBALL FURIES cut-out disco-sleeve. The GHETTO WAYS playing constantly shows in their hometown and got asked for supporting Dinosaur Jr on couple shows beginning of december. The FEVERS 7" on GET HIP is still not out. We´re undergoing some structural changes for the Label to be able having a full-time job besides doing this with the same level of dedication. You maybe have seen the frequency of the updates turned down, but we keep the bands pages up to date and also adding mailorder stuff on a weekly basis. Honestly, compared to ther labels of this site is really taken care. Thanks for coming! We´re one of the few labels installing that band page and we still keep doing it and support the bands, present their reviews, tour dates, fotos and of course other releases. Quite a workload over the years! We have releases coming and we keep our quality level high. Make sure to stop at my Hamburg buddies home the BEAT CLUB and their shows listed at wildwax.de, hosted by us. They get the party going.

09/22/05 GHETTO WAYS made it on #1 first week in the famous Vera Groningen " Trash That Beat" Charts!!!! There is also a ALIEN SNATCH! special on Evert Nijkamps´GRUNNENROCKS Radio Edition #150, dedicated to the GHETTO WAYS and REAL LOSERS Yeah! Added reviews of "Solid Brown" and other stuff in the appropriate sections. All the press stuff and photos will be on this site in the near future.

09/21/05 No update in a while but we rock & rolled in the real world! The GHETTO WAYS "Less Talk More Rawk" Tour was impressing, they shredded shows, played harder and faster than last year and had one album more play. People already have been amazed last year and set the level high for the new album and the second European Tour, the GHETTO WAYS made it and once more left people behind nothing than stunned. Highlights were Roberts (KissNRun Tourbooking) Birthday Bash in Groningen, where the played with the MOJOMATICS, BLACK LIPS, FATALS, KIDNAPPERS and the local blues trashers DE STRAALJAGERS. Also Sweden was packed and one of the funniest & best shows on the tour, people went nuts in switzerland and the band to play four encores before they´re able to get back having a beer. Of course the hometwon show in STUTTGART where they rocked so hard so long till they literally blacked out and ended the set. There have been two short-notice shows (day before) on the supposed to be off-days and both have been wild, once in front of 50 (!!) people in the record store in Hamburg and the other in front of 40 people at a basement show in Freiburg. Thanks to Georg and Chris. The band rocked their hearts out, were soaken wet after all shows and did all shots which have been in sight. Not much more to ask for. They fighted and broke up in Kassel, a reuninion full of dedication and friendship in Berlin, shemale bars in Hamburg, the beach in Amsterdam and diaper beds in Rotterdam. Harry came with two drum sticks, found a dozen old ones in the trash can on tour so finally he could hand out signed Eddy sticks the girls asked for the whole trip. Jenna is a rock goddess on guitar and vocals, there not many of this kind on the planet. Shane broke no string but hearts and killed guys with his bass playing. Who knows if they come back? Yeah, they are save back home by now, we´re taking care of the hundred of mails and work back at headquarter. Thanks to all people helped us out there. We don´t forget you.

07/21/05 Yeah, SNATCH 030 CD/LP THE GHETTO WAYS - Solid Brown is out now! Vinyl is on 200g heavy wax and first order will be shipped with a poster. CDs are solid brown and sound loud as hell. Rocknroll-Deathbeam! What a strike in the middle of the summer! This band is a riot and they will prove it on their upcoming Tour. Check their section on this site or kissnrun.com for updates.Most of them is settled and they got support/share the stage with some really great bands also!

07/04/05 The new GHETTO WAYS video of "The Na Na" of the upcoming album CD/LP "Solid Brown" is finished. Thanks for the involved people, it´s definately a piece of work to get it done in a week. We´re very excited about. Watch Harry´s crazy moves and all the dudes hanging out with hangover GHETTO WAYS in the tube. Alrite, you can download it here, ATTENTION it´s a 40mb file and the format is Quicktime, so you need that player. I´m not sure if all oder version run. Hilarious video!

06/05/05 A lot of news! The MOJOMATICS & KING KHAN & BBQ Tour is over and they are doing quite a lot of festivals during the summer and then go to Holland for more shows in September. The GHETTO WAYS played live in Terre T´s Show on WFMU, NYC. Click here to take a listen! Their new album "Solid Brown" is in the works and will be out soon. Added a lot of REAL LOSERS and MOJOMATICS reviews. The MOJOMATICS had a cool live CD for sale on tour cheap, I´ll hope to get some for the mailorder, the live videos turned out fine. Hey, The FEVERS have a new 7" out on Get Hip Records, due July!

05/29/05 Had really a great time in Hamburg. What a riot! Glad to have the MOJOMATICS on my label, a outstanding live band. The REAL LOSERS LP is going well and keeps us more than busy here. The CD is out now also on Trick Knee Records, we should get copies in a week or so. Yeah, and the GHETTO WAYS taking finishing touches on their upcoming CD/LP " Solid Brown". So everything is smooth here. Greg Lowery wants to put out an KIDNAPPERS album on RIP OFF! If that will happen? Added some reviews of the latest releases.

05/01/05 MOJOMATICS and BBQ show was damn good. They´re kinda fit together great. Next week King Khan will to take this to another level even I love Mark Sultans Solo thing a lot.

04/28/05 Updated the discograpghy sections, added reviews. Friday will be the local MOJOMATICS and BBQ show so that´s gonna be another Party. Just had one last week with the BASEBALL FURIES. Great times. Next week CLOROX GIRLS, MOJOMATICS and BBQ and KK in Hamburg. Yeah!

04/26/05 We got a new record out and it´s a hit! - OUT NOW! REAL LOSERS - Music For Funsters LP(SNATCH!029). We´re totally excited about it since this is the bands´best work so far. Their part of the website is set up and we will fill it with the discography and infos ASAP.This is a riot! Also the MOJOMATICS are on tour now and have a outstanding 7" out on SYA Records. Get it while you can, both tracks are songwriting gems.

04/02/05 Valeska me just coming back from a great Stockholm Trip. It was exciting to see all the faces. Happy 10th Anniversary Savage! So there´ve been the whole inbred community, the Savage Brothers, the Sons of Cyrus, LOCOMOTIONS, Dixie Buzzards, Blacks, Tokyo Knives, Playmobils. Haha, in the end it´s just 10 people, haha. Many kisses to our lovely hosts Mackie & Lisa. Yes, we had shitload of rocknroll. BBQ is the best playing shape i´ve seen him till date. He got a shave lately! Yeah, and the DJ action with Dirk from Crypt was very entertaining. The dancefloor was stuffed! The MOJOMATICS & BBQ Tour will be a blast. We added a lot of reviews of the FEVERS and MOJOMATICS. Finally the US shippings take place so the records should pop up over there also.

03/11/05 Took us some days to do an new update but that always means there is some additional work to do in the background. We switches servers this week and you can imagine that ain´t done in few minutes. It´s going well for Alien Snatch!..we can tell that. The MOJOMATICS get raving feedback also from huge magazines. The GHETTO WAYS play with the DIRTBOMBS and they finished recording their second album! Hey, the YUM YUMS play few dates in Europe the next days. Check at their live section.

02/14/05 Constantly adding MOJOMATICS reviews and I expect more FEVERS reviews soon. Rumours say, the FEVERS will play the HORIZONTAL ACTION BLACKOUT 2005. The BBQ & MOJOMATICS Tour plan is coming along well and got extended to a month, about the half will be the bash: MOJOMATICS and KING KHAN & BBQ SHOW!!! Mark Sultan wanna hang out in Italy couple days before the tour. Check kissnrun.com for details. Also mark the calendar for the BASEBALL FURIES. I´ve seen them years ago, they´ve been one of the greatest punk rockband I ever witnessed.

02/01/05 Crazy weeks here! The new FEVERS album "Love always Wins" LP/CD (snatch! 027) is out since some days and it´s great feeling to recieve all this great feedback. Indeed, it was worth the the wait. Spent the last nights & weekends packing the MOJOMATICS and FEVERS orders and there is no near end in sight. Already posted some reviews but didn´t update this news page. Also there have been a way too big article about the label in the major local newspaper last week so the excitement is all around me. US distros ordered the new titles and packages go out any day so they should be available there also soon. Please keep bugging your favorite dealer to order them. Hardly any store stocks new records just for the sake of rocknroll. You gotta request what want. THE FEVERS! THE MOJOMATICS! In a week the KIDNAPPERS Euro Blitztour starts, go snatch´em. It´s the last tour before they head in the studio to record their next album. So expect some brandnew songs and all the old hits and stunning well choosen covers.

01/06/05 added three more GHETTO WAYS shows. BBQ is on tour also. More or less constantly. The KIDNAPPERS play shows in Holland and Germany in February.

01/04/05 Happy new year! Hope you´re all well and healthy. The MOJOMATICS album gets one raving review after another here in Germany which is a great start. The oversea orders always need a while longer so is our excitement is unbroken. Both formats sound great and look formidable. A lot was happenin´lately, I´ve been to great shows of the SPITS and STILETTOS, to an ok show of the FLYING DUTCHMEN and a total knockout show of the MINDS. They played the big new years eve party in Stuttgart and took my breath away. I´m still bummed that I was stuck in traffic on the way to the Ulm show.Incredible good live band and very fun people to hang out with. I´m so glad to have´em on the label. What´s new with their label mates? Our darlings, The FEVERS had another bunch of shows at the US westcoast including a new years gig with their jap friends the 5678s. Their loooong awaited new album CD/LP entitled "Love Always Wins" will be out this month.Huh, there´s FEVERS B´s other band, the SWEET FACES and we try to catch songs. The GHETTO WAYS had their usual fights but now are back in their own Tinbox recording place to prepare their new album which will be called "Solid Brown". It´s gonna be another capital ROCK monster. Yep, it was a niceend of a amazing year, with all freinds, the annual soccer bash and lotta talk. Maybe there´ll be a best of 2004 list, but I guess it´ll be in March. Get the MOJOMATICS album. I´m invited to their release party so I´m flying to Italy at the weekend - Venice in winter - Ain´t bad! There will be a mailorder update any day. So many new titles and also sold out ones. Come back for more.


11/19/04 Place to be tonight: New Orleans! The GHETTO WAYS playing with KING LOUIE ONE MAN BAND. Song of the week: CHEAP TRICK " Baby loves to Rock"

11/17/04 The birds are singing it already, we´re putting out another album, hopefully mid december. THE MOJOMATICS - A sweet mama gonna hoodoo me LP/CD
This is a blast and it seems the only real 2005 release by ALIEN SNATCH! The last releases were all pressed in 2004. We had a great time in Dresden, seeing another couple cool shows. Drew of the LEGHOUNDS is a new very talented star on the sky, Europe never seen on stage. This is germany not wisconsin. Also we´ve seen the Swedes SEWERGROOVES with an awesome show.

/04/04 I´m off for the weekend traveling to see the LEGHOUNDS play. Out now is the limited tour edition of their 3rd LP. 75 available. The silkscreened cover hasslightly different, the colors are gold and green on rough paperstock.

10/27/04 We eagerly working on new releases.In the meantime a insane small tour edition of the LEGHOUNDS -Ready To Go LP will be out. Different cover, even stranger than the first. Yeah, and new releases. It was quite a while since the last batch was released but they were certainly acclaimed so I had the luxurary problem to keep working on them and promote the current bands. I await the masters in the next week. As in the past, releases won´t be announced before tehy´re at the pressing plant. Hey I´ve been at some great shows lately, the embassodors of power pop, the BOSS MARTIANS with it´s crazy front guy Evan Foster. It was worth driving 2 hours on a sunday night. Yeah, the french fries of trash, the FATALS did indeed a gig everyone will remember in Karlsruhe. A four piece band with a label dude,three drivers who enter the stage at the encore and a label dude and sickest tour plan I´ve seen lately.Yep, also seen, once again, the SHOCKS, easily the best german punk band the last decade. They played with the snotrockers SHAKIN NASTIES which records you should buy if you´re into old RIP OFF stuff (and dissapointed nowadays).Wow, what a week. The GHETTO WAYS playing few of their rare shows outside NYC!! Check their gig section for gigs in Boston and New Orleans before they head back in mouldy brooklyn basements recording more songs. .

10/02/04 So many news.The FEVERS US Tour with the started (Go see´em!) and the played a short set Dave Spazz WFMU Radio show in New York. Click here to listen to it! The LEGHOUNDS Tour Europe in November, the MINDS will do in December!! Booking is by KissnRun. Lotta ALIEN SNATCH! on the road. I added a photo gallery of the GHETTO WAYS Tour and the last KIDNAPPERS gigs. Also was last weekend on the Punk Kongress in Kassel, where the KIDS, BUZZCOCKS, DEAN DIRG, ATV and RFTT played and we partied hard as we used to are in Kassel.

09/11/04 Yeah! The tour was a total blast. Running with a well oiled machine and a cooler without water the GHETTO WAYS rocked Europe to the ground. We haven´r expect so many packed places. Tons of people came out to see them (even celebrity guests Crypt Records honchos Tim Warren and his Micha made it over from NYC) had a great time and screamed for more! The play as tight as a loose garage band can be and it was wild, dirty and reaaal sweaty. They spit and fighted and screamed their guts out. Oh, we love´em and they love our beer. All places will remember the outstanding G.W. enhanced aftershow entertainment qualities. We had table rock, dance parties, drinking games, record signing sessions, jerk off contest, "butt-raping", runaways & illegal things better not be mentioned in public and a lot of playing cards-not breaking hearts. GW is THE garage rock three piece to see right now. It was a pleasure to have them over here. The crime family is now back home in Brooklyn in their dingy flats with no adress. Thanks for the people who did the shows, the club owners, the bartenders, our hosts and of course the ones who joined the ghetto ways rock, especially the HIDDEN CHARMS and ELEKTRAS. Alrite, we´re back since few days and for a return surprise the harddisk crashed so we´re going overtime to get the PC running again and searching for data... hangin´ in there. At least you got a brief website update. There are so many memories to share.

08/28/04 4 am. We´re back from a sold out show in Stuttgart with still a line of 40 people at the door!! So was Ulm and people can´t get enough of the GHETTO WAYS. This IS the current garage rock band on the loose. They play tight and party hard. Don´t miss em!! Greets to all people sending emails digging for news. I´ll be on tour with GW the whole time. See ya!

08/22/04 the GHETTO WAYS are here at the headquarter, we´re back from the Munich show which was already a blast. We took them right from the airport on the stage. Be ready, cause they´re ready!

08/14/04 One week left before we head with the GHETTO WAYS on tour. And also the KIDNAPPERS and YUM YUMS are playing Europe. Check their sections for dates.

08/05/04 Another GHETTO WAYS show is confirmed, Frankfurt-Dreinkönigskeller and also confirmed is that Indipendente Festival in Italy! They´re playing on that day with MC5, the DIRTBOMBS and mass media rockers as THE DARKNESS and VELVET REVOLVER (Ex-Guns&Roses). Can´t wait for that. Especially cause this will be the last show on their European tour.

08/04/04 The FEVERS US tour with the chartbreakers 5678s is confirmed. During that they´re also playing with ANDY G & THE ROLLERKINGS, JET BOYS, THE DIRTBOMBS and DEAD MOON. Wow! Their new album, entitled"Love Always Wins" will be out soon on CD/LP.

07/31/04 Was couple days in London. Actually I found this time some reasonable prices used records. Made new friends and ride bike with my girlfriend of the wrong side of the street all day. Seen some poor rocknroll DJs with bad playlists. People are so busy being being hip, easy that don´t recognize what weak music their listening to. Big City fashion victims. There have been many "fake" moments but also "real" moments there. London is fun. hey, the SONS OF CYRUS did some shows in Germany supporting their new album so I´ve seen them twice more.

07/27/04 Boosted up the GHETTO WAYS press section.

07/14/04 Some reviews added, the KIDNAPPERS german shows added. The FEVERS finally finished mixing and as soon as the masters are here we´re going to release their second album LP/CD, most likely to their upcoming US Tour with the 5678s!!

