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RAZORCAKE MAGAZIN (US) AUG 2021 Straight ahead garage punk, not so lo-fi that it sounds like a wall of shit, not so highbrow that it loses grit. Just a simple set up of minimal drums, guitar, and a singer/shouter, all handled by one person in this case. Usually the lack of bass is a problem for these ears, but the songs are executed with enough vigor that you hardly miss it (JA)

maximumrocknroll.com (US) June 2021 The BATTLEBEATS are an Indonesian garage punk band. They have a very ’90s style. It’s lo-fi, distorted, and catchy. The vocals are screeched and the drum beats punchy. It’s basic dirty rock’n’roll with a fun attitude.(CK)

newnoisemagazine.com (US) April 2021 The Battlebeats is an Indonesian garage rock that will take you back to the late ’00s… or is it the mid-90’s? ….late ’60s? There were a lot of periods when garage rocks seemed at its zenith in terms of popular music (at least in the United States). We’re about a decade out from any real revival of these kinds of sounds at present, but if you find yourself starved for some hot, lean hooks and the rumble of an amplifier overheating, then The Battlebats are a sonic-cavalry charge, riding over the brow of a distant hill to rescue you from the dark ages of a world that has forsaken the rock gods of old. The Battlebeats debut album Search And Destroy is unapologetic in its homage to the ’90s trouble makers Teengenerate, employing a slashing, down stroking guitar technique, punched up a kick with the pan-fried sear of some Reatards-esque grooves. A slap, scratch, and slice approach that hits above its weight, the same way an ocelot might be able to take down a pro-wrestler like Drew McIntyre if it were motivated enough. The production is exactly where you would want it to be for an album like this: Faithful enough to capture all of its idiomatic qualities of the guitar work while just hair enough to give the distortion the quality of a shag rug somebody spilled Panther Black Beer all over and then never bothers to mop up. Vocalist Andresa Nugraha further seals the delivery with his lurching, vomitous yelps and cheek-gnawing, clench-jawed spiels, sounding like Seiji from Guitar Wolf auditioning to be the frontman of the house band at a Bear Family reunion show. Search And Destroy takes aim at Goner Records catalog inauguration with cuts like the acid-tipped rejoinder “You Stabbed Me In The Back” and the balled-tire peel of “It Should Have Been Me,” while “When I Got Rock ‘N’ Roll” and “You’re My Wild One” tumble off their barstools with two-shots of rockabilly fireball on their breath, “Bedroom Fiasco Blues” pays homage to Chuck Berry’s country roots, and “Search and Destroy” makes good on its threat with all the deranged enthusiasm of Jon Spencer, finally wrapping up with the co-ed cookie crumble of “Let’s Get Hurt.”

greennoiserecords.com (US) April 2021 While I'm careful not to believe what I read, it seems that Indonesia came relatively late in embracing punk, but once they grabbed it, they grabbed it with both hands and often have an honesty and awkwardness that recalls the early development of punk scenes in other places, getting it right and even when they might get it wrong it just makes it more right for me. I've always been obsessed with punk from other lands, with Indonesia in the past few years so I was hyped to hear that Alien Snatch might have caught the same bug and released this set from Battlebeats, chock full of pissed off and who-cares happy snotty rockers and garage rock n roll numbers, not sounding like the garage freak beat of the 1960s but in some ways sort of recalling 1965 when neighborhood bands in Ohio and New Zealand were maybe as much inspired by the 1950s as British Invasion, this band picking up some Cochran, boogaloo, and Berry from 1950s but shot through the East Coast underground and West Coast punk and the garage-pop punk from a decade and two later, recalling several one-man band artists who came around decades later bent on doing it themselves so they could do it their own ways even though they often hooked up with others for some of their best work, like Battlebeats, doing the low-budget because it's the only option, and like those others, this has some rough-hewn power-pop charm and plenty of riffs and low-rent rhythm to keep the sock hop going on the sorry side of town, sounding like they were mostly raised on punk, Chuck Berry and versions of "Milk Cow Blues," even offering a bluesy instrumental that seems a nod to Berry b-sides. This is B-side rock from the B-side of planet Earth, might not appeal to all fans of Alien Snatch, but for me, this kicks me in the gut and slaps a grin on my chin, gets better each time I slap it on and crank it up. (mw)

J. Martin (Budget Rock) I love this modern world where one of my favorite albums of last year got released digitally, then gets released on vinyl this year and now it’s my favorite album of 2021 (so far). This ain’t no reissue! Now we need a 2022 USA tour! Andresa needs to come over here and do the Chuck Berry thing, nothing but a suitcase and his guitar, show up to each gig where there will be a band waiting for him. “What songs are we gonna do?” “We’re gonna do some Battlebeats’ songs!” And after he takes his bow, gets his MONEY, then he will walk out the door and disappear like a ghost.


