THE MINDS "Plastic Girls"

Debut album by the Portlands 77´ wrecked garagy punks. If you got the science of the just released 45 "Rip Out Your Eyes" 7" (ALIEN SNATCH!) you know that ain´t fancy indie-synthie band wagon crap.. if not let me say that this pretty fierce & fast garagy punk with lotsa hooks and a healthy dose of neutoric singing and fuzzed out keyboards. So here it is, the highly awaited album "Plastic Girls" full of dangerously catchy and bouncy songs! Also the ADVERT´s "My Place" is a great cover choice besides their hits. Enthusiastic reviews of the 7" & album popping up everywhere. The CD is out on DIRTNAP, we have the vinyl, the first 400 copies are on incredible thick 220g hockey puck vinyl. They´ll be gone







45 RPM secret club 7" - SNATCH!021 is a joyride to the "TOP OF THE POPS" of the northwest punk charts. Hailing from Portland, OR the MINDS are the most exciting new band outta town since the EXPLODING HEARTS. "Rip Out your Eyes" is their debut 45 with three neurotic 70´s UK-punk derived songs all clocking under two minutes,their knockout combination of supercatchy short & snappy songs and merciless "full on" keyboards is like drinking coke out of a elektroshocked Dr.Peppers can in pogo-pogo land. No haircut hype and overproductions so lavish it all turns to tinsel...No "who got the jump on who" NEW WAVE prominence.. we talk about primal songs perfectly supposed to be on a a debut platter, it rips!
Out of the five piece outfit it´s Portland living all-around rocknroll high inmate Joel Jett aka "The Thinker" being singled out for the pure adolescent screaming ferocity as a wounded dervish and frantic Cera Bella Palsy for the MIND-boggling hypnotic candy keyboard.
For your visual awareness the black wax is packed in a full color deluxe cardboard sleeve with a japanese information board for the northeast hit seeking generation.(no fancy asian chicken soup ingredients this time) All songs are exclusive to the 7"...The MINDS debut album "Plastic Girls" is hitting the airwaves at the end of the year 2003 on ALIEN SNATCH!/DIRTNAP label dude AM Radio!



A breach in the cosmic continuum. An old synthesizer, a pair of 3-D
glasses, a record collection, a rubber glove, and five hapless souls all
transported through the phlogistonian ether. They arrived at the same space
at the same time, merging into one singular identity, one beast cursed with
five separate bodies. Once the bleach-smelling smoke cleared and the rip in
spacetime had closed, this new entity looked out at the wreckage
surrounding it. Five quickened pulses beating as one.

It knew what it must do. It must fulfill a fate forged of half of divine
will and half quantum-mechanical probability. Thus it went off on its
crusade to bend the world to its will and to find like-minded souls
with which to commune.

The names of these five poor people?
The Thinker: Formerly Joel Jett, of FLIP-TOPS and JETPACK fame. Senior
mouthpiece. Secretary of Defense.

Mikey Mind: A million lifetimes ago he was Mike Napkin, formerly of, um,
Napkin. Renter of U-Hauls. Player of drums. Minister of Information

Bobby Brains: He used to be known as Robbie Rocket, also from the FLIP-TOPS
and Jetpack. Wearer of sunglasses. Player of guitar. Vice-mouthpiece.

Cera Bella Palsy: Her old identity remains shrouded in mystery, though
there are whispers, spoken softly in the more unsavory corners of town,
intimating that she was previously incarnated as one of the New Wave
Communists. Tickler of ivories. Vice-mouthpiece.

The Cortex: Was always the Cortex. Possible mastermind of cosmic
singularity that formed The MINDS, though tenuous links to bands such as
the Units and Krav Maga have been made. Player of bass. Scorner of Mensa.
Ambassador of the Model United Nations.