07/06/04 The GHETTO WAYS play with the REIGNING SOUND July 19th at Maxwells, New York. They recently played with the DEADLY SNAKES. Can´t wait for their european tour. I added a link to the new DEMONICS site. Russ ois currently writing new songs. BBQ is releasing another album on Bomp and couple singles as one mand band, with Blacksnake or with the Sexareenos. Crazy! He´s supposed to be over in Europe by early next year again.Updated the MAILORDER section..go here: www.aliensnatch.de/mailorder

06/22/04 Also reviews added! LOCOMOTIONS Tour dates added, and we posted the GHETTO WAYS interview.

06/10/04 Soon the full english "interview" of the GHETTO WAYS done for the german OX Magazine will be available here.

06/09/04 "We need a very sturdy, ineradicable anti-medium virus, a healthy and strong distrust and a distinctive bullshit detector."

06/06/04 Great GHETTO WAYS inti/write up in the newest Ox Magazine by S.Moutty. I constantly keep adding reviews, gig dates and photos to all new releases. European Tour dates posted of the YUM YUMS and GHETTO WAYS.

06/01/04 hey, there will be interview with ALIEN SNATCH! honcho, yes me tonight at KFAI, 90.3 in Minneapolis/St.Paul. I don´t know hoe it turned out, I´m sure sounding like a odd fish, haha. Actually I´m pretty excited. Thanks to the "Heart of Chrome" hosts Amanda & Todd called me from overseas. Find it also in the link section here where you can listen to the Real Media file for two weeks. Don´t miss it, some FEVERS news and a report from the Nice & Neat Twin City showcase. A playlist will be added in some days.

05/24/04 BBQ, LEGHOUNDS and the VON ZIPPERS shows added and who knows how many I not posted.! It´s getting insane. Hamburg was a blast. Life is a drag..arrived back home and got the most shocking news the last months. Funeral instead of Bethnal Green. Keep the faith.

05/20/04 RIFF RANDELLS tour Japan! New reviews added, LOCOMOTIONS disco updated and I´ll be in Hamburg and London the next week. rocknroll!

05/08/04 KIDNAPPERS Inti will be in MAXIMUMROCKNROLL June Issue, #253. Watch out, it´s a great one. Also I added two links at their photo section with pics from the latest Italian tour.

05/02/04 I blew my amp! Damn! Five new reviews of the GHETTO WAYS added. Also new records at the MAILORDER list added, Have a look..go here! The FEVERS finished mixing of the new album. So that album is 2004. By the way, you should pick up the two new LOCOMOTIONS EP´s on YAKISAKANA and PERPETRATOR, they both have 4 songs, different recordings sessions great stuff.

04/27/04 More shows of the GHETTO WAYS added. They´re preparing for their Euro-Bash in Aug/Sep. There are various interviews & articles coming up, wo watch out it´s hard to get the GW out of the fusty cellar & neuropathic therapy.I´m glad that we have release break right now since all the "key-releases" flush on on the market. Later we´ll be back with the offkey-releases again. One of my new sensational band (for all your offkeyfans out there) are the MOJOMATICS. Rootsy, bluesrocknroll with great pop songwriting. Also couple great 7"s coming lately from France, is there a trashrocknroll fever going on? Maybe Yakisakana is pushing the kids hard to buy their stuff and suddenly they have a band.

04/13/04 NEW! That email adress info@aliensnatch.de is NOT valid anymore due to spam overload. See the order or mailorder page for the substitutes.

04/12/04 Yeah, I made my 2003 list. While others start in their summer holidays with the best of list I rather wait till I listened to all years releases which came to mind.. (or look at the Grunnenrocks.nl or Garagepunk.com list).As last year, this list is without any ALIEN SNATCH! releases , I would have voted them easily in the top ten list. But so I have more space for the non-AS world. I can´t belive people not putting the KIDNAPPERS and LOCOMOTIONS LP in their list. They beat out the guts out of so much stuff... it´d be my #1 and #2 right away, my other releases came late december, so they´re maybe 2004 anyway. Got it? This list shouldn´t look like YOUR list. Oh well, here it is. definitely #1 in the Singles was the SNEEZE, a japanese band on a japanse label. Both the SONS OF CYRUS and KA-NIVES have cover songs but the´re a total blowout. The ACKERMANNS are the latest entry but worth every penny, four outstanding songs on one 45! Of course we spinned often that NIKKI CORVETTE 7" out of the FEVERS sphere. As last year the SEWERGRROVES are in the list who continue to write great songs. Unlike their LP, the FINAL SOLUTIONS made it in the 7" list with their killer sounding and some of their best songs anyway. The BLACKS stuff from back in the day still smokes in 2004 and the PONYS are a good fix for pop addicts. Last but not least from SWEDEN the PUBLIC TOILETS with their six a song debut 7" is always a joy to spin. Not many words on the albums, there so many more with great songs, maybe those are with the lowest number of fillers, haha. Popping out is that there are TWO bands from the UK (REAL LOSERS / BARSE) and two albums on In The Red. I know it´s many others favorite label, I don´t dig most of their stuff. I left out the DIRTBOMBS cause they played a lame show here. Most people there thought it was great, but don´t trust the masses even if your best friend is among them, haha. Our german entry (no purpose) are the SHOCKS. This is the real deal,we love three pieces here and if they rip it out on stage we´re all go since their new record is fantastic. Last year we had the REVOLVERS debut album, they delivered a sucky second album (It´s hard to the top & easy to fal..l). I left out the BOSS MARTINAS album for the FUNCTIONAL BLACKOUTS, that took me a while but I liked their first album better AND we´re talking on a high level. cheers.

-- LP´s -- 2003 ALBUMS --

10.) DEADLY SNAKES- Ode to Joey LP (In the Red)
09.) REAL LOSERS - Time to Lose (Squirrel)
07.) BARSE - They Said it couldn´t happen LP (Hell´s Tone)
06.) LEGHOUNDS - Date Your Daughters LP (Scr. Apple)
05.) M.O.T.O - Kill MOTO LP (Little Teddy)
04.) SHOCKS - Bored to be in zero 3 LP (Dirty Faces)
03.) LITTLE KILLERS - s/t LP (Crypt)
02.) CLONE DEFECTS - Shapes of Venus LP (In the Red)
01.) KNOCKOUT PILLS - LP (Dead Beat)

-- 7"s -- 2003 SINGLES --

10.) BLACKS- Black Snake 7"(Zaxxon)
09.) FINAL SOLUTIONS- Eat Shit 7" (Therapeutic)
08.) SEWERGROOVES-Tonight 7" (Lonestar)
07.) PONYS-Wicked City 7" (Big Neck)
06.) NIKKI CORVETTE- Love Me 7" (Rapid Pulse)
05.) PUBLIC TOILETS - Wish I was stupid 7" (Repo)
04.) KA-NIVES- Tour Single (Lance Rock)
03.) ACKERMANNS- Run Run Run 7" (Big Brothel)
02.) SONS OF CYRUS- Nobody but Me 7" (Savage)
01.) SNEEZE- Chronic Wave 7" (Needle)

04/11/04 Did today a radio interview with "Heart of Chrome" KFAI, Minnaepolis, MN. That was quite a challenge for my english. Watch out for it in 2005 when they those folks did the extensive editing of my kraut-english. New mailorder list update! go here!

04/04/04 Had some nice days in London with my girlfriend. We´ve seen the LITTLE KILLERS twice, once with a fabulous performance & sound at the Windmill in Brixton, great bar, crazy aussies around. That was 9/10 points. They show at the huge Dirty Water Club was another 8/10 but here in Stuttgart the week after they had a merely 5. Actually it was pretty bad here. Anyway, those nice people have a place in my heart. What else, I even was in Andys´ SEA MONKEYS Fan Club back in the day. Back to London, this city is tuff if you´re into rocknroll. They call everything rocknroll and inventing genres like Nu-Jazz-Garage-Maximumrocknroll. The record shops are so bad like in no other big player town I was before. Shame on you! I should open ALIEN SNATCH! over there. All the tourists and the few rocker´s left would keep me busy. Oh well, I drove a lot with those old red buses and even the green one. And I was in political maybe not correct islamic internet cafe and had an email of the DIRTY BURDS playin´the night before in the street we even have been to. So there is still hope for my next trip end of may to witness some more London based rocknroll, since the DIRTY SWITCHES (you may recognized that everything in London gotta be DIRTY!?) had to cancel their show with the LK´s. The MINDS are back from their west coast tour and it seemed to be a blast.

03/15/04 back from a weekend in cologne. Have seen those major boys MANDO DIAO since we bought the records way before the hype. Geez, it was the firs show since a decade that I had girls up front cheering their hands over their hands after every song. MANDO DIAO are kids indeed and they do an ok job, but their attitude sucks, they´re giving the most horrible interviews and statements you can imagine. They should hire one of my lazy hamburg buddies as manager, they can´t play a tune but know how to rocknroll. After that style convention we´ve been in recording studio gig. That kicked ass! The day after we´ve seen a great rocknroll theater with the RADIATION KINGS singer. Totally awesome. On friday, the LONERS are playing in town, one of the most exciting german live bands and then I heading to London seeing my lovely girlfriend and the LITTLE KILLERS. Ain´t that a plan? .. 2/3 of the FEVERS are kust touring Japan with NIKKI CORVETTE supporting her recenly released covers only CD. The MINDS start in few days. We´re puzzling out the GHETTO WAYS tour end of summer. That´s gonna be a blast and there are rumours that the MINDS will come to Europe also. Ok, now new releases will be out soon, after that five releases in two months action I need to see daylight and live the nightlife. I even haven´t set up my best of 2004 list, but that will be the bible anyway. I buy more records than ever and we work on really really great stuff, so smile! Oh.. the KIDNAPPERS shows in Italy are confirmed, they´re flying down and Franz from BAM MAGAZINE is driving them around. Thanks for that!

/05/04 The records are moving fast and mailorder is buzzing also. I always get new stuff in and mostly sell out quick due to limited stock or hard to get stuff anyway. I´m adding as many reviews & feedback I got for the last batch of releases. Yesterday at the stripped down three-set-SCAT RAG BOOSTERS show I met Robert from KISSNRUN Booking and he brought me some good news that the tourbooking of the GHETTO WAYS is going well and Holland is ready for the NY trio. First they have couple shows in NEW YORK with the PREACHERS KIDS and RIVERBOAT GAMBLERS. The german magazine OX just arrived with another great review of their debut album and "Die For You" on their CD comp. A huge german distributor has been declared insolvency. They never distributed ALIEN SNATCH!! (their fault, haha) A french Sony related distributor went bankrupt also, I denied dealing with them but in both cases small labels are affected. Lotta struggles these days.

02/23/04 hey, THE MINDS are on a US westcoast tour from March 19th through March 26th! More infos ASAP. ...it´s crazy here. More reviews added! Have seen the SONS OF CYRUS three times last week. What a band! I love those guys. Attention, HUGE mailorder list update! see here

02/12/04 THE LEG HOUNDS "Ready to Go" LP out now!!! Stunned? Yeah, we´re always a danger to society. Get the LP. Read the Story. Limited edition misprint. Also we have few copies of the FLAKES Tour 7" in our mailorder. Reviews added of the latest releases!

01/21/04 THE FEVERS photos from their ending show of their European Tour are up (finally)! Thanks to Lorenzo & guys from Alta Tension Booking, Valencia.. we love you!

01/19/04 THE GHETTO WAYS will tour Europe!!! Dates are August 21st till Sept 5th!! Robert from the HOT POCKETS is doing the booking. Contact him at robert@kissnrun.com or us here at ALIEN SNATCH! reviews added! VON ZIPPERS discography adedd. LOCOMOTIONS and SONS OF CYRUS Tourdates added! BBQ is back home in cold Montreal, Canada. He´s going to tour hot Brazil soon! Yeah!

01/03/04 Happy new year! We had a rocking 30th with the KIDNAPPERS! Beer soaked and songs they never played before.Pics will be posted soon, maybe even video clips. Their record got voted by the NOW WAVE MAGAZINE for record of the year (tie) with the EXPLODING HEARTS, yeah. The GHETTO WAYS have their album release party on Friday, January 30th at Sibera, NYC.

12/24/03 "The FEVERS biggest and youngest fan 10 year old Emily Ayn got into a fight on the school bus defending the honor of the FEVERS. She was wearing her official FEVERS fan button on her back pack, when Jesse said how his brother was better than the FEVERS and emily replied "you don't even know, the FEVERS are the best and I know them!" Then the boys began to chant "the FEVERS are beavers" Emily then said "I'm am not gonna be your friend any more". The jerk replied I don't care I have enough friends. When the argument got to school , the principal asked Emily who are the fevers she said, "they're a rock and roll band...and I know 'em!" .................... the FEVERS would like to salute Emily for standing up for the FEVERS and rock and roll!!!" Merry xmas to everyone!

12/23/03 OFF! OFF! 24th is my first vacation day since August, happy holidays to everyone! I´m able to catch up with all the orders coming in lately. Packing records till late night the last two weeks, I don´t know..for the sake of rocknroll! All my buddies are here from allover, great to see them again, even Beat-It from the KIDNAPPERS is flying in tommorow from Australia. They play couple shows in Belgium the next weekend. I got overwhelming feedback for the new releases I never experienced before. Go! Go! ALIEN SNATCH! There rumours about a secret showcase on 30th, hope we get the KIDNAPPERS and special guest BBQ to do this! Party ahead!


snatch 026
"The Crime is Now!" LP
snatch 025
s/t LP/CD
snatch 024
"Plastic Girls" LP
snatch 023
"s/t" CD

12/07/03 Again some news inbetween, the KIDNAPPERS album is in the "The 15 Greatest Albums of the Now Wave Magazine Era" !!! Yeah, people start raving about the BBQ Album and Vinyl-A-Go-Go put up a excellent review of the MINDS 45. I´ve seen the LOST SOUNDS yesterday, they´ve been pretty impressive since I wasn´t psyched when I saw them at the RUST BELT REVOLT showcase in 2003. Both Jay Reatard and Alicja Trout are outstanding musicians and people. Go see them! I honestly pass regularly on their records but I won´t miss them live.

11/30/03 Just got a email from Dale at SMASHIN TRANSISTORS, the interview with the KIDNAPPERS is up. Click here! The big news will follow this week. It´s gonna be a explosion! ALIEN SNATCH! Fans worldwide, take note! So far a mailorder update with couple cool vinyl records. mailorder list update! here. The LOCOMOTIONS tour France and Spain in April 2004, also they´d like to tour the states. Get in contact! There are three new 45´s coming out in early 2004!

11/23/03 A new "record of the year" typ-o-review from Cyclops Zine about the FEVERS album. Also great reviews added for the MINDS and MIGHTY IONS.

11/16/03 Upcoming KIDNAPPERS shows in bloody Belgium! MINDS review added, the viynl version of "Plastic Girls" will be out very soon on ALIEN SNATCH!

11/09/03 we working here pretty hard to extend the ALIEN SNATCH! "empire". keep hangin on! New KIDNAPPERS review, out of Italy. No doubt, times are hard, but the fun dies last. Did you read the news that BMG and SONY want to merge their music lines? We know that only 4-5 (less?)companys and their hundreds of the affiliated groups own the TV, RADIO, NEWS and MEDIA and now the major music world is just Universal, BMG/Sony and Warner. They´ll kill the independant record shop and steal bands even faster, own all distributions, media already mentioned.So today, I had to remind you to live, act, think and last but not least consume independantly. Start with music. I know that indie distributors and mailorders guys work 12 hours a day with money at the end covering shit. It´s just addiction what keeps you doing it, and I know the money you spent on small label stuff goes to this people and to bands and in the end to the freaky studio guys and couple artwork dudes. It´s a chain of great music fans. I don´t want to miss it some day. We can´t stop it, but laugh about it. I collect articles, charts and material on the major label "who owns what" thing going on. If you find something about the corperate monsters, let me know.

