LoFi for life! Berlin´s own S.U.G.A.R. are back with a brand new album!!! Sounding like 3 Australian expat garage rockers lost in early 80’s Berlin in a GDR bunker somewhere along the Berlin wall dead zone. With 70s Buzzsaw punk rock guitar, cranked up so loud you could kick a Cosmic Psycho’s ass out of the desert and roll around like a Saint in a basement of your wet dreams!!! Throw Amyl and her holster Sniffers in the Kreuzberg canals and you have some washed out S.U.G.A.R. rats! With eight proto-rock tracks reeling on 45rpm, any drag-race running endlessly on fumes, with the MC5 patched in woofie plays S.U.G.A.R louder than everything else! They recently shared their 72 pack of White Castle burgers back stage with STIFF RICHARDS and their well oiled rubber Kangaroo the day after being the backing band of Toody Cole of DEAD MOON! They were due to play with the SPITS, but had to cancel due their ‘meals-on-wheels aftermath’.
Artwork again by guitar trooper Flo , LP "II" comes as "I" did, with a comic style cardboard inner sleeve and hairy and headchopping hologram stickers, (as long as the STATIC SHOCK record store snitches leave them in!) Scum Stats: First press 500 copies total, 400 black vinyl copies, 100 goldnugget vinyl copies (mail order only) for all ya late-stage capitalism rupee groupies!


"I" LP

Berlin 2020. Three long-haired beer drinking good-for-nothings form a new band! As if there is no better idea at smoke-oh between the lawless tattoo hideouts and the banned spätkauf. Their debut album reminds of 70´s punk made in Australian pubs, on Southern California streets, Detroit dumpsters and german noisy fake jazz hard-rock sauerkraut crypts. Pickle some cut-loose early SAINTS demos, SUICICE COMMANDOS weirdness, off MAD PARADE / LEFTOVERS vocals with riff-driven, loud guitars. S.U.G.A.R. did not played any shows yet. It won´t change a bit of that odd and rough impression, those hellhounds are battle-scarred by the roaring years of garage rock and we would not wonder if the members sum up to thousand shows total in their previous bands. Besides SLANDER TONGUE, the Berlin proto rock thing to watch in late 2021. Recorded by Dick Rubin at RRR Studio, rest in peace. Stunning fake BLACK LIPS artwork! First press stats 200 black vinyl, 100 red vinyl mailorder/band only. Heavy, printed cardboard inner sleeve. First couple hundred copies come with extra two band stickers and download code.