OX (GER) #156 JUN 2021 „Die beste unbekannte Rock’n’Roll-Band Indonesiens“, steht auf der Bandcamp-Seite. Könnte als Under-statement gedeutet werden, trifft aber womöglich ziemlich genau den Nagel auf den Kopf. Streiche „Indonesien“, denn den Exotenbonus braucht es nicht, auch wenn es gut zu wissen ist, dass es auch dort offenbar solide Garagen gibt, denn dieser Garage-Punk kann nicht in billig zusammengezimmerten Carports entstehen. Die Gitarre ist purer Rock’n’Roll, wie ihn auf diesem Planeten nur sehr wenige Musiker so lässig hinrotzen können. Pfft, als ob sie dafür nicht jahrzehntelang hätten hart üben müssen. Spielfreude ist das eine, wenn man dazu auch noch das Talent für großartige Hits hat, umso besser. Wenn ich das richtig interpretiere, hat Andresa Nugraha nicht nur alle Songs geschrieben, alle Instrumente selber eingespielt (bis auf den Bass, den gibt es nämlich nicht, was aber null auffällt), sondern auch noch das Coverartwork gezeichnet. Ein Multitalent also, das sich nur für Live-Auftritte Mitmusiker auf die Bühne holt, damit es nicht gar so hektisch wird. Garage-Punk-Aficionados werden entzückt sein, so frischer Wind kam lange nicht mehr einfach so ohne jegliche Vorwarnung um die Ecke gepfiffen..(KS 8/10)

Sonic Threat Blog (GER) March 2021 Völlig versoffener Garagepunk, der so rudimentär und unbeschwert daher kommt, als wär seit den 60ern, über die 80er, bis heute nichts anderes gehört worden, wenn ich die Hochphasen des Genre richtig auf die Kette bekomm. Als wär es immer noch erlaubt, auf Konzerten zu rauchen, als wären solche überhaupt noch möglich, stell ich mir vor, neben anderen kettenrauchenden Saufrüben, Volldeppen, verirrten Freaks und Vinyl-Nerds zu stehen und dazu zu tanzen. Macht man doch so?! Der schale Geruch von schlecht weggewischtem, eher verschmiertem Bier und Schnaps drängt sich genauso auf, wie dieser eine Saufabend, als ich neben einem Typen in meinem Bett aufwachte, den ich noch nie zuvor sah... Nein, aber ich vermisse die Erotik von geilen Rock-Konzerten und sehe diese gerade bei den Battlebeats (was ein Name!) manifestiert. Abende, an denen das Knistern der jugendlichen Hormone fast lauter ist, als das der Verstärker, die mindestens so abgenutzt und verlebt klingen wie die -nicht weniger besoffenen- Bühnenakteure, was ursprünglich mal der Grund war, diese Musik bis in´s Kleinste durchzuexerzieren. "Spaß ist nicht zum Vergnügen da" könnte der Satz sein, zu dem hirnlos gekichert wird, während an die Autotür eines coolen Typen gepisst wird, der für gewöhnlich die Massen mit seinem "Traktor" begeistert und mit höllischen Kopfschmerzen aufzuwachen und die Lp der Band aus der Tasche blitzen zu sehen, könnte einen solchen Konzertabend zu einem machen, dessen amnesische Momente man so schnell nicht vergisst!


Rumore (ITA) May 2021 L’indonesiano Andresa Nugraha è afflitto da una patologia chiamata punk’n’roll, che cura con tre farmaci: Chuck Berry appena sveglio, New York Dolls dopo pranzo, The Humpers prima di coricarsi. Il suo teen punk da due minuti scarsi è tanto rudimentale quanto lucido. Luminoso nel travolgente power pop bluesy "Inside Your Heart", velato di nostalgia in "I Don’t Wanna Go Back Home". Meraviglie a basso costo. (MG)

iyezine.com (ITA) July 2021 Estate, caldo asfissiante. Avete voglia di qualcosa di fresco ed esotico? Ce l’abbiamo, e arriva precisamente dall’Indonesia. Si chiama Battlebeats, ovvero una one man band impersonificata nella figura di Andresa Nugraha, cartoonist e musicista indipendente che, come avrete capito, fa tutto da solo (canta e suona chitarra e batteria) nel suo progetto. Leggenda narra che tutto sia partito dalla band precedente in cui militava Andresa, e durante un tour in Giappone si è ritrovato in un bar a conoscere il suo idolo, Fifi dei giapponesi Teengenerate, al quale mostrò i suoi disegni e testi di canzoni; ciò incontrò il favore di Fifi, che condivideva col giovane fan la stessa passione per il rock ‘n’ roll e il power pop, e gli suggerì il nome Battlebeats per la sua creatura. E così, dopo un paio di Ep, il progetto è finalmente giunto, nel 2020, all’incisione dell’album di debutto, intitolato “Search And Destroy” e rieditato lo scorso marzo su Alien Snatch! Records in sole 300 copie. Un garage punk ruspante e dritto al punto (nessuno dei 17 brani dell’Lp si spinge oltre i 2 minuti e mezzo di durata, per un disco che non supera la mezz’ora) è ciò che i vostri timpani devono attendersi da questo debutto (in cui potrete ascoltare, come influenze figurative, Teengenerate e Guitar Wolf fare a cazzotti coi Reatards, prima di riappacificarsi davanti a una cassa di birra e andare insieme in pellegrinaggio sulle tombe di Eddie Cochran e Chuck Berry, per farne rivivere l’ologramma) e non stupitevi se poi li sentirete ballare e chiedervi di premere di nuovo “play” e suonarlo ancora e ancora. Fare una analisi di ogni brano, in questo caso, è operazione inutile: bisogna solo alzare il volume e lasciarsi trasportare dal flusso. Ogni tanto l’Occidente ha bisogno di un bel calcio nel culo!


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