10/26/03 Unbelievable! THE KIDNAPPERS had two shows this week, both with the ZODIAC KILLERS, and it seems Greg Lowery is shittin´his pants about the KIDNAPPERS. And what is the clou? This week was the HIGHSCHOOL ROCKERS/DEAD CITY REBELS Split 7" released on Rockin Bones out of Italy. Maybe the slowest label on earth. Anyway, this 45 captures the teentrash sound of the boys back in 2000. Lim. 300 copies and the DEAD CITY REBELS are great as always. Order it now here! A lot more great mailorder list update! see here

/22/03 Two new reviews of the MINDS-rip out your eyes 7" added! DIRTSHAKES photos added

10/14/03 We have a new release, SNATCH!023 is officially out now: BBQ - same title CD. Ex-SPACESHITS and LES SEXAREENOS member! CD comes in nice digipak with linernotes. Has bonus stuff to the LP release "Complete Recordings Vol.1" on SOS Records. See the BBQ site for infos and tourdates. This is the real shit to dig, listen to the sound bits available. Also added, few shows of the KIDNAPPERS (with the ZODIAC KILLERS) and FEVERS and a LOCOMOTIONS gig.

10/08/03 It snowed here yesterday, at least when I drove home. Damn. A lot of hot news to present here, first there are another two over the top ravings of the KIDNAPPERS album, this album seems to go for a 2003 classic. Also there is a new funny LOCOMOTIONS review. Both bands have great upcoming 45´s on Zaxxon Virile Action (KIDNAPPERS) and BIG NECK RECORDS (LOCOMOTIONS) Yeah, and both are gonna be great, I have the final material here. ´Seen KING KHAN & DANCING APES and BBQ and REDONDO BEAT this weekend, was a fun night. And we went to that fake backyard art gallery party, cool shit. We slept in a $3 "hotel". We hit the last warm day of the year. More news asap..

09/18/03 Rumours abounded, here we go! A whole slab ALIEN SNATCH! information attack. Here´s what we plan or confirm or both for the near future. There will be the debut album CD/LP of the GHETTO WAYS out of New York City, the band with maybe the rarest and coolest 7" record of 2002. That baby was limited to 106 copies in great hand-silkscreened brown paper bags and was sought after immediately after the release. I got numerous request of people trying to find a copy. Some said it´s a crime releasing such a limted record and there should be a exemplary punishment. The GHETTO WAYS pay you back with a brandnew recorded full length album which is currently being mastered. This is pure "ghetto trash" soulish rawkn´roll with our prefered three piece band outfit. It´s gonna be out end of rocktober, baby! Coverartwork will be done by the band who already did the stuff you see here. Also out any day should be the BBQ s/t album CD!!! Yes, it´s a album or Mark Sultan, one of THE guys behind our forever beloved SPACESHITS and SEXAREENOS. That album is unstoppable rocknrollparty and he´ll be on tour with KING KHAN & HIS SENSATIONAL SHRINES throughout the whole winter. Read the brandnew interview with him by Filthy Rich at blankgeneration.com!! Mark Sultan is here in Germany also for recording the album of the infamous two-man band craze THE KHING KHAN & BBQ SHOW, which should happen this month! Blacksnake and Creepy did some some hauntling good live action here last year so there´s enuff to expect from this! Come back for more about this one!

09/11/03 Many upcoming shows of the MINDS! With the THE BRIEFS, THE SHOCKS, LITLLE KILLERS, THE EPOXIES and many more, see here THE MINDS "RIP OUT YOUR EYES" 45 arrived over there at Underrgound Medicine, Get Hip, Dirtnap and the band got their copys, too. More to come. I updated the Oddballs´Band site with couple songs to listen.

09/10/03 The DIRTSHAKES plaiyng tonight with RADIO BIRDMANN. I´m stuck here...

09/06/03 Another mailorder list update! here

08/26/03 ..got few minutes to spread the news.. the MINDS-Rip Out Your Eyes 7" is out now. there is already a nice buzz going on about them, this 45 is a evidence of it. All three songs not gonna be on the CD/LP entitled "Plastic Girls" later this year. Also we´re on the scrounge for other really great releases and bands. As soon as stuff is known we´re will light couple chinese firecrackers here on the bill board.

08/15/03 I´m back from a two week vacation! We hit a nonstop heat period! Yeah. It sucks if it rains more than twice while camping. We had none. Luckily, I´m not one of those surfer dudes, to the end they complained cause the swell was bad and the surfer school kids have been everywhere. The other day I saw two french bands showcase with the NEUROTIC SWINGERS and the JERRY SPIDER GANG. Pretty fun, it´s rare to see french rockers! I did a website update, adding killer reviews of the KIDNAPPERS!! I´ll have a new 45 at the end of the month and the are some prospective releases for 2003. The MIGHTY IONS have a show at The Midway in Jamaica Plain Massachusetts (USA) on August 22!!. I´ll added the LOCOMOTIONS website done by Loco Lopez himself. They will have two new 7"s, one on BIG NECK and one on a label from New Zealand. The FEVERS are working on their second album, hope ya all love it like the first one. The new songs sounded amazing on stage!

07/27/03 I´ll be for couple days at the beach in near Bordeaux. Hanging out in the sub and listening to real powerpop, let´s say the FLAMIN´OHs and the A´s. I made such a great tape! Talk to all of you in August again. take care!

07/23/03 the EXPLODING HEARTS r.i.p. The news got me on the weekend and it was a shock. The bad news is spreading fast and there are hearts exploding everywhere. I wrote mails to a lot of friends and bands about this. Actually It´s sick of reading glorifications. They record is out nearly a year and I don´t need people telling me how great this album is NOW, it´s too pathetic. Where have you been in 2002? Has it to be the that artists have to be gone? I got the latest Shredding Paper Magazine yesterday with the EXPLODING HEARTS on the cover, it´s sad. Their music was and will be a part of our understanding of nowadays rocknroll. the EXPLODING HEARTS r.i.p

07/18/03 New review of the LOCOMOTIONS! Yeah. Also updated the Mailorder section. Actually I just put in some new titles. Out of the 400++ records there are now couple sold out, I´ll delete them next time. Limited quantity! Sold out is the FIRESTARTER vinyl, I had in for months and only few cared. It´s too late now! Watch the singles often, a lot are pressed in a small run between 300-500 so more or less they´re gone a year after they got released. OK, here what I put on my turntable in that hot summer night, don´t know if I´m going out today... Played on full volume in no particular order.

HELLO-Back in the New York Groove 7"
NICK LOWE - Ragin Éyes 7"
SLIK -The Kid´s a Punk 7"
THEE BOSSMEN -Tune Up Girl 7"
THE DOLL -Desire Me 2x7"
TAXI BOYS -s/t 7"
THEE OKMONIKS - Take A Spin..7"
THE RICH KIDS- Ghost of Princess LP
THE CHEVELLES -The Kids ain´t hip 12"
GEORDIE -She´s a Teaser 7"
THE SATANICS - Devil Rockin´ Man 7" THE RADIO BEATS - Demo CDR

07/14/03 There is another magazine out with a interview of this record label here, and you know girls like record label moguls. ALIEN SNATCH! inside, a italian only interview, also featured inside: THE DEMONICS and THE LOCOMOTIONS, hey-ya!! No, it´s not my lost italian brother doing it, just fan-tastic people down there. I want to go there! Ok, watch the next italian lesson on TV and get the second issue of BAM! Magazine. It comes with a free CD with rare and unreleased of e.g. the HANSON BROTHERS. There are couple more interview requests on my desk, seems I´m blowing them off some more weeks. It´s hot here and I enjoy that. Soon there will be news about upcoming releases. There was some months since the KIDNAPPERS and LOCOMOTIONS platters but since they´re doing great and I love them more than any other new stuff I´m very picky with new stuff. Spend as much time as possible at the beach or baggersee und crank out loud rocknroll! It´s supposed to be hip now! Have seen the RATTLES last week, yep, the Star-Club ones, but besides the fact it´s the RATTLES no thrills. I loved those end-fortys dudes beside us freakin´out screaming and singing like Jerry Lee Lewis. Fans,pleez enter the stage! No more amnesty for "original" or "remembrance" in front of the judge of rocknroll! Alrite, times are funny - The ROMANTICS will have a split single with THE DIRTBOMBS and UNDERTONES are running in icecream commercials.


07/05/03 the FEVERS have a fanclub site, check that out in the link section. Photomania! More to com! Rumours bout The KIDNAPPERS say they´re in town iin september to record songs for couple labels around the worl begging for it!! Also they wanna do a blitztour - get in contact or be prepared, everything will go fast when it´s time to.

06/29/03 THE DIRTSHAKES are playing with RADIO BIRDMAN September 9th in Solingen!

06/27/03 Added a link of the sensational THEE OKMONIKS!! I love both of their singles and I´m checking my box daily if there isn´t a OKMONIKS tape of the album recordings hidden in the back. There isn´t. I know it´s gonna be party explosion record. Send them loveletters! Buy their 45s before they are in MOJO!

06/26/03 Alrite, added reviews like crazy from SMASHIN TRANSISTORS, VINYL-A-GO-GO, MAXIMUM ROCKNROLL and more. The KIDNAPPERS section is already huge. Sad but true, the RIFF RANDELLS UK Tour was canceled. Good news are they working on their full length album and will come to Europe afterwards. Can´t say how excited we are for the album. Tonight I´m listening to the pile of singles I brought back home from the FEVERS Tour. Soooo many! Guess there have been too many record geeks in one tourbus. Records everywhere. On the top, under and between the seats...

06/25/03 The KIDNAPPERS get raving reviews! In MAXIMUMROCKNROLL they´re album "Ransom Notes and Telephone Calls" got 3 (!!!) reviews and appeared in 6 (!!) top-ten lists. Also I the HIGH HEELS SLUT fanzine out of Belgium is out now and has a great interview with the KIDNAPPERS and never seen photos in it. For all FEVERS addicts out there, don´t hesitate and go to their website reading the guestbook with million of band entrys about the tour and gossip about underground rocknroll stars wanna join them!
Sad news, the beloved JEWWS will call it quits after the last show in July 11th. We´ll be excited here what´s Matt Murillo, Omari Yoshihiro and Rebecca will do in the future! Their 45 is sold out so better grab the last copy at your dealer before I will dissapoint you. I got lately couple mails of people trying to buy multiple copies of the DEMONICS - Ritual on the Beach Picture Disk. I feel good selling single copys to persons I like and esspecially ebay geeks should look elsewhere. Same with the glow in the dark pressing I have of few releases. Ok, I got new records to add on the mailorder list asap and a pile of reviews to type in. I miss the FEVERS and the secret recording sessions in my record room with the cassette 4 track machine.

06/20/03 Back from the exciting FEVERS tour! We all had a great time and it was amazing to 12 FEVERS shows all over Europe. They are a incredible band and gifted songwriters, and their band is one of the few remaining powerpop bands on this planet. Their rocknroll was loud and filled with so many great songs and a heartful performance. I enjoyed each and every show and feel sorry for all the people missed them. No gimicks, no bouncing into each other just stripped down 70´s powerpop with 60´s rocknroll. And as predicted, the girls loved it! Me too! It seems I need to come up with a tour report alone to mention all the nice people we met and helped out on the tour. It´s odd that the FEVERS have been so overlooked in the states, I don´t care.. I`VE SEEN THEM!!! Dance to the FEVERS!
Fever B(eatleboots) is in London right now, and will hopefully not come back with another huge pile of records we don´t know where to put´em. He was so clever just a small bag for his panties and his emergency spare beanies. I´ll pick him up again tommorow. FEVER G and Lauren are back home in California calling off work and trying to sell our tour "Doobie Brothers" video footage to MTV. Ex-"Label Dude" FEVER T is in Williamsport, PA asking local dealers for icecream friendship bowls and preparing the NIKKI CORVETTE Tour end of July at the east coast. I really would like to see em playing and meet all those people (again). Hey, invite the FEVERS for a show in your town they are the nicest and one of the most entertaining people you can meet with... AND they play in a band!


05/15/03 Back from Hamburg, short days up there. Have seen couple bands, first the HANSON BROTHERS and they really know how to rock the crowd. Maybe you know I'm sick of most poppunk on the planet and talking of RAMONES-clones I ever cared only about THE HEAD and THE HANSON BROTHERS. Never ever a Lookout Rec. band and whatever other band did sound so amazing like them. To see the HANSON BROTHERS was nothing than exciting cause they do a super fun show and play tight as jeans washed in boiling water. On Wednesday the SONS OF CYRUS opened for the BRIEFS and the SONS did a killer set. They are the band to set standards in the next years, yeah! Was glad to meet them, we all hang around the whole night and the next morning, and Loco Lopez said they gonna finish the new songs with the LOCOMOTIONS the week they'll be back in Stockholm. They BRIEFS were frantic as the when I saw them on first tour. Kind of professional. There is no rest, all guys are moving and singing all the time. On Saturday, after one week Hamburg and only few hours sleep each night the COLUMBIAN NECKTIES played, they have a new line up, still rocked, not as much as last time I thought. The sound was weird in that place anyway. As surprise secret band the FLAMING SIDEBURNS played a secret show after the ´Neckties. They played a expensive upper class show the day before and added that secret show on request in that place with 50 people. And they sucked. I like their sound (sometimes) but they started in that small club right after the second song with "put your hand in the air" crap and couldn't finish their songs, talked in between HELLO? HELLO? They can´r rock in small venues, they can't rock on large festivals, maybe they should start writing a book with memoirs and let the kids on stage. I'm back home and seen the BRIEFS again in Stuttgart yesterday. I've seen they have new shirts, oh. There have been three time more people that on the first show. Seems there is sth going on. I went for the SHOCKS which is the German punk band in existence. No show, just punk. Three piece outfit great songs, great vocals, killer guitar sound - Thank you for treatment. My buddies called from Hamburg that they spanned records at one place and there have been some guys requesting SICK OF IT ALL and other music history highlights, my buddies couldn't happily fulfil the requests (of course), these guys kept persistent and they got told that that music isn't played anyway tonight. As return two of them they got beaten up by them later badly. Shit, I left the right week. I know I wish to beat up DJs VERY often, but when I always leave club in occasions WHY THE HELL WE GET TRASHED?
Some great records I got lately: THE REAL LOSERS LP, the new ODDBALLS 10" (with the first their best one so far), the SHOCKS "bored to be in 03" LP. And I got the NIKKI CORVETTE 7" which I dig. I even got it signed by Nikki! Thanks to Jim at Underground Medicine! Nice surprise. It is rougher than the stuff she did two decades ago! Produced by Travis Ramin (THE FEVERS), 12 String guitar by Brian Hermosillo (THE FEVERS).

05/17/03 Bunch of new records available at my Mailorder section!!

05/02/03 Did some website work, so even more photos, infos and another link at the FEVERS site. Now there are promotional photos able to download as there is a complete press sheet. Got new webspace and therefore I´ll put more mp3s soundfiles back up and I there are some hints that there will be 2003 Singles Slab!

05/01/03 New reviews added and a link to THE MINDS an upcoming ALIEN SNATCH! band. They´re utterly catchy and still have the driving punk edge, totally amazing. Their debut 7" will be out this summer on ALIEN SNATCH! with three exclusive songs and their debut LP will come later this year. For all mailorder customers, I accept now paypal payments - get in contact.

04/24/03 Added dates for the RIFF RANDELLS UK Tour and the KIDNAPPERS mania continues!

04/24/03 I added some more FEVERS dates. FEVER B is playing with the SWEET FACES on May 7th together with the FM KNIVES. Deluxe! Soon I will have FEVERS press stuff and maybe more mp3s to download, I´ll wait for some webspace in my mailbox. Get the new CLONE DEFECTS "Shapes of Venus" album, it´s a classic! Great suprise as the MANO DIAO album out of sweden. It´s on a major label. Cheers to the hype. We are working here on upcoming releases, and it´s gonna be great stuff. My list of rejected bands is growing weekly. That are good bands....gimme gimme gimme theee S-C-O-R-C-H-E-R-S!!! We are also heading for a 2003 singles slab with three 7"s as the 2002, all lim.500 copies.

04/09/03 Oh yeah, the LOCOMOTIONS and KIDNAPPERS records conquer the world! Read that amazing latest review of the KIDNAPPERS album in their section. I´ll get really great feedback on these albums. The LOCOMOTIONS just came back from the 6 days UK Tour and I´m excited to listen to their Toe Rag recording session, the latest news are they recorded 9 songs in 90 minutes with Liam Watson, hell yeah! The RIFF RANDELLS are invited to tour England at the end of july. I keep working on new releases, I lot of stuff gets rejected by me lately. Others should pick them up and already done it. Be sure we´ll be back with a bam. So far we don´t rest to bring the ALIEN SNATCH! bands to the man. Bunch of new records available at my Mailorder section.

03/16/03 New reviews are up. I´m definitely not one of these geeks downloading music for a friend I got the new Supersuckers album and Turbonegro album on the web..the Supersuckers won 5:2.

02/24/03 Saturday we had a blast! dj party! I played a lot of obscure bubblegum music I got from FEVER G. There is a overwhelming first feedback about the KIDNAPPERS and LOCOMOTIONS album what I haven´t expected with that impact. I´ve packed a lot of vinyl only promo packages this weekend which are going out tommorow and hope to start a wildfire. I linked the KIDNAPPERS band site of the boys. hey, there is a extensive interview with me in the french DIG IT zine. Learn french and read all the secret details about this rocketing record label and my person! A comprehensive guide how to have a fun afternoon and how to make the sweetest compilation tapes to get the hottest girl in town! Thanks to my to my rocknroll bloodbrother Gildas Cospérec for his efforts. The LOCOMOTIONS have 5 shows in the UK with the soon to be Rip Off Records Artists the ULCERS. Still wait on the guys to write me a release party report! Guess they tore down Thomas Savage´s record shop basement on friday. hey, if the BBQ 7" came out in 2002 it´s gonna be in my top ten for sure. The REIGNING SOUND will get the number one "B-Side Award" in 2002. It´s around march, in few days the NIKKI CORVETTE wil be out on Rapid Pulse Records,with FEVER T on instruments! Can´t wait to meet the FEVERS!



02/11/03 THE FEVERS ARE COMING! Hey people, don´t miss´em.They won´t be here every second week. The first show will be in my hometown, it´s nothing really going on right here so that small venue will be packed. I have gig requests from Denmark, Norway and Sweden we hardly can make this time. Watchout for FEVERS interviews in CHOKE Magazine (Austria) and OFF THE HIP Magazine (Australia), the powerpop OZ guys voted the FEVERS LP as the best album 2002!! yeahhh! There is one more raving review from Dale at SMASHING TRANSISTORS of "Gaan Daar Waar De Meisjes Zijn". The LOCOMOTIONS album release party is on friday 21st in Stockholm, Sweden and we work on FEVERS + LOCOMOTIONS show in Hamburg in early june. hey, i bought the one NERVES 45 on the weekend for $11!


02/10/03 Official release date of the LOCOMOTIONS and KIDNAPPERS albums! They turned out amazing. I´m preparing a FEVERS tour! They are recording their 2nd Album on March 3rd-5th, they even play a show with the KILL-A-WATTS and HYPSTERZ at Big V's saloon in St. Paul MN, USA and they´re supposed to attend a TV show and make a video of a song of their first album. The european tour is schedule from May 28th till June 16th.

02/02/03 the SONS OF CYRUS are looking for dates in Germany or around. Get in contact about the "???" days if you´d liek to set up a show. 12/3 ???, 13/3 Chemnitz, Germany, 14/3 Amsterdam,Netherlands, 15/3 ???, 16/3 ???, 17/3 ??? 18/3 Hamburg, Germany, 19/3 ???, 20/3 ???, 21/3 Copenhagen, Denmark, 22/3 Gothenburg or Borås, Sweden

01/30/03 Both new releases will be out in first week of february!!! I already have the covers here. Soon there is the LOCOMOTIONS release party of their LP and by the way, make sure to get the great LOCOMOTIONS 45 and SONS OF CYRUS 45 on SAVAGE. Both are limited to 400 and will go quick. Check the LOCOMOTIONS and KIDNAPPERS sites I put up!
Plus I added some reviews, alone that RIFF RANDELLS 10" raving of Josh Rutlegde (NOW WAVE MAG) is worth reading. I´m just in the process getting a FEVERS EUROPEAN tour confirmed. More soon. It would happen in late may till mid june 2003. They will record their new hit album (It´s gonna be a hit!) in late february so we have it right for the tour. LP/CD on ALIEN SNATCH! ...I got new records in and updated the pages at my Mailorder section - have a look!


SNATCH!020 THE KIDNAPPERS - Ransom Notes and Telephone Calls LP



01/19/03 ALIEN SNATCH! "free" top ten of 2002 ! I still wait to get the 2002 Singles of the FM KNIVES, KEVIN K on Incognito, the final DIALTONES on Rapid Pulse, of course the new DEMONICS 45´s, the KILL-A-WATTS and FLAKES 45´s on Hate which could be ranked. which supposed to be 2002, too. Out of the ton of 2002 purchases, It was pretty easy to get on the singles list, there are way more great LP´s and still the REIGNING SOUNDS LP to come. Alrite, maybe some blabla will follow to the listings. Have seen the DEL-GATORS twice the last week, one show with the one man band of KING KHAN. So cool..

2002 ALIEN SNATCH! LP´s (no comps, no reissues)

snatch 016 THE FEVERS - Gaan dar waar de meisjes zijn LP
snatch 017 THE DEMONICS - Ritual On the Beach LP
snatch 018
THE RIFF RANDELLS- Lethal Lipgloss 10"

2002 ALIEN SNATCH! 7"s

snatch 009 THE JEWWS- I Need Your Lovin´(But I Don´t Need You) 7"
snatch 012 THE LEGHOUNDS- Xoxo 7"
snatch 013
THE TEENAGE REJECTS - Teentrash Vol.2 7"

LP´s  -- 2002 ALBUMS -- 

10.) The Sewergrooves- Revelation Time (Low Impact)
09.) The Revolvers - Tribute to Cliches (PeopleLikeYou)
08.) The Dixie Buzzards - s/t 10" (Black Juju)
07.) The Paybacks - Knock Loud (Get Hip)
06.) The Jewws - L´Explosion de Son.. (Demolition Derby)
05.) Exploding Hearts - Guitar Romantic (Screaming Apple)
04.) The Baseball Furies - Greater than Ever (Big Neck)
03.) The Yum Yums - Blame it On the Boogie (Screaming Apple)
02.) The Boss Martians -Making the Rounds (Dionysus)
01.) The Sons of Cyrus - s/t (Big Brothel)


7"s -- 2002 SINGLES --

10.) Mondo Topless - Panty Sniffer (Get Hip)
09.) Dimestore Haloes - Dumb Radio (Wax)
08.) Radio Reelers - Radio Feelin´ (ZVA)
07.) Columbian Neckties - Rejected #7 (High School Reject)
06.) The Easys - You´re High Maintenance (Just Add Water)
05.) Exploding Hearts - Making Teenage Faces (Vinyl Warning)
04.) The Briefs - This Age (Crystal Songs)
03.) Loose Lips - Addicted To You (Just Add Water)
02.) The Bomb Pops - Everything looks like her (Rapid Pulse)
01.) The Ghetto Ways - Heart Attack (Outlaw)

12/30/02 New years eve ! I´m spinning records for pleasure and money at a party with hopefully couple hundred people. 3am till 8am. What a schedule. I wish all of you rocking 2003. Be on the search for the perfect rock and roll record. I will do my best to compete. 2002 was a great year for ALIEN SNATCH!, we had three singles, four albums and one great 10" release. Yeah! I will post my top ten list of 2002 soon. Upcoming is SNATCH!019 THE LOCOMOTIONS s/t LP and SNATCH!020 THE KIDNAPPERS - Ransom Notes and Telephone Calls LP around march.

12/24/02 new magazines arrived, so even more reviews & ravings !!

12/23/02 happy holidays! the grass is still green here, haven´t seen snow once here. We´re gonna have our big party tonight where all friends come. Seems it´s the only time in the year when all buddys are back home. We have barrels of beer, various winter cocktails and those nice christmas family stories. Yeah, it ends in trashtalkin´beerspillin´treeburnin´ event with superfunny "best records of 2002" discussion. The aggregated amount of all records the guest bought must be a huge pile. So either someone starts a "blind date" thing playing weird 45´s or the other dude runs home and will bring his AC/DC Boxset (29 compact discs !) Stiff Upper Lip :"... I feel safe in NEW YORK CITY !..." like last year. 26th it´s our sports day and we get into the huge local arena for free and do our second annual punk rock versus overweight monster kick. Sweat, tears and broken bones everywhere. AND we try to arrive with the ugliest outfit possible.

12/22/02 There is a new NIKKI CORVETTE 7" pretty soon on RAPID PULSE RECORDS !! She recorded it with songwriter/producer TRAVIS RAMIN of the FEVERS !!!!!!!!! The 45 titles are "Love Me" and "What´s on my mind". The DEMONICS will have their two new singles, "Evil Angels" (Stereodrive) and "Dunebuggy Denise" (Gearhead) out this month, too.

12/21/02 Hey, the STITCHES played here last week. It´s the first time I´ve seen them since 1996 or so with the NO-TALENTS and SCARED OF CHAKA. Singer Michael didn´t move, couldn´t open his eyes and didn´t say anything between the songs. He sung well, but it was boring to look at him. It was wednesday, people needed action ! Two days later they quit the tour cause the equipment was stolen out of the van. I don´t believed that. The Hamburg Club canceled the show cause they wanted $450 and hotel rooms. Anyway, the new album is a fine punk rock record.

12/20/02 The years is nearly over. It´s depressing to see that american and british troops preparing a attack war on Iraq. I don´t watch TV at all, but just to read some war-media generated articles in the newspapers is pissing me off. I hope it´s raining there earlier as expected and they get stuck in the mud and play chess.

12/05/02 I posted the Rev.Norb reviews of RAZORCAKE magazine. They have a lot of side trivia facts included I even didn´t know so it´s ART ! ART ! haha. And there is a total raving FEVERS review from Spain.

12/04/02 Just got a mail from a friend, the BRIEFS will tour with the TOTEN HOSEN ! I think it´s pretty lame to sign at a major label, I am happy for the money they hopefully get but they will make super-duber-cheesy marketing bullshit that every kid has to buy the new BRIEFS album in the same shopping mall he´s picking up the play station extension kit.. BUT to TOUR WITH THE TOTEN HOSEN is...hilarious. That will be the running gag of next year.The played shows with the SHOCKS, maybe the best german singing band right now and then they gonna play with the grandpa´s of deutsch-rock. Who cares anyway...I won´t go to these shows. over and out.

12/03/02 For all the duded asking me what bands could make it on ALIEN SNATCH!:I linked the site of the new sensation out of the UK. THE REAL LOSERS ! "england's boring, too many so-called "rock and roll" bands and not enough real fucking rock and roll bands..." They just sent me their latest demo and are recording a bunch of songs right now. It´s a two guys and a crazy girl on the drums primtive fuzzed out garage punk band."i reckon we're more pop (hee hee). i didnt have an hangover! everything sounded great! great drum sound, great vocal sound! we totally went for it and now have to mix and choose what to send ya! the idea is 13 A-sides and no filler." yeah!yeah! yeah!"we live in the worlds lamest, most up-its-own-ass country in the world! i think we made a great fucking rock n roll record by the way! get us outta this place!" they made my day ! "...the main advantage of being from the north apart from cheap food and cheap alcohol is you have nothing to do with london and what they consider rock n roll - i mean, the libertines, christ give me a break. fucking part-timers playing shit music. everybodys going on about how rock n roll they are but being drunk all the time does not mean youre gonna play righteous rock n roll music - they are not rock n roll as you know. Being drunk all the time, and still being able to play righteous rock n roll music, IS rock n roll on the other hand....... how many TVs do london rock n roll bands put through windows? but do they put THEIR OWN TVs through THEIR OWN windows? and do they do it all the time? I doubt it. i bet they never smashed up their own equipment before they got signed....scuse me, i accidentally saw the NME. that's such a bad "music" paper it makes me wish i couldn't read" the hand / THE REAL LOSERS

k 12/02/02 Wow, I got some more reviews. Even two really long ones from Rev.Norb in the RAZORCAKE magazine. Haven´t typed them yet, though. It´s in the new issue where is a multiple page interview with the JEWWS, too. So go buy it. But I added some others ! Click through ! The best news of last week was the mail from the MAXIMUM ROCKNROLL headqauerter that the RIFF RANDELLS are cover babes of Issue 236 in January 2003 !!! ya-hoo ! Alrite, we have some shows here, the NEW VOMB TURKS and DIRTSHAKES on friday, the STITCHES and the BLONDES the week after. Guess I pass on HELLRIDE. That´s gonna be heavy tinnitus-rock. I updated the "new arrivals" page at my Mailorder section. Make sure to grab colored vinyl of the RIFF RANDELLS and the DEMONICS ..finally the availabity of limited editions colored made it around the world and the stock is shrinking. I kept an eye on them so most of the records are still in stock. So is the bloody picture disk version of the DEMONICS - Ritual On The Beach album (in the regular heavy cardboard stock cover). Limited 400. Few left. I just was at ebay and the DEMONICS - R.I.P.S.T.P 7" on Man´s Ruin (1500 pressed) made it to $18. wow.

I updated the link page, added the link for the "official" FEVERS website, nothing too exciting, worth a smile and a entry in the guestbook. do it ! I don´t like mp3.com, but you can download a unreleased FEVERS song ! unreleased FEVERS song ! unreleased FEVERS song ! recorded on a 8 track in the living room couple years ago. And I linked Savage Magazine...upcoming 2003 ALIEN SNATCH! recording artists !

04.12.02 (D) München / Backstage
06.12.02 (D) Stuttgart / Universum
07.12.02 (D) Münster / Gleis 22
08.12.02 (D) Berlin / Magnet
12.12.02 (D) Leverkusen /Shadow* (*only THE DIRTSHAKES)

11/21/02 New reviews are up !! Talked to Russ & Amy, the DEMONICS will tour maybe Europe in Summer 2003 with the DONNAS. They´re lookin´into it. Last sunday the BRIEFS played in town and it was a great show, nice people. Easily they score 10 out of 10 points. I haven´t seen so many people buying a record after the show, so I really question myself which records they bought in the last two years."Hit after Hit" is essential. Yeah, I enjoyed them on stage and even the amps burned ! I hope there is no hype, though.

11/09/02 the HOT POCKETS meant that I, me and myself blabbamouth would not got "their" hot dogs on the tour. Hm. I better shut up ´bout my best selling band. they rule,are much older and a head higher than me. I´m gonna ask for a no-nonsense tour report. The LEGHOUNDS are back, all shows went well and even the ANDY G came out to see their New York show. Now I´m waiting to get the third album and the new demos they want to send me. I have now a lyrics page on the DEMONICS section with lyrics of all songs on "Ritual On the Beach". There is a nice Fever B interview in the upcoming new issue of CHOKE MAGAZINE.

