The HEX DISPENSER return with a new album packed with their hypnotic darkness rock!

Their previous releases got terrific feedback, they´re largely considered as the iconic band of angst ridden, raw haunted garage punk The shadow-y tension-filled voice of Alex Cuervo is absolutely remarkable and makes any of their song an easy go at yer music jeopardy. The HEX DISPENSERS give you the creeps with killer down-toned guitars and paranormal pop hooks as if RAMONES would have only played bat caves, the SPITS got stuck in black java and DEVO felt the cold touch of the MISFITS. They took all their latest singles hits and brand new songs into the Cool Devices Studio of Mark Ryan / Jeff Burke (MARKED MEN, RADIOACTIVITY) to record album "III". You get the most rocking HEX DISPENSERS album to date, a bass driven catacomb exploration with some winks of Alex' solo works and a doom-ish, sinister synth track "Hypersleep" - sung by Alyse and Rebecca. Brilliant artwork and inner sleeve by the band itself. Mastered by Mikey Young (EDDY CURRENT SUPPRESSION RING). Worldwide exclusive release by ALIEN SNATCH!

HEX DISPENSERS "III" limited offer:

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HEX DISPENSERS "Winchester Mystery House" LP/CD

Who else can attract you with halloween pop and give you ice age snow storm camping? The looong awaited second album by our all beloved HEX DISPENSERS is here!

The Austin top-tenners know how to deliver and feed this enormously growing monster called "following" with 12 new paranormal hit servings of their wolf spider soup, mexican bat-blood-ice-cream and medium norwegian raindeer eyes. These songs are frosted poison pills of sheer madness, lunacy! Alex Cuervo demon-calling vocals and the dispensers isolated but penetrating guitar sound and rhythm section let us stray aimlessly thru the night. Feel cornered by their genious simplicity, you still may call the WIPERS / MISFITS / RAMONES reference? Guess it´s too late pinning the HEX DISPENSERS to the wall when they already got shooted to Valhöll for their frenetic garage pop in 2007. As their first s/t album, "Winchester Mystery House" is recorded by mastermind #1 Mark Ryan (MARKED MEN) - this time mastermind #2 Dave Rahn (CARBONAS) added finishing touches. The album includes the re-recorded sold out singles "Lose my Cool" and "My Love is Bat" as far as a DEVO-Cover "Gates of Steel". Here at ALIEN SNATCH! we love putting records out where we can´t name our favorite song. First 106 copies on friggin extraordinary special blue-sprinkled vinyl - die hard mail order freaks only. Complete pressing on 180g vinyl. US-vinyl pressing by our friends at Douchemaster. Yes, they come back for a European Tour. Yes, they are the rocknroll bail-out.


Dismiss! Masks on! Or get hexed now with our favorite NEW band of 2006! No less Hauteur in 2007 - ALIEN SNATCH! is spearheading to blast out the hits! Screw the bolts thru yer head for this debut release! The HEX DISPENSERS officially started on 6.6.06 and they contaminate us with evil pop and arsenic rock

From Austin, TX - the trio is ALEX CUERVO on vocals and guitar (formerly in BLACKTOP, the KING SOUND QUARTET, the GOSPEL SWINGERS, the NOW TIME DELEGATION, a FEAST OF SNAKES and THIS DAMN TOWN), TOM KODIAK (KODIAKS, DIRTY SWEETS) on guitar and ALYSE MERVOSH (THIS DAMN TOWN, WINKS) comes on with pushing drums. This foreshadowed great things to come, they´re armed with the right ingredients to have the knack for up-beat simple, insanely loud, blues-poisened powerpop. Alex´ dark powerful hydra-head vocals is absorbing you while the catchy hooks will suck you out completely. ALIEN SNATCH! is famous for their power pop taste so you know what to expect. We all get hexed - shit, we love that! Further it´s a tricky call - where some veterans may get reminded of the MISFITS, others may say RAMONES went monster & cemetery fuzz and may hear dashes of SWINGING NECKBREAKERS groove. This haunted late ´70s powerpop, which reverbs make any indie discos to freak out without this being disco or electro or get filed in the post-anything-hype. They toured the US and got radio airplay with their demo so it was a matter of time when jinxed two of elite, likewise prominent craftsmen of home recording to finish this addictive potion of rock´n´roll - recording and mixing is done by MARK RYAN of the MARKED MEN while the mastering is served by JAY REATARD. All on 45 RPM. 10 Songs, nine originals and „Down In The Park“ of TUBEWAY ARMY. 200 gram vinyl. First 100 copies on green-black slimy vinyl right from Ukraina.

HEX DISPENSERS "My Love is a Bat" 45

The HEX DISPENERS are one of the best new bands going on and we´re proud to have those hounds over here.Dance this destruction, this is their tour 45 hot off the presses with two new songs following their "Lose My Cool" 7" on Douchemaster. Both are angst-ridden, demon calling verses and will stick to you as a toad-sized herpes. The black wax is packed in a mind stunning black/red awesome piece of ARTWORK! Don´t know the HEX DISPENSERS? Get hooked up with the most exciting blues poisened rock´n´roll WIPERS / MISFISTS / RAMONES bat attack. The 7" is strictly limited edition of 500 copies and is meant to be a Tour 45 for the audience! Feel free to place an order, we´ll divide up what´s left in the end. That means that we start shipping AFTER the tour.