ZERODENT Landscapes Of Merriment LP

Apocalyptic reign of bash´n´pop! Second album by this Perth, OZ outfit after their self-titled debut on ALIEN SNATCH! in 2016.

In the meantime, they had a US-Tour with appearances at GONER FEST 13 and a Live at WFMU-set and a follow-up 7" on ALMOST READY. On "Landscapes of Merriment" you get loads of mid-tempo-crushers, solid as rock Australian punk. Typical ZERODENT is WARSAW-WIRE-sque dystopia piercing blue-collar British punk simplification. This is cliché-free, skipping phases of adolescence minimalistic songwriting. We´re more than proud to present this album from a living band and not from "lost recordings" or a reissue from ´76 and kick-off an European Tour in 2019. Songs to climb walls, rip fences and bullwhip the agendas. Check the deadly serious video of "Stay In" on your devices! 194 copies black vinyl, 91 on concrete-grey vinyl for mail order only. Out 9/17/18. Skate through Landscapes of Merriment and inhale the dust.

ZERODENT- Landscapes of Merriemnt LP
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Remarkable debut PUNK LP from Perth, Australia which could be filed in the late KBD, early DIY era without gloryifying a fake canon

ZERODENT brushes your teeth with angst-ridden shrapnel-shooting guitars and vocals that will hit your stomach delayed like a speedboat ride. Thuggish no-bullshit punk rock with some power pop tunefulness, the way we like it! You get a certain cold mid-80s feel sometimes, giant-blanks of industry ruins and wastelands, but do things ever really change? Bordering on no-wave and late 70´s UK blue collar punk churlishness, they don't get too angular and keep the melodies flowing in a early WIRE like scrappy lo-fi punk style. Try to pin them down in your next OZ name-dropping dart game, it´s closer to THOUGHT CRIMINALS then SCIENTISTS and in the no-score desert between STRAIGHT ARROWS and ROYAL HEADACHE. Mastered by knob twiddler Jim Diamond and on US tour this autumn including GONER FEST.Vinyl runs on 45 RPM to get the maximum blast! It´s the first Australian record on ALIEN SNATCH, limited to 400 black vinyl copies and 100 in lime green colored vinyl for mail orders only.

limited offer:

LP lime green (lim.100) + download code + worldwide shipping airmail priority (no tracking) please paypal 21,00 Euros to paypal at or just hit this LINK