11/06/02 ALIEN SNATCH! is on the run ! While I´m sitting home..packing & shipping the new albums, the DEMONICS had their release shows on Oct 25 at the annual SF SOAP BOX DERBY and their legendary halloween show on 31st. They have a new drummer Amy, who used to do the percussion for the GROOVIE GHOULIES for a while. The former drummer Court is out of the band he played on the new album and works right now in order get the 45´s out on Stereodrive and Gearhead. He´s gonna have a little demon baby soon with his wife Jocelyn. Russ bought a new way too strong 565 (!!!) horsepower engine for his Superbee, he won´t have problems getting to Pacifica Beach like FAST. And they´re getting a tour van finally to spread their blood everywhere.We´re working on bringing them over in 2003.
The FEVERS fanclub is growing daily so let´s make it possible to hear their lovely music over here. By the way, the FEVERS like to play your town or state in the U.S ! Pleez invite them! Yeah, the on stage news not finished, the LEGHOUNDS are toured now the midwest and the eastcoast of the USA promoting their second album which will be out soon on Screaming Apple Rec. on vinyl. The RIFF RANDELLS are having a mini-tour with couple gigs in their favourite state - California ! Hope they got the 10"s in time.... records sold out, wasted but happy are the HOT POCKETS which just got back from their Spain and France tour. I´ve seen them twice yet, they are so good and would have loved to go with them. The van was packed and their little german friend would have snatched them the beer & the girls... Don´t miss the TRASH BRATS...see the photos I just put on my website..on their US tour in november and the december !!!! Have a look on their pages here and check tour dates of all bands. I also added reviews.

10/21/02 Added some digital soundfiles of the new releases. So go to the DEMONICS & RIFF RANDELLS sections. Plus, there is a raving review for the FEVERS out of the great Dig It! fanzine. French though. Couple records arrived.. I updated the Mailorder section

10/16/02 Yeah, the new releases keeping me busy 17 hours a day. Great reactions so far, I´m really excited when the records get listed and I´ll start with the promotion. The DEMONICS will have two upcoming 45s with unreleased exclusive material on the B-Sides, one 7" titled "Evil Angel" will be on Stereodrive Records, the other one should be out pretty soon on Gearhead Records. The DIRTSHAKES had some more shows with the EXCESSORIES and all shows with the NEW BOMB TURKS this winter !!! Yeah, and the ODDBALLS´ playing some of their rarely spread shows and even talk about to tour. They have a new album ready to go this winter, the label isn´t confirmed yet. I added some FEVERS photos ! Soon some photos of the RIFF RANDELLS and digital music files for listening pleasure..

10/09/02 HEYAAAA!!! Is there a centre of the universe ? The new records are here- "Ritual On the Beach" the long awaited third album by the DEMONICS on 220g Vinyl with a limited colored edition (75 clear white, 75 clear orange) or in picture disk edition of 400 copies and on a awesome digipack CD. There is a full size full color supercool poster of the cover art with the first couple hundreds LP´s..all looks and sounds incredible. Plus, the RIFF RANDELLS "Lethal Lipgloss" 10" arrived, the most amazing punk rock girl band of my universe. That mini-album wil make them huge. This is ALIEN SNATCH! There is black vinyl and plus 70 on solid pink, 70 on clear pink and 70 solid purple vinyl. yeahh! Check their pages on the band section.

10/08/02 Couple shows the last weeks, first the Queers, if you have seen couple times on stage and they still play the same songs it gets boring if you´re not already bored by the records. The KIDNAPPERS rocked the house and played couple new songs which gonna be on the upcomming album. They are one of the tightest three pieces around, and their songs will make the critics rave. Hey, the coolest recently released albums are the SONS OF CYRUS LP, the BASEBALL FURIES LP and the DIXIE BUZZARDS 10". The new TRASHCAN DARLINGS album rocks, too - so they did on stage with the Revolvers two weeks ago. The REVOLVERS claimed the german glamrocknroll throne, no doubt. While the HOT POCKETS are on Spain tourright now the DIRTSHAKES called me that they have a surprise gig around here, so the last saturday was saved with some mighty fine unique DIRTSHAKES action.

09/23/02 The test pressings of the DEMONICS album arrived and they sound so exciting. I expect the whole pressing, that is the 220g black and colored vinyl, the lim.400 picture disc and the digipack CDs and of course the killer RIFF RANDELLS 10" in about 12 days. I got in a lot of zines and posted all the reviews on the bands sites. On Thursday the QUEERS are in town again and play for the masses together with the KIDNAPPERS, which are 100% EX-HIGHSCHOOL ROCKERS. They´re just finishing recording their album which will be out later this year. Haven´t heard the recordings yet but I know the songs they wrote lately and this album will be punk rawk explosion and will top their both 7"s by lengths, and those slices of wax got raving reviews on all continents already. They´re both sold out, I´m hiding some of the colored copys and have 4 copys left of their "Double A-Side 7". So hurry up!

09/10/02 Everybody SEXAREENO ! Wow, that was killer sunday dancing party ! These guys and that girl are just too good...they´re exactly as stunning as the SPACESHITS were. Only 40-50 people attented the show it was like back then when the SPACESHITS played in Stuttgart and 25 lost souls were there. The SEXAREENOS are two SPACESHITS members and Roy from the DAYLIGHT LOVERS (and the all the other bands they play in), and all those guys sing, dance, shout and have more rock and roll in their blood than most of the bands today. They should succeed worldwide. And I would like to see the HOT POCKETS and the SEXAREENOS on one bill some day. Hey you, the FEVERS record is a 2002 power pop blueprint! Any my taste is king! ..the waves of the FEVERS are getting higher & higher. The new upcoming records seem to not been pressed actually..the plant is in that high water area. I´ll send them my pocket dryheater..

09/03/02 New records arrived. Check the Mailorder section.

08/29/02 FEVERS article out of the SF Weeky Magazine added! Written by Mark Murrman! They play with the FLAKES on saturday more live photos soon.

08/25/02 France was great, we had so much sun and hanging out at the beach is a nonstop highlight. While driving back, we were involved in a huge carcrash and a Peugot 205 flew by our car, we had luck no one had the head outta the window. it was damned close we got hit, but nothing happened to us but a storm of broken glass on our back, but the car behind us and of course the flying one were crashed. No one was hurt seriously.Catch the FEVERS live Friday August 30th @ the Garage in Los Angles CA and Saturday August 31st @ thee Parkside in San Fransisco CA. In two weeks the SEXAREENOS are playin´in town, hope that show is exciting. I have very high expectations...again there are some cool reviews of the latest releases on the band pages, so feel free to get informed & entertained by them. Soon there is a mailorder update and new photos of the FEVERS if you live in Spain & France, have a look on the HOT POCKETS site to check their october 2002 tour dates.

08/08/02 ROCK-N-ROLL IS KILLING ME !! Just came back from a week in DENMARK and HAMBURG. In the 4 peak days I slept roughly 15 hours and don´t ask where. That was a crazy drinkin´dancin´heartbreakin´ runaway party show !! I know everybody met & saw us had a great time and got electrified. Our spaceshit friend King Khan (of the jungle superstar) and his Sensational Shrines Played in Hamburg the second night before he went like us to the infamous Gutter Island Garagerock Festival in Denmark. So it was a clash German Blitzkrieg vs Danish Dynamite. Couple brave against 200 wild and on 4pm naked locals. It´s all 2 years, so be there on 2004. Yeah, and and tonight we´re going to France for ten days.I need to relax (officially). Got great reactions on my new records, so check out the FEVERS review section for the latest posting of NOW WAVE MAGAZINE for their debut album. The DEMONICS - Ritual on the Beach LP/CD/PIC-LP is at the plant, so is the RIFF RANDELLS-Lethal Lipgloss 10" Soo cooooool ! Enjoy the summer !

07/16/02 Holidays! ya-hoo. Wrote my final test yesterday. It´s time to rock-n-roll again. Got some reviews in, so these are up now. There is still a lot to come, and I´m so excited about it. Thee TRASH BRATS got their copies so there is an ALIEN SNATCH! record in Detroit, USA. I like those guys. Glad I met them last year at my Detroit trip. Ricky Rat just mailed that the SHORT FUSES (Travis from the FEVERS others band) stayed at his place. Yeah, the FEVERS are playing in SF and LA soon..with the EASYS and on DONNY DENIM´s wedding! Right now there are the TOKYO KNIVES on my turntable, killer rock ! Yes, it´s on of Martin Savage´s Bands. He is playing in the BLACKS and DIXIE BUZZARDS. Is the "Russel Quan" of sweden? He has the same goofy look, that´s for sure. One of his newest and active bands is the LOCOMTIONS..more power pop rocknroll stuff. They´re recording a album this week. I´m very curious what they sound like. The HIGHSCHOOL ROCKERS are recording their album this week, too. So it´s easily the best punk rock record which was ever recorded in my hometown ever. My favourite june debut is the BOMP POPS 7" on Rapid Pulse, great stuff with Mighty Joe Vincent and Steve Baise of the DEVIL DOGS.


06/26/02 LONG LIVE THEE TRASH BRATS ! The LP finally arrived, and it sounds great this time. Pure virgin vinyl, and the tunes which wil make you happy. SNATCH014 is limited edition vinyl and fantastic artwork by King VelVeeda. Have a look on the bands´pages, mp3 files availble now for the first time -the illustrious era ALIEN SNATCH! records, the wave is now, haha.Hey, that´s a photo of Valeska and me at my imfamous birthday party. You should know the guys who sell all those fine rocknroll records...

06/23/02 New records arrived. Check the Mailorder Section.

06/21/02 Huh, while uploading I saw my host company did an old backup and didn´t tell me. I rarely look on my own site. Ok, here a big show announcement for tommorrow saturday. Get this bill: the MIGHTY IONS with the UNNATURAL AXE and LYRES in Boston, USA ! And the FEVERS with NIKKI CORVETTE and the SHORT FUSES in Minneapolis, USA ! ALIEN SNATCH! ALIEN SNATCH! GO GO GO !

06/21/02 My server was down last week for 30 hours... I´m still alive and kicking. I love summer. The fresh air, the tasty strawberrys and raspberrys right beside my front door and couple weeks ago I saluted Herbert who moved in my appartement. He was quite active, mostly nights but never complained about me. He often took my candy bars - I listen to loud music instead. We came along great, just my mother was on distance. As things come, tonight was the last night one for Herbert, my cat Hobbes was faster than Herbert. She isn´t tricky normally, so I guess he missed a abbreviation to the back of the fridge. That´s life. I offered him to move out - he stayed. r.i.p herbert!
Soon you can expect some sound files here ! Whoo-hoo ! They will be on mp3 format, faded out after one minute and available for couple songs of most of my releases. And there will be some for upcoming or exclusive stuff. Hope you appreciate.

06/12/02 reviews! reviews! reviews!

06/11/02 Typed tons of reviews from all those cool zines I got lately. While packing packages over packages it´s great to get some ravin´feedbacks for my new releases. This week I got the redone TRASH BRATS masters for the LP, so the vinyl will need 10 work days when they got it. I give them 20, haha - I hope they´re able to do it in 20 work days right. The FEVERS got their copies of the album- the wave is starting now ! Come see the FEVERS play at Lee's Liqour Lounge on June 18th and Rock Action june 22nd in Minneapolis, MN. with NIKKI CORVETTE! And the RIFF RANDELLS! I need a rocket ! Glad soem people ordered from my mailorder list the last 2 weeks, it´s a excellent possibility to pick up the colored ALIEN SNATCH! vinyl and get other stuff cheap as long as it lasts. I try to upload couple digital soundfiles the next time.

05/30/02 Hey I´m back from my record room packing parcels. I got all of them but not the TRASH BRATS, this was a misprint has to be pressed again. It will be worth the wait. The cover looks awesome as the other ones, do. All of the new releases have two limited edition colored versions each 75. Check the bands´ pages for details. In the last couple weeks I got tons of reviews, so I´ll post them the next days. I finished the band pages for the new releases (TRASH BRATS has to come, they have a own website which is pretty good, though) and there are photos of the FEVERS and vintage ones of the MIGHTY IONS available. Finally I did another update in the mailorder section, so have a look if you care.

05/13/02 The new releases should be here every day. Yep, here some infos for all those who can´t wait:
SNATCH 014 THEE TRASH BRATS - American Disaster (Special Edition) LP
SNATCH 015 THE MIGHTY IONS - Face Rakin` Rock LP
SNATCH 016 THE FEVERS - Gaan Daar Waar De Meisjes Zijn LP/CD
I´m so excited. they´re gonna be killer. Yes, and this time there are limited editions of colored vinyl, each color 75 copies. More details and some rants of your ALIEN SNATCH! rock critic soon. Enjoy the cover artwork so long.




05/04/02 New reviews for the 2002 singles attack, the DIRTSHAKES and the HOT POCKETS online. Plus I posted some photos from the YUM YUMS tour lately !

04/26/02 I finished a booklet for a upcoming release. In that easy & convenient cut & glue way... I back in my teenage fanzine days. The booklet tunned out as of the best punk rock has to offer ! Yeah. Have you done it yet ? Ok, here some details: You get crazy cause all those small pieces fall on the floor and you will be not able to locate it in the mass of paper waste. You cut, glue it, stick it somehwhere and the next second you find a better spot and try pulling it off again. After that your scissors are buried somewhere and you need to clean up your desk before starting again. Every once in a while you stand up, hold a page some inches before your face and feel confident it looks good. That´s the normal procedure. This time it was worse. I went to the toilet and the toilet paper sticked on my fingers, I already accepted it as a party of future life when it fall down. stay tuned. I added the reviews of the TEENAGE REJECTS and the LEG HOUNDS of the mighty SMASHIN TRANSISTORS zine.

04/25/02 Some action packed weeks behind me, the YUM YUMS stopped on their European Tour in Germany and I attended the shows in Stuttgart in Munich. My Girlfriend & me and those guys had so much fun. Drummer Otto was the birthday boy in Munich, so we partied till we got kicked out of the club. They are right now in Spain, and guess people will dig them and their new album as much as I do. Last weekend we managed to be in Hamburg to see some friends again (ok,and all those record shops...) and by surprise, the beat club reopened, there was a soccer derby. Due to that cocksucker hitlers´ birthday back in the day, there were some total brain damaged nazi hools on the streets throwing beer bottles - better move fast ! The worst joke was the big announced event - Someone paid the flighttickets for Happy Tom (Turbonegro) and Euroboy for being DJs for that weekend. Some people drove hours for that and I laughed so hard. They played shitty music (I´m talkin of mainstream, boring rock, electronic crap) so no worries, those guys suck so bad. A moment I thought they can´t be for real, they wouldn´t play so bad music..THEY DID ! A friend said he doubt that they even brought their own records. The folks in Hamburg didn´t care anyway. So if these looneys come to your town, stay with your girlfriend in bed and listen to the Buzzcocks´Love Bites and eat scandinavian cookies.... Yeah, my new releases will be here in couple of days..10?...12?..tommorow ? Can´t wait.the HOT POCKETS postponed their spain tour for late summer, canadian boy Adam can stay longer with them then, and rumours go around they wanna record new material.The LEG HOUNDS have enough songs for a killer vinyl album on Alien Snatch! Some you guys asked- I hope to have things settled at some point. Finally the DEMONICS confirmed a mastering date in may -aaaaarrrghhh ! That record will be a smoker. Take your vacation days in july, and make sure to have a 350 watt spare amp !

04/05/02 Wow, the Blank Generation Crew made it again in the April issue ! All 45 reviews and the HOT POCKETS, so I posted them in the reviews section and there are now some LEG HOUNDS shots for all the girls out there.

03/30/02 Yeah, the LEG HOUNDS had their 45 release show yesterday with the KILL-A-WATTS and the CATHOLIC BOYS. Couple thousand miles away. Today they play in Sheboygan their CD release show. Ain´t nearer for me, so I´m stuck to listen to their CD which turned out great, there are stereo+mono mixes and linernotes of the Bulge Records-Mogul Rev.Norb which always put a smile on my face.Checkout a inti with them, I posted it on their "misc" section. We had some shows here this week, too. On monday, the CHRONICS from sweden played some SWINGING NECKBREAKERS & STONES rocknroll and on wednesday the neo 60´s garage vikings the MAGGOTS brought us their Cavesound. Both were fun, the CHRONICS couldn´t match live their killer record.Yet the MAGGOTS were monumental on stage while their recordings had been mean and little bit harsh 60´s punk. conclusion? confusion! there is just another CHRONICS LP out, these ones are from Italy and had a 7" on rip off years ago and finally had a new effort. Worth checking out for the fans. Righ to the revival of the cold war, the MEN FROM SPECTRE sneak in their spy surf sounds tommorow. Ok, next month a huge news surprise !! We kept the train rollin´...

03/15/02 I updated the mailorder section... the LEG HOUNDS have their debut CD out now on Bulge, the label of Rev.Norb... haven´t got it yet, I check my mailbox in 30 minutes shifts. There is a lot to come on the LEG HOUNDS front, so I hope to present you a vinyl fullength soon...

03/12/02 Some b/w pics of the TEENAGE REJECTS are up. And two great shows listed now the ODDBALLS´BAND site. If you believe or not, I already work hard of the next waves(!) of releases. Some of them I prepare since last year and few are brandnew nuggets, I now do my best to have great sleeves, weird pressing numbers, colored vinyl, virgin black & limited editions. One of them will be my first reissue. Actually it´s not a reissue, never released on vinyl before. Be excited, comes with a huge booklet with hilarious photos, rants, vintage newspaper articles, flyers..total fun ! Decided today that INCREDIBLE KIDDA BAND record is my favorite Double LP Album.

03/10/02 Favourite 45 today: VON ZIPPERS - Monkey On You 7" wheew !

03/09/02 Neeew reviews! Yesterday the COLUMBIAN NECKTIES played and I can say that they are one of most rockin´bands I ever saw on stage. I´m happy, cause now I can laugh about all those dozens of tough guy cock-rock Electric Gluein´HellaBabySucker bands which are around since some years, I never cared about them too much.Loved´the UPPER CRUST -that´s all! The ´Neckties are now. One not-of-this-earth guitar player, fast tunes, the smile, the inperfection and a good soundman. thank you guys! big party at my place afterwards, too. Lookin´to some bright spring months !

03/05/02 Exactly one year ago I left for a half year to Get Hip records. Time is running fast, so are we here at the ALIEN SNATCH! HQ looking around for some blistering new releases. While you guys can wonder what it will be, I´m updating the reviews sections, I got the HORIZONTAL ACTION #8 Zine the other day. lotsa bare nipples. The next weeks there is something goin´on stage, so friday are the COLUMBIAN NECKTIES doing their ROCK and the next week the HIGHSCHOOL ROCKERS are back in town to freak out. In April, Pittsburgh / NY based MUD CITY MANGLERS do play here, so I´m pretty excited if they can play two songs in a row.

02/23/02 We´re not gonna stop here, and are so excited to release the upcoming 3rd fullength DEMONICS Album "Ritual on the Beach". Here is the mindblowing artwork by Dirty Donny ! Take a note and count the days till the unknown release date. I will post it here. Rumors saying there will be a limited picture disk, heavy vinyl and even colored versions...

02/22/02 The sites of the LEG HOUNDS, JEWWS and TEENAGE REJECTS are up. I´m gonna extend as often as possible. enjoy !

02/15/02 Alright ! Now. I´m at the point of no return. The new singles are out ! YES YES YES ! They turned out f*?##ing great ! I folded covers like crazy the last days and there is no end. they are all a handnumbered edition of 500, so next time I draw the covers and scarve the grooves by myself, too. Ok, take a note and run to your local drug shop and ask for:
snatch 009 THE JEWWS- I Need Your Lovin`(But I Don´t Need You) 7"
snatch 012 THE LEGHOUNDS- Prisoner of Love 7"
snatch 013 THE TEENAGE REJECTS - Teen Trash Vol.2 7"
the bands pages here on the ALIEN SNATCH! Site will come by next week, with ravings, infos and credits. I´m damn proud of these babys.

02/15/02 THE HOT POCKETS tour again ! Oh yeah, if you have a chance to see them do it, they will save your day ! It´s Bordeaux on May 8th and then Spain from May 9th till May 18th ! whoohooo ! there are rumors goin around they run a heatwave oven with a truck battery to make Groningen, NL style yummy desserts ! THE JOHNNIES are the past or the present ? It´s an all-time question, so don´t bother. The fact is, the hailing out as THE LIPSTICK KILLERS a totally decicated in drag NEW YORK DOLLS cover crusade. I´ve seen them playing ´dolls tunes,so no doubt the place will be packed up to the roof.

02/14/02 Happy Valentine´s Days. Poisened roses for everyone ! After some load of work the last month I´m back to serve you with consumer friendly gossip. First of all, here a review of the THE DIRTSHAKES which got the point: "Get Up ! Get Down ! You´re gonna loose your mind in Solingen Rock City, baby ! with the DIRTSHAKES! The DIRTSHAKES are made up of members and or / ex-members of the JET BUMPERS, CAVE 4 and BACKWOOD CREATURES and come off as the german equivalents of the DICKIES, ANGRY SAMOANS and UNDERTONES except with more garage grunts and groans that are sure to make you twist, shout, shake, drink and fuck the night away ! There isn´t a bad song in the bunch, but even if there was they go by too fast to even bother picking up the needle. Highlights include " The 80´s Weren´t That Cool" a hilarious jab at the pop culture of those times and an attack against all those who have nostalgia crisis for that era, the rave on rock-n-roll of " Hey Girl", the "Orgasm Addict" rip-off " Penetration Guaranteed" and the "Action Ain´t No Dirty Word" with the goofy line " Action is the only way to save your soul for satan" Oh, those wacky Germans !" (Pete Santa Maria/Carbon 14)

01/16/02 More Reviews, now two french ones of THE DIRTSHAKES yeah ! In addition there are some news in the Lawless Records section, Mr. Law wrote "e.laws top rock shows in 2001" ! Yes, while exams are just around the corner I HAVE TO do the update of the mailorder section....hehe... good for you, so have a look on the "new arrivals" for some wax.

01/14/02 THE DIRTSHAKES are back from their 10 day tour, they travelled through snowstorms, stuck on the highways of snow, slept overnight there, kicked it and ride train to Berlin. For you ! We will always excited what´s next with them. Short before they toured they recorded a song for a fun project with a 40 piece Orchestra ! That must have been crazy ! There are rumors they hit the road in june again. Updated THE DEMONICS discography section finally, added reviews of all ALIEN SNATCH! sruff outta some zines as "Long Gone Loser" (OZ) and of that crazy weird japanese mag "Chain-Whipped", geez that are translations. I guess that´s way different in japanese... plus "Head in the Milk Bottle" Fanzine from St.Louis, USA and "Choke" Magazine from Austria ! In the meantime a release schedule appears in my head for the first part of 2002. yeah yeah yeah

01/04/02 Happy new year ! Hope you had a new years eve you won´t forget till next year. We´re having big partys traditionally since kinda 22nd of december so new years eve is the final one. The funniest thing at the end of the year was our punkrawk soccer tournament in the huge local sports hall, where we played till everyone dropped out. Friend´s daddy is the janitor, so the whole thing was ours, and there is even a record player ! We dropped the needle on DEMONICS - "Demons on Wheels" and the HOT POCKETS -"Mess of Fire". It´s 2002, we have the new european currency which is cool so there is no more calculating in Euroland. I changed all prices exactly to Euro and did a update on the mailorder and "just arrived" section. The last days i got some zines, so next time some updates in the reviews. I assure some mighty fine records out of the ALIEN SNATCH! vaults in 2002.

12/19/01 Ha, the pressing plant is closed now. Can´t they work 365 days a week and 24 hours ? I calmed down after couple ifs and buts. So the singles will be early 2002 contenders. Another case why announcements are for nothing. Supposed delivering date was 12/21/01 so it will be 01/20/02. Anyway, they´re good to drive you crazy. And the stream ain´t stopping. While few of got the news already through the demonics web whore, i can confirm that the 2002 album of THE DEMONICS album called " Ritual On The Beach" will be on ALIEN SNATCH! Yes, and there should be a picture disc version, and normal virgin black wax pressing along with colored pressings plus extras. you need more ? vinyl is king.

12/14/01 Where has been the global heat development ! I have a right for my annual plus one degree. Once I have a lawer, there is a wave of claims in me. I want to shout 2001 SINGLES ATTACK ! Ha, hold your breath couple more days, I didn´t promise too much. your rocknroll souls see daylight again. I´m talking bout the new platters the aliens snatched before they would have been buried in the attic. talkin´bout snatch 009 THE JEWWS- I Need Your Lovin` (But I Don´t Need You) 7", snatch 012 THE LEGHOUNDS- Prisoner of Love 7" and snatch 013 THE TEENAGE REJECTS - Teen Trash Vol.2 7" My spyglasses are set. I´m gonna ring the bell when they are at the headquarter. Burn your christmas tree. .... to all those oversea mostly US wimps for cancelling tours, I WILL REMEMBER when you´re over here next time and show how wasted your life is. ..band members prefer staying at home of that boring reason. I don´t name it ! Fly the flag and pretend to be religious. If I think about that, I doubt that it´s the reason why, it´s just a whiny excuse. Ah, I don´t care. What´s the matter if they come or or not, when I´m too lazy to go anyways.haha. There ain´t good shows here for a while, would like to see the COLUMBIAN NECKTIES which released a great debut album on Sounds of Subbterrenia. ANDRE WILLIAMS is playing tommorow, the old fart made it again (how wondeful is coke!). I´ll let you know if I end up at the show...don´t wanna say afterwords that I liked cause he is old, famous and such a cool guy but that the music blew me away. THE DIRTSHAKES will do on their tour by end of the month. +++ Some cheopo cans of beer to the my buddy Eric Hysteric Hone in Pittsburgh, Squirrel Hill who has birthday and I´m assuming nobodys forcing him getting blind drunk +++ My Song for you tonight: NICK LOWE´s LAST CHICKEN IN THE SHOP "Lets Eat" (Live)

12/13/01 Nothing better to do than posing around. How cool is that. With my instinctive capabilities to release loud, inmature, catchy and proofed emo-less non-lullaby records selling millions nationwide. After another year of passion driven labor I can now lay back in my new $65 leather couch and watch the naked girls dancing. Life of success. It´s getting dark now and cold outside. Album of the hour: The FALL-OUTS Album "Here I come" It´s a classic. Wonderin´ if they are still around, think so.

11/15/01 Some shows around here.. poppunk weeks ! So first the netherlands own APERS played, I wasn´t too excited but at least the play fast, their new record is pretty cool. The gig was (7/10), support act was the RETARDED from Italy with a weak (5/10) set. Last week at a expensive show in Mannheim without a support band the GROOVIE GHOULIES tried to convince a handful people on a sunday night at a boring place, they have so many Hits, that they ain´t less than 8 points. Their new drummer, a mexican looking kid is insane, what a addition to the married folks in front of him. B-Face slapping base the REAL KIDS mainly, I heard.. Ok, all bands have long tours, but I don´t care. Website News, I have a JUST ARRIVED SITE now at the Mail Order section, where I add incoming titles without updating the whole list at that moment. It´s cold here, what a pain to scratch ice every morning of my ´86 mitsubisi superbee windows..

10/29/01 The Cologne show of the HOT POCKETS and HIGHSCHOOL ROCKERS was a highlight, both bands played tight and energetic, the crowd of 40 people was dancing from start till the end ! Now, Adam the singer and canadian part of the band is back home. Keep buying the record, so he can fly back to the other dutch dudes to record new songs. Same with the HIGHSCHOOL ROCKERS, the upcoming sound engineers don´t know when to record. We´re still waiting for the upcoming split 7" with the DEAD CITY REBELS on Rockin Bones / Italy. He´s not the fastest, that´s for sure. Ok, i´m continuously adding reviews in all sections (RAZORCAKE / FLYING REVOLVERBLATT), thinking about a design update, too. But I can´t put out more records if there is a better arty-farty website. So I´m working on a page in the mailorder section with new records arrived, and a guestbook. There are way over a thousand unique people checking out this site monthly, so I´m gonna pay my dues, haha. The DEMONICS finishing their new, 3rd album. I just have seen the cover by Dirty Donny, what a masterpiece. so far, there gonna be enough bands out there saving rocknroll in 2002- again. First, there will be the 2001 ALIEN SNATCH! SINGLES ATTACKE ! with 7" Platters of the TEENAGE REJECTS, JEWWS and LEGHOUNDS. All will be served in full color covers, hand-numbered sleeves, every 45 is lim.500 and ESSENTIAL! Sell some handmade, with goatshit mixed christmas candles.. Mark the DIRTSHAKES " ROCK THE X" Tourdates ! Action RocknRoll..

10/14/01 The new HOT POCKETS is here ! Turned out beautiful ready for their tour I finsihed their shirts and gave them all the goodies to their Stuttgart show. On a nice sunday night, they played in front of 40 people a mindblasting show. (10/10) points including one label bonus point, haha. The HOT POCKETS have the songs, attitude and sound to make me party ! Gonna hit the road next week to see them again. The second band was the TRANSISTORS, far the best fresh band Stuttgart has to offer since quite a while, and I suggest they should play allover Germany as sson as possible, to infect you guys with absolutely fast drivin´ and over amped power pop. (9/10) It´fantastic when you have power pop songs and play them in punk rock attitude. They already recorded some songs, which are maybe available once in that Incognito Records freebee mailorder only 7" series. I did the HOT POCKETs site already, and added some reviews here and there. The HIGHSCHOOL ROCKERS / ZODIAC KILLERS entered the stage last night, a show I highly anticipated since three months. How things go, the soundguy couldn´t do anything right in 4 hours of available soundcheck time, and both bands suffered under hip-hop base drums, annoying cymbals and whiny guitar sound. Bad Luck, no razorblade guitar attacks. It´s sad, tons of people showed up, and it´s impossible to perform even simple punk rock tunes.

10/01/01 (still) The HOT POCKETS start their Tour in Germany here in Stuttgart on upcoming Sunday and it is time to give you some details... ON SUNDAY(HOPEFULLY), THERE IS THE RELEASE PARTY OF THEIR FULLENGTH ALBUM "KISS´N RUN" !! YEP..SNATCH 011 IS ON THE WAY. BE THERE ! the Club changed, it´s now "Röhre" not "Limelight". A collection of selected single songs and unreleased smashers ! Plus a 16page booklet. More raving when I have the baby in my hand ! Maybe the coolest Cover you´ve seen for a while. I´m happy to have my rocknroll machinery running again

10/01/01 The new ODDBALLS 7" out on Pure Vinyl is here, 4 songs of the top notch german garage band. killersound and again awesome coverart. Their 9th 7" record, how many do you have ? This band wrote so many good tunes, it´s incredible. the german VON ZIPPERS, yeah ! The DEMONICS setting right now Spain on fire and the HIGHSCHOOL ROCKERS got a great review in the actual HITLIST "Jeff Bale's still pissed that I grabbed this 7" before he saw it. This might be the rock and roll gem of the issue. Four upbeat garage rock anthems. Imagine if you will, some of the best BRIEFS songs being dragged through the Rip Off Records sound factory. Thrashy as hell. All four songs could be A-sides" Like the Oddballs new 45, it´s available here at ALIEN SNATCH.

09/14/01 Hamburg was a riot. we flipped vinyl in the legendary beat-club. ok, some new updates ( have you seen the MRR KAMIKAZES review of Shane White !) here and there, still waiting for tons of reviews. If you read one which isn´t here somewhere, or in a zine which may never reach my headquarter please type it for me and send it ! you get credits and naked pictures of ALIEN SNATCH! BANDS ! Sure.(..) yep, some new releases are nearly ready to get pressed and since i´m now in person at home and not on the beach I´m able to catch some new cool combos for your listening pleasure. the vinyl prices raise like the planes falling, it seems i´m gonna hijack a pressing plant in near future. do you read the column on the Mutant Pop records website ? he´s right. big labels release or should I say promote boring bands and punkrock (?) mags walking behind like ducks. better shut up, I quit mine...the HOT POCKETS tour ! Time to get your hands outta yours and drive or fly to the next city 05.10. Tilburg, 013 (NL) 06.10. - Kassel, Haus 07.10. - Stuttgart, Limelight (+ The TRANSISTORS) 11.10. - Groningen, Vera (NL) (+ The ZODIAC KILLERS) 12.10. - Münster, Gleis 22 (+ The ZODIAC KILLERS) 13.10. - Dresden, Groove Station 14.10. - Berlin, Mudd Club 15.10. - Bremen, Capri Bar 16.10. - Bremen, Tower 17.10. - Amsterdam, VPRO radio (NL) 18.10. - Koln, M.T.C. (+ HIGHSCHOOL ROCKERS) 19.10. - Emden, Grusewsky 20.10. - Aalborg, 100Fryd (DK)

09/05/01 Finally back in Kaltland. Actually it was superhot the days in august, so we hang around at the lake doing unallowed things, travelled around ( i´m heading today to Hamburg) and the tough part of bookeeping, inventory and "getting paid". I updated the whole mailorder list so have a look if you are bored. I picked up some cool records (SMASH UP DERBY !), more about that next week. Yeah, there some new alien snatchers to come, i´m NOT gonna tell you. i´m sick of reading "upcoming", never did it. Thank you for all the bands sending stuff, appreciate it, but to write back explaining in a sensefull way that you still suck is not worth the time. I listen to every demo, and i will answer a few, but please drop a email before you send a tape. Gonna go, will be back 09/10/01 and provide major updates (photos,discography updated,reviews, gossip, links)..the HIGHSCHOOL ROCKERS playing together with the ZODIAC KILLERS (Stuttgart, 10/13/01); the DIRTSHAKES with the GROOVIE GHOULIES,The DEMONICS with the girls in Spain and I with my remote controled robot on the Reeperbahn in few hours.

07/03/01 No excuses ! I failed to deliver some top notch news. I know. i still rocked the world. everywhere in the western hemisphere, at least. the STILETTO BOYS show was awesome, they play tight, and they have the tunes. I felt so good to see them. 11 out of 10 points, no doubt. th next day (a long time ago) the Queers and the teen Idols and masses of teenies. that's totally different than in europe, the place was packed with dwarfs. you stand in the last row and have a perfect view. haha, the kids are alright. joe queers said to me on the steps he definately wanna talk to me after the show, fine with me, but the kids kept him busy signing their wet and sticky undershirts. he wrote in capital letters, typewriting style his name and they freaked out. great. the show itself was as ever. my first all-age american show. That Rust Belt Revolt festival was a blast ! pfff. tons of amazing bands and cool people, whole another rocknroll fairytale of a the german invasion of chickenwing city. I'm superbusy working at Get Hip, learning at a lot and planning some releases besides. gotta sell some icecream first, hope the summer is still on when i come back home. tons of updates to come.

04/16/01 The HIGHSCHOOL ROCKERS new 45 is out on URU PUNK (Sweden) and is simply a blast.It comes on 220g, with a postcard and a game. There are 500 hundred copies pressed, with 4 new songs. So figure out how long it is available ! The DIRTSHAKES are playin' and playin' and did a video for their Hit "The 80's weren't that Cool" ! Yep, California is on tour ! We saw here the TEXAS TERRI & STIFF ONES (9/10), pure fun with some crazy girls dancing on the stage. A lot of guys with cameras ready to get shot with Terri naked but she didn't strip at all, I think she shouldn't also. it was a great rocknroll show for itself. Tommorow the STREET WALKING CHEETAHS and D.I. and the upcoming weekend the Rust Belt Revolt Festival 2001 in Buffalo, NY with tons of good bands. They would hardly make it over to europe so i'm raelly excited to see them, the week after a pop attack with the STILETTO BOYS, QUEERS and TEEN IDOLS.

04/16/01 Sad news, Joey RAMONE passed away yesterday. Please listen to your favorite RAMONES album and remember him. I didn't see them on stage and will never do.

03/25/01 Checkout the new DIRTSHAKES site and their own official website. "The Kicks are Alright" 10" is a riot ! this guitar sound, when do your heard this last time ? 8 blowing tunes on 45rpm. The DIRTSHAKES. Some udates in the YUM YUMS section.You need a record recommendation ? Get the album of the BRIEFS on Dirtnap Records. I'm poor and I'm weird, babe ! The new HIGHSCHOOL ROCKERS 45 is out now on URU PUNK - Sweden ! Waiting for my copy here in steel city.

03/22/01 Hello ! It's good to be back..good to be back - with some news. I joined the GET HIP Empire in Pittsburgh, PA ! It's exciting. All over the place records. After a 16 hours flight through a predicted snowstorm, an adventurous landing in Atlanta, and snow in PGH. Gregg picked me up, we dropped the luggage and drove on to the CANDY SNATCHERS ! Tired as hell I enjoyed seeing these cool guys rockin' and drinkin' in front of 40 people. There are rumours that their new album will be on GET HIP so we stayed talking and drrinking the shots with the band till the 31st Pub closed. On the weekend we jumped in the van heading for Detroit Rock City. The Mid by Midwest Festival was a two-day multi-venue festival, and we saw the best new unsigned rocknroll band, the PAYBACKS (!!), the ROCKET 455, the GORE GORE GIRLS, the DIRTBOMBS, FREDDY FORTUNE & 4 GONE CONCLUSIONS and the WILDBUNCH !! What a bill ! I met Ricky and Tony of the TRASH BRATS who supposed to play with the CHEAP TRICK the next day in a big theatre. Actually, they weren't on the bill but in the audience, so we enjoyed CHEAP TRICK and their hits. The TRASH BRATS had their record release party last week i think all the people there had a great time. The NUMBERS, a fantastic modpowerpop band supported the old guys.

02/11/01 Ahh, just got a email with that striking news: the johnnies will be going back into the studio. I know I have said that before but this time I swear it is true. Look for new recordings sometime in the summer. The new material sounds unbelievable !! (Eric Law).. just say wow like me. go johnnies go !

02/08/01 Major update ! Have a look on all the new johnnies and HIGHSCHOOL ROCKERS photos. Plus there are new reviews added.THEE TRASH BRATS section on the Lawless Records part is up and I´m finished with all the exams of the semester. yeah. The DIRTSHAKES record (SMASH HITS) is here next week, plus there will be a small DEMONICS - Formaldehyde Injection LP repress ! By popular demand ! Same coverart, but this time full glossy, new lables, and two new coloured vinyl versions in superlimited editions. All wholsalers out there, place your order NOW, you know I´m in the states for some months, and my little brother is a lazy bum, it will take some time to convince him to do something for me, esspecially working. So be sure to have the shelves filled up with ALIEN SNATCH ! records. Since now all my records will be distributed in the USA of GET HIP too. Had the pleasure to see their artists, the NEANDERTHALS last week. Magnificient ! Wild dance-Party ! These old dudes know how to roll (better than to walk sheer) and have a guitar god with them. Great 50´s rocknroll.


02/08/01 Even though I was kind of absent-minded. What happened to you ? people ask. Which drugs ? Nothing, why ? You do not smile like a normal human being ! Oh....that must be... Valeska ! She makes my legs feeling flummy, my heart pulsing - me the happiest guy around. After my researchs, she even confessed NOT coming from this planet. I knew it. haha. Livin´out of controll. Hope the bottles with letters inside will reach her on the other side of the ocean. they have to.

01/23/01 Wow ! Things are crazy here. I´ll met a nice girl. She´s so kind. I can hardly believe anything. So I have a smile on my face all day and quiver from time to time. Fever ? Uhh. The DIRTSHAKES Album is at the pressing plant and the Boys are playin´often and are working on their own website and video clip.Due to my USA trip I had to cancel some cool record projects which is always a sad act, but with a little bit luck they will reach the daylight with my comeback in september. I can announce a extensive website update (fotos, reviews, storys) in february. I have tons of stuff.

01/07/01 Blabla ! Happy new... ! Let there be R-O-C-K ! Ya ! The days between x-mas and new year (the black hole of the year) were loaded with action ! I attented two shows of the fab DIRTSHAKES ! The new superfunny german band ! Those guys know how to play and to entertain ! Their debut 10" record will be out on ALIEN SNATCH ! Be excited. Stylish cover and a cool extra. So I had two days a big party although I nearly killed the soundman on the first day for using strange reverbs on the vocals of the HIGHSCHOOL ROCKERS. "Sounds good" he meant.. hey dude we are here at a rocknroll concert and we don´t need spacey reverbs and a base drum sound like a nuclear bomb ! Your sound is shit ! This nice words didn´t change his well educated opinion about music and I head straight to the backstage area. At the second show we had a awesome sound a allovershakin & dancin´ crowd. Totally energized gigs of both bands, destroyed chainsaws, never-rehearsed-before cover songs and a whole gig lasting quiz show with stunning prizes.
Now the big news, I´m so excited cause I will be in the USA for 6 months ! Yeah ! I do an internship at GET HIP RECORDS, Pittsburgh. from march ´till september 2001. Thanx to Barbara and Gregg ! Cannot wait to enter the plane. You can imagine what that means. I can only be reached over there, and any record orders are delayed - so think about that beforehand. However things turn out, I will be back with a BANG ! Hey, it´s time to say thank you! ALIEN SNATCH! RECORDS rocketed to the top, driven by enthusiasm and seeing you going nuts about my records. I keep the rocknroll party alive, hope you do the same whereever you are. The johnnies played again, and they are better than ever ! ON FIRE ! Pray for new songs. Hey, it was judgement day ! And now it´s a fact. I released the best 7" in 2000. Definately. THE KAMIKAZES. I waited for this moment for months. I´m not kidding. Show me a better 45. Can I quote Morten of the YUM YUMS ? Ok. "I've said it before and I'll say it again: The Kamikazes single are one of the coolest singles I bought in Y EARS!!! To me they sound like the perfect mix between The DEVIL DOGS, The REAL KIDS and The SMUGGLERS

12/18/00 Urgh! big news break, eh ? Here I am again. There are some great things waiting for me next year, nothing confirmed but I have a chance for a exciting trip. Last week I saw the STROLLERS from sweden, it was a incredible good concert. 10 out of 10 points, dudes ! I´m totally psyched ! I missed the SEEDS or the SONICS but I saw the STROLLERS. Best live 60´s garage band ever ! Yep, the HIGHSCHOOL ROCKERS did 3 shows, and the kicked the crowds ass at every place - the first gigs I missed ! They will support the supernew allstar band THE DIRTSHAKES at two local gigs after christmas. Still no snow here. Hey, did anyone saw the new rocknroll video WILD ZERO ? With GUITAR WOLF as main actors ! YEAH ! What a movie, a must ! From the beginning to the end punkrocknroll music, the DEVIL DOGS, TEENGENERATE, KIDS, YUM YUMS (!!) and many others.. plus tons of cheap zombies ! Oh, there are again some records "sold out" at the mailorder, will update that soon. Yep, some are rare and forever gone ! Later more...

11/28/00 "Broken Strings, Broken Guitars, Broken Hearts"- that was the title of the last johnnies show, Eric Law told me on the phone on saturday. Wow, the become a REAL rocknroll band. In addition he promised to send me a ton of his new releases the LOMBARDIES LP and the TRASH BRATS 45, yeah ! The UNNATURAL AXE CD is out-of-stock. Missed the SOLARFLARES on friday, saw the WOGGLES yesterday (7/10) and will pass the HELLACOPTERS and HIVES on wednesday, no bucks, too much miles. Had a cool weekend, hot nights, short days, long legs, haha.Totally forgot to tell you the next chapter of campusparty craze... last week, same fun and the additional to kilometers to the suburb - the ones for the way home. Through the dark forrest. Per pedes. If you believe or not, there were boars ! Two grunting pieces some steps in front of me, 5am ! I jumped on a pile of trunks but they walked by searching something to eat. I was starving but choosed not to follow them...

11/20/00 Mailorder update ! Yeah, some new records in there, and sold out titles are deleted. Wow, saw the best spanish band on friday the SIN CITY SIX ! Real rocknroll of a some supercool guys and one hardrocking girl called Nora. The week before CHIXDIGGIT- Big fun ! I have tons of unscanned photos to present you. God, give me more time ! More ideas than free minutes. No more complaints. Have some hot pictures of rocknrollgirls in my favourite club dancin´- coming soon ! Just added some photos of the KAMIKAZES. One is superare, J-P with ants in his pants, haha. Some people wonderin how we built up and maintain ALIEN SNATCH ! Records. So I have make that clear. I run completely everything related to this Label on my own. Lately it has become hard work but I wanted it since the beginning so here I am ! The HIGHSCHOOL ROCKERS are playin´ often soon here in Germany, see at their gigs section, the finished the photo sessions for their upcoming 7"s and they turned out fantastic. I saw the guys on wednesday when I ringed at 5am at Beat-it´s appartement, after a campus party... talking too much. rocknroll never dies.

11/12/00 Showtime ! The HIGHSCHOOL ROCKERS played with the HOOKERS in Solingen and they played the first time 20 songs and they didn´t failed. I´m really excited to see them playing again. They have an new Hit called "American Heartbreak Highschool" (think so) and they should record it at any costs. In a consequnce of talking crap between the songs they local vistors were kinda struck dumb, but the crew enjoyed it. Finally very diverse song were played with anger and passion - 9/10 points friends ! They soon will play in our major city Berlin and the east part of Germany together with the ROCK´N´ROLL STORMTROOPERS, this will be a exactly 10/10-points package, no doubt. To date, they are working more or less hard on their upcoming 7"s. Back to the show-Most people waited for The HOOKERS, but after some "songs" I left on my own will. 1/10 points cause the evil singer is vegeterian and i though they will slaughter a she-goat. They played yesterday the last show ever cause they will quit. Don´t expect tears from me. My Boston correspondent told me about a fab johnnies gig - one of the best ever ! Ok, I added some reviews for the records ( From now, every new one is at the top the section so you don´t have to search), still wait for the final AUTOMATICS infos to get the page done. The RIFF RANDELLS - Who says Girls Can´t Rock 45 arrived, and it´s a gem, the Vancouver Girls are rocketing to the punkrock heaven. I gladly added the link, love them.I wait for an off-day to update my mailorder list, I have tons of new stuff. Last weeks was on a emotional rollercoaster rocknrollride so I was quite confused in a thrilling way - a local benefit show yesterday with a brilliant early UK punk and powerpop coverband and a total amazing AC/DC showband completely kicked my ass- so I cannot complain here.

11/01/00 HALLOWEEN HANGOVER ! Wow, I had a thrilling night came back 6am and stand up at 10am again - kinda too amazed to sleep. Running through streets frighten people is so funny. Superevil. They announcing parties with Halloween, but if you appear masked - they run away ! Pure Hell ! Haha. Uhh, I bought tons of goblets, skeletons & frankensteins in the states and Canada. Here in Europe every bumpkin is smiling, really boring. This saturday do the HIGHSCHOOL ROCKERS play with the HOOKERS and all our friends spread in whole Germany will show up. Invasion ! They guys wrote three new songs, cannot wait hearing them and they are doing the killer AUTOMATICS song "I´m a Kid". johnnies are playin at nov 3rd at O'Briens in Allston, MA USA and dec. 22nd at Sean O'Toole's in Plymouth, MA USA - have a stop when your a jettin´around. Every first of the month I have the final statistics of visitors of my website, and this time I fall from my chair. Don´t wanna start blabbling about numbers but thanx for checking out - hope you enjoy !

  10/23/00 I don´t know if I ever have time for writing a USA report, honestly. At least I have to add here & there some stories and pictures. Let´s start with a rockstar one with the RIFF RANDELLS and me in Montreal. As you see, we had a lot of fun. This three chick outfit from Vancouver rocks. They toured with CHIXDIGGIT (sexmaniacs !) whole big CANADA just with one 45 out. Big Bobbyteens / Nikki & Corvette Sound. Their second 7" should be out right now, I hope they send me a bunch. (..COME ON !)

10/22/00 The YUM YUMS Disco is up, same with the first bunch of photos of their Germany Tour 2000. A lot more stuff will follow, I have tons of photos to scan. Yeah, have a look in the review sections at the bands pages, I always keep them up-to-date and type all, equally which language.

10/15/00 Busy with sending out tons of records. Cannot remember the last time I stayed five days at home in a row. Spreading so much music, fine ! New release on Lawless Records, TRASH BRATS- Rocket to Heaven 7". I spin the test pressing for weeks, it´s a fantastic 45 of the Detroit Glamrocknroll outfit. It´s a full colour hardcover - King Velveeda´s work ! Order in Bulk, Europeans can order from me, too. Ready for their five weeks USA Invasion, go see them, their unique and unforgettable. They are around since the time I was in elementary school...stick talking about the younger generation, the new HIGHSCHOOL ROCKERS songs are gone ! Here we go ! A Swede and a Italian label were the first - "Auction ended" Haha, I have to laugh hard about all that ebay fever. Go order some european mailorder catalogs. The animal desire vs. human rationality, haha. But I should not talk too much, the DEMONICS - Formaldehyde Injection LP is out-of-stock ! 11 months after release ! I have few red ones left, take a decision before I place them at ebay for big money... Or should I concrete them in our house ? That are the questions of a record label´s guy life. Whats´s up over here ? Huh, many gigs, I´m very excited about the best spanish band playing soon- the SIN CITY SIX ! And in december the new german supergroup, the DIRTSHAKES - make your hips shaking with the DIALTONES. YAYA !!!

10/06/00  New record out now ! THE YUM YUMS - Funzone 10" is ready to ship ! This piece of wax is wonderful, really a masterpiece. You should see me smiling. 150 records are in clear vinyl, 70 copies are in glow-in-the-dark red, both mailorder only. The band page will be up as soon as possible.

10/01/00  BACK ON TRACK ! Being in the USA and Canada was a total blast ! Absolutely amazing people and happenings. Thanx alot to my hosts Eric Law (Boston) and Fred Charest (Montreal) caring so nicely for me ! Yeah, so I spread the rock allover northamerica ! Big time hanging around with them & johnnies & KAMIKAZES and all their friends ! I hope I get my ass up soon for a elobarote killer holiday report with shocking photos. Lotsa amazing moments & funny dudes. Actually I´m in deep work to see land again in my livingroom-office. Haha, time to be astonished, then next week I can mail around to publicize a brandnew release on ALIEN SNATCH ! An absolutely oustanding band with a marvelous release... bandnews: THE HIGHSCHOOL ROCKERS made it ! They topped the chart of SMASHING TRANSISTORS RADIO, Detroit !!!! Their 45 is fucking NO.1 now ! We are spellbound here ! Yeah, and the amount of remaining singles sinks constantly ! Get in contact for the lim.100 clear pink vinyl version. Yep, and some foreign Labels considering further 7" releases. The race after the available songs is still open ! You run a Label, wanna found one with twintrashrocknroll ? Get in contact. Whatever will happen, you have my full support. these bad guys kick ass ! Ok, you can check my site now more often, I´ll post news and update the band pages with reviews and stuff weekly again.

8/30/00  YUM YUMS Germany Tour was magnificient ! They rehearsed not that much before, but good songs always succeed, and each after-gig party was a blast ! Absolutely the best existing powerpoprocknroll band ! They played always with the BACKWOOD CREATURES - funny guys, though. From our area do always appear around ten people even we had to drive long distances so you can think HOW MUCH booze was killed. The best news were delivered by the HIGHSCHOOL ROCKERS - BEWARE One fucking early morning last week the phone rings and Mike from the DIRTYS and the guy named Dale Merill running the SMASHING TRANSISTORS radio station were on the other end (seemed in good mood) talking about the newest sensation out of DETROIT ROCKCITY ! According to the guys´ hit on their debut 45 " Teentrash" - " I love Anna Kournikova" half Detroit is going crazy ! The Single get on rank 5 of their Top 25 and might get on top, that´s supercool but now the madness - we fall on the ground laughing as we heard this, on the last time SERGEI FEDEROV FEDEROV (NHL-Player, Detroit Red Wings), the boyfriend of the russian tennisstar ANNA KOURNIKAVA called them on the phone about spoiling them in hell and promised to do anything that their upcoming days will be the last when the songs is played again. Any instructions of me ? Yep, lock the door and play this songs as often as possible, the Kids want it, hehe. Hope that isn´t the end of it, I keep you updated about new trouble. I´m back from Boston at the end of september, so you have to patient with updates.

8/15/00  Back from France. After 2 stormy days we had a desert simulation and in the end we got kicked out of the place, alright ! Now I´m back at home, never thought that I would have such a pile of post and tons of emails. ´dammit. Need a secretary. I slept the this month a max of 5 hours each night, too much action time ! Yeah, this week the fabolous YUM YUMS will play some gigs in Germany. And the JOHNNIES are back again, too (Checkout the News of the Lawless Records site) In my absence the new songs of the HIGHSCHOOL ROCKERS were mixed...wow ! Supertrashrocknroll-assault. Labels get in Contact. Now you have the chance. Today A friend is coming back of the Shakedown, cannot wait hearing all the stories...

7/27/00  Fuck, there is no summer. It´s so wet here, guess there are growing mushrooms on the wall. It seems that I drive to France next week, yeppa, we go rockin with fuckin frenchies. If they won´t we drive on to spain, ha ha. ´need to go to the beach. I posted some cool new pictures on THE HIGHSCHOOL ROCKERS site, checkout. living on the rock. Even started reading books, it definately rains too much ! "High Fidelity" Funny book but typical fake end. It has 300pages only, you can read it in one session. Ok, I stop, I turn back to music. Just thinking If I should post some "hall of fame"news or not. Perhabs it´s too hot - you wouldn´t sleep for weeks. So I keep it for me. I will definately be in Montreal, Canada on 21st of September seeing THE KAMIKAZES live on stage for their 7" launch ! See ya ? In addition, THE JOHNNIES will play a double set on Sep 3rd in Boston, USA !

7/22/00  Summer ! Free ! I actualized the Mailorder Section with some new records and some are deleted.´put up the bands sites of THE AUTOMATICS and THE KAMIKAZES. There is a lot of stuff which has to be done, so have a look regularly. In addition, I add incoming reviews of all releases and place new pics if available. Yeah, as you see I do the Lawless Records site, too. I still wait that Eric Law is writing for his news section. Busy man. Cannot wait for the YUM YUMS Germany tour next month. Please be patient with the AUTOMATICS, I do what I can for infos when it will be confirmed.

7/09/00  In september I´m in the fuckin U.S.A ! First time in my young life, full of disorder. It´s only one and a half month until the jet starts! Yeah ! I expect millions of orders when I´m back ! TURPENTINES LP are running, kinda the best swede band now, shortly before the new 12" Maxi of the DIALTONES. Concerning punkrawk, believe in the KAMIKAZES, yeah ! Expect more of them ! The "Forces of Evil" , the DEMONICS do record some new songs soon, rumors say that they hooked up with Gearhead Rec. WOW ! OK, when we talk about records get the DERKS 7" on Trick Knee Productions, if you don´t have it yet.

7/01/00  The last week could be entitled as "the days of nonstop-packing records" Do you ever draw the skin of you lips cause of taping parcels ? I do. It hurts, dude ! Packing records is definately too complex for one single human with two arms, haha. Some labelguys say that´s a hobby, but it becomes my job in the last weeks, a job which have to be sponsored of my hard-earned "freetime" money ! Hey, I love it. I feel like on top of my life, ok, I had a car-crash yesterday, but that won´t change my cool situation. fuck yeah. Finally I bought a new pile of fanzines. wow ! So much to read. Just wait till someone invents a 60h-day and my bank account is in big minus to launch a cool zine, would prefer it in english but as you can see there are supernatural forces keeping me away of getting hold of that language. Keep buying the smaller zines cause they often hit it right. Firstly I have to expand this site, still the details in the mailorder list have to grow, and my teentrash site should be done, too. Huh, I shouldn´t include dates in the news section, that could be awkward in the end. Hehe, some cool records are upcoming, I dream every night of them ! You don´t believe ? Turn to stone. If you have money left (who the fuck has money left..) go to the Las Vegas Shakedown. Just to read the playlist is a big orgasm. That will be the biggest task you ever have to encounter, three days of R-O-C-K ! Don´t come afterwards kinda "Hey I saw the REAL KIDS and the DWARVES " I want you to R-O-C-K and to see all bands ! If the fail, kick them of the stage, but don´t hang around whining about hangovers. You got it ? I cannot be there $$$), so I can throw this lines in...

6/27/00  HELP ! I´m superbusy packing records all the day, what a hobby ! The Bands got their copies are very happy about the result, fine. Haha, please care for your personal copy, too. Finally the coloured KAMIKAZES 7"s arrived ( 100 purple ) and are ready to ship for direct orders. Still have enough of the coloured editions of the other releases - people are too lazy. No problem with me, I love all the coloured copies ! Have to add that the AUTOMATICS european tour isn´t confirmed yet - but hopefully we be soon. What´s new, oh, my friend Eric Law read the reviews of the last releases in Flipside and Hitlist for me on the phone, WOW ! I´ll add them a.s.a.p on the band´s sites. Last week it was more hot as in spain here ( at least if you believe this weatherfrogs on TV). Wow, guess that will be a killer summer.

6/19/00  AUTOMATICS-MURDER SUICIDE LP and KAMIKAZES-TIME FOR ROCKNOLL EP out now ! Sorry for not contributing news for some weeks...was too busy getting my two new nuggets out ! In addition, there were the HIGHSCHOOL ROCKERS recordings last week.Uh, they still have to mix them, that will be fun. Yeah, buy my new releases in bulk, really awesome stuff ! The AUTOMATICS LP is a limited edition of 748 copies, existing of 608 black, 100 organge and 40 copies in costly glow-in-the-dark-green Vinyl. The plant fucked it up with the coloured KAMIKAZES Vinyl, but I hope I´ll get it repressed. Both platters are on superthick Vinyl. GET IN TOUCH !! I´ll soon include the guys on the bands pages, whoo, lotsa work with the numerous releases of the AUTOMATICS, ha ha. The AUTOS will tour the whole November in Europe, so go see them - I look forward to tour with them, too. My last great concert was the DUKES OF HAMBURG, wonderful guys playing really freaked out beatcovers, I´m proud to have met them. 9.5 of 10 points in this style. OK, guess there is a lot of upcoming work, but don´t hesitate to drop me a mail.

5/29/00  Oh..my ears are ringing, my head is a pounding and I don´t know where I lost my voice. As expected, the contest Gig of the HIGHSCHOOL ROCKERS was fun. Guess there were between 250-300 people, and all the other bands delivered only some easy listening radio compatible music. The guys get the fourth rank of five bands, but you should have heard the protests & screams of the audience when the told the decision of the Jury, fuck yeah ! Sure we don´t care, cause the Party was with the boys. And as a surprise (even for me !) the twins´little sister Eva entered at least the stage for Rockaway Beach !

5/25/00  Yeah, I put up some Demonics pics and my mailorder section is ready, finally. On the weekend there is the newcomer contest in our town with the HIGHSCHOOL ROCKERS, ha ha. The competitors are some new school metal and alternative bands. Guess  they all don´t move on stage and are damned nervous just to win the first prize. Lotsa people to make fun of. I post next week the whole story. The HIGHSCHOOL ROCKERS do record at the same studio as on the "Teentrash Series No.1" EP in mid of june again. Huuuh, this will be a total rocknroll assault ! The new songs are killer.

5/22/00  "It is ok that you didn't like them. i can't help it if you can't appreciate the glorious sounds of ZEKE. they are not for everyone. ZEKE will always rule! one day you will see the light." (Eric Law). Hopefully, but there enough good bands out there to hear in the meantime. On friday was the glorious NEW BOM TURKS (10/10) gig, what a hell of a punkrawk band !  Supported of the local ROCK`N´ROLL STORMTROOPERS (9/10) with rock srat god Tex on vocals and lead guitar - this was cool gig. All my friends including me were seriously drunk and we had a great time, dancing, chickteasing and of course talking shit to everyone we know and who appreciate our wise and sensible discussions late at night, ha ha. Unbeliavable crew. Yep, this was a Epitaph band, and there show up some stagedivers, on of them broke his arm and come back after the gig and you should have seen him, showing the´TURKS his arm !  he had teh honour to break his bones at their gig ! Wow. Think I should be in a such a band, too. People show up with their heads uder their arms and wanna thank you. Cool. The amazing YUM YUMS will tour in Germany in August, pals. Be there and get your pop shot ! I heard that the QUEERS invited them to tour with in the states. Finally I own the new BEATNIK TERMITES Album. Recorded in 1996 and released in 2000, what a delay. I like it. Same bubblegumpunk as always. Fine.

5/17/00    Here some points for the gigs yet: CELLOPHANE SUCKERS (6/10), LADONNAS (6/10), ZEKE (1/10) and MURDER CITY DEVILS (9/10). Yeah, no mistake, ZEKE sucked major ass ! That should be rocknroll ? In my opinion that was a trashmetal massacre, haha.Only the "Sick Of It All" type-o-freaks move their ass. I left the club prefering walking through the redlight district to the nearest gas station. So I´ll stick to their records. The winner are the ´ City Devils with a cool organ supported rocknroll gig. Although the bass player broke his ankle, they did a great show - I like their songs and the 45´s they sold. Cannot wait discuss with Eric Law about Zeke, hehe. "Failed to rock". Just heard the Dialtones will fly to S.F. to play a gig with the DEMONICS ! Wow. Has anyone read the "My brain hurts" Story of Ben Weael and Larry Livermore compiled by Timbo of Mutant Pop Records ? It originally appeared on the Lookout website and they hassle each other alot ! People are crazy. There will be soon some pics of Barbara in the Highschool Rockers section and hopefully  a online mailorder catalog. I don´t have great amounts of each title, but some  hard to get vinyl of small labels, so it´s worth checking out and  order the limited coloured editions ( each 100 pressed) of my stuff.

5/15/00    New pictures of the johnnies and the HIGHSCHOOL ROCKERS ! Checkout ! And I always update the review section when a new opinion arrives. Some new records on ALIEN SNATCH soon, cannot wait telling you that they are here !  Total rock assault these days, Cellophane Suckers, LaDonnas, Zeke, Murder City Devils and New Bomb Turks are playing. On saturday there was that big "Eurovision Songs Contest", its a major event, hundreds of millions looking at the TV, nothing spectacular normally, but this time Morten Henriksen of the wonderful YUM YUMS wrote the song for Norway. It is called "My heart goes boom" and was performed of 3 silly chicks with purple hair. Funny ! He´s a master of pop.  Oh, my friends are showing up.. must quit before my refrigerator is empty ! Hey stop..

4/31/00    Finally I got the new album of the Demonics on Screaming Apple, what a masterpiece ! Get this !  Haha, saw Barbara again with Dee Dee Ramone, instantly fell in love again. My girlfriend would kick my ass if she has web access,hehe.  At the gig we got free beer and in the end we miss a free driver. So we slept in the car. More accurate, Beat-It High slept in the car, and locked me an Crizzy High out.. FUN ! Damn, the HIGHSCHOOL ROCKERS will record soon again. Greg Lowery will commit suicide, haha. Have to quit, BBQ is waiting !

4/23/00    Yeah, after lotsa troubles that big Lofi-Punk festival is confirmed, there is a local gig with THE HIGHSCHOOL ROCKERS. THE NIMRODS and THE STEVE MCQUEENS ! Cool show ! Cheap Beer !  Send mails what you wanna read on my site. 380 visitors yet..

4/17/00    Ok, the first news, I added a gig section at the Highschool Rockers site and some more links. Hey Local dudes, go to their concerts in May ! Last week 250 people checked my site, wow ! Huh, I saw Dee Dee Ramone and the New Wave Hookers on thursday, what a old guy ! And this cute 22years old Girl on the bass ! Rockgodess !  Beat-It took about 20 pics. She´s so hot...  Afterwards Steve from the Hookers said that she is Dee Dee´s wife ! On Friday played some italian bands here, in my opinion, Italians are total crazy ! They rocked the place without a crowd, fanatstic. Perhaps they sun is shining too much on their head, haha.  Next week I can put up some HOT HOT Alien Snatch